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Managing Twitter Bootstrap repository using deps in Symfony2 and assetic

I’d like to manage Twitter Bootstrap git repository using deps file in Symfony2. So i added these lines: [TwitterBootstrap] git=https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap.git target=/twitter version=v2.0.3 and the repository is cloned into Symfony2\vendor\twitter\bootstrap. Im’ stuck ad this: how can i import the relevant css/js using assetic and how cssrewrite rule works when images are placed into Symfony2\vendor\twitter\bootstrap\img instead of […]

Why does Git automatically ignore most Node files?

I’m new at Node.js & NPM, and I’m experimenting by writing a website & adding it on Git (it’s public, but only because I don’t want to pay for private hosting). When I push the files to Github, Git automatically ignores pretty much every file related to Node, and I can’t figure out why. Specifically, […]

Should I add web libraries as git submodules for a project?

For example, if my web application uses jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap, would it be a better option to: Just commit minified, compiled, “final” files and change as new versions are released. Add both the projects as git submodules and build them alongside the application. Also, please indicate why a particular option is better according to […]

Incorporating Bootstrap into a git repo, using subtree merging

I’m working on a project where we’d like to edit the LESS files that came with Twitter Bootstrap. The standard advice is to leave those files untouched, to make it easier to upgrade Bootstrap. But that advice isn’t working for us; our code is becoming fragile and hard to maintain. It seems like it should […]

Django + twitter bootstrap + github what's the most elegant way to do this?

Let’s assume that I have a project or two that I’m building with Django and twitter bootsrap. The said projects are versioned in git repositories. Currently, I, like most people, will (or would) just download bootstrap, do some cp -r and git add commands and happily code away. But now I stopped thinking. Everything is […]

ERROR: Repository not found message given when following the instructions for Jekyll-Bootstrap

Github pages not working for me when using Jekyll-Bootstrap. I followed the instructions here: http://jekyllbootstrap.com/ The instructions say: $ git clone https://github.com/plusjade/jekyll-bootstrap.git USERNAME.github.com $ cd USERNAME.github.com $ git remote set-url origin git@github.com:USERNAME/USERNAME.github.com.git $ git push origin master I used the personalized install code (means my github name rather than “USERNAME”) I get this error when […]

Proper way to customize Bower-installed components

When I use Bower to install something like bootstrap-sass-official, it installs it in the bower_components directory. A component like Bootstrap allows for customization by editing the file bower_components/assets/stylesheets/_bootstrap.scss. In this case, you simple pick and choose which parts of Bootstrap you want to use for your project. It is well known that it is most […]

Create a git submodule from a specific repo hash or tag

I have a project which depends on Twitter bootstrap 2.x, however, when I add bootstrap as a submodule using the following: git submodule add https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap.git This brings in the latest version of bootstrap. I would like to create a submodule for a specific tag, but haven’t found a way to do that. Is this possible?

jquery clone combo box not able to function

I have the following table where when I press the first button I call a jquery to clone the first row and add a new row. <table id=’vehReg’ class=’table table-striped table-bordered bootstrap-datatable’ style=’font-size:10px;table-layout: fixed;’> <thead> <tr> <th style=’width: 10%;’>No.</th> <th style=’width: 30%;’>Sel</th> <th style=’width: 20%;’>Desc.</th> <th style=’width: 18%;’><input type= ‘button’ value=’Add Row’ id=’addRow()’ /> <input […]

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