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Tortoise SVN conflict occurs but no edit conflict button is shown

I have a conflict when merging a .js file – Tortoise SVN says a conflict occured but no edit conflict button is shown. What does this mean, and how do I fix it if there is no edit conflict button? Screenshot of missing edit conflict button:

TortoiseSVN can't connect to SlikSVN Subversion server

I’ve created a SubVersion server on one of the machines in my workgroup. From my development box I’m able to access the repository and check in/out files without any problem. I’ve just installed TortoiseSVN and no matter what I do it won’t connect to the repository on the server. I get the infamous error “No […]

Hook script execution on client side

I am working on a SVN project, and I need to execute my pre-commit hook script from the client side. Is there any way to execute them?

How do I revert the Subversion repository, not my working copy, to a specific revision?

I’m relatively new to Subversion, coming from Source Safe, and it’s driving me nuts. Using the Tortoise interface, Commit kept showing me .java files in my bin directory which it said were “missing” – ok, that’s a separate question. Basically, when I tried several things to get rid of the spurious “bin” message, Tortoise instead […]

Issue with SVN Commit for certain File Extension

I am having problem with uploading file to SVN repository from Tortoise SVN. I can upload all files except some specific files which always fail List of Files Rhino.Mocks.dll System.Data.SQLite.dll Microsoft.Ajax.debug.js On SVN the error log contained these entries. [Tue Dec 15 15:03:33 2009] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Unable to PUT new contents for /Futures/!svn/wrk/31a3597a-ac95-9a4f-a234-bedc059f9c32/MyFolder/trunk/ExternalLibraries/RhinoMocks.dll. [403, […]

Fixing the Subversion user does not own lock on path error

I am trying to delete a folder within my Subversion repository. My TortoiseSVN client gives me the following error message when I try to commit this change: Commit Failed (details follow): User {username} does not own lock on {path} page {filename} currently locked by {another user} If you want to break the lock, use the […]

settings a SVN server so as to enable lock-modify-unlock mechanism of version control

We are currently using SVN in the checkout-modify-merge mechanism and instead I want to re-configure the SVN server so that we change this to lock-modify-unlock mechanism. We use Tortoise SVN client and I saw that it is possible to individually change the property of single files to enforce the “needs-lock” property but this is too […]

What is the value of atomic commits in Subversion?

I’m trying to create and follow best practices for versioning control and came across a reference to atomic commits in Subversion. Since I’ve never heard of this action, I have a few questions about it. What’s its purpose? When should it be used? How is it different than a normal commit? Is it available to […]

SVN Diff: Why are some files marked as binary

Directly related: svn diff: file marked as binary type (Per the comment on the answer) Why would my SVN client mark some files as binary? Specifically, .sql has prop svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream when using TortoiseSVN. I checked Right-click > Tortoise context menu > Settings > General > Subversion configuration file, and nothing is uncommented in […]

SVN – How to make an Older Revision as the Head Revision?

May I please know how to make an older revision in Tortoise SVN Repository as the Head Revision using Tortoise SVN in Windows? I can’t see the context menu “Revert to this revision” in the Log Dialog.

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