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username & password is not prompted while accessing the SVN repos. I can directly access the URL

I created users with the svnadmin command but when I access the URL for repos using TortoiseSVN it doesn’t prompt me for any password. I can however directly access the URL using my web browser. Also, I cannot actually upload any files from TortoiseSVN because my credentials are not working.

Replacing Branched project with current Trunk version of a Project in SVN

I have \trunk\root\ which contains folders ProjectA, ProjectB etc. I have creates branch of root -> \branches\task\root\ Now I’ve made considerable changes to the projects in task including ProjectB. However \trunk\root\ProjectB has also moved on to a point that makes all the changes in task\Root\ProjectB redundant. I would like to completely replace the content of […]

svn dump -> path rename via windows powershell -> struggle with malformed dumpfile header

The title says it all 🙂 What i want is to dump a folder from one project and store it into another. Both folders (src: proj1/trunk/supplies, dest: extlibs/trunk) are in the same repository. My problem is that the when i load the “normal” dumpfile, the previous folder’s path is kept and will be recreated at […]

How to view the entire set of changes made to svn for the last 'n' days?

How to view the entire set of changes made to svn for the last ‘n’ days?. I couldn’t find a reference in the document though

Adding TortoiseSVN Context menus to Visual Studio Express

I am currently using Visual Studio Express for C# development and need to integrate Tortoise SVN to the same as context menus for External tools. I need the following commands to be shown there. Update to latest version Commit Cleanup Merge View History Can this be accomplished?. PS: Don’t ask me to use Visual Studio […]

SVN Commit failed with syntax error, unexpected '

This question already has an answer here: Unexpected bracket '[' – PHP [duplicate] 3 answers

SVN commit error: “'.' is not a working copy”

I can SVN-update and browse the repository just fine. The .svn directory exists in every folder across the checked out code tree. Only commit is broken for some reason. Any idea what could cause this?

How to merge branch back to main branch and avoid tree conflicts – TortoiseSVN

I have source files managed in SVN using TortoiseSVN. I had added files and committed them to a revision, and subsequently decided to branch. I branched with the files I needed, and performed a delete on the trunk of the files that wasn’t intended to be used. Now I’m attempting to reintegrate the branch to […]

SVN for ClearCase user. How to use?

we used to work with IBM Rational ClearCase. now we started a new project on linux (ubuntu) and for that we use SVN (tortoise). i would like some help understanding it. for example: what is “making a baseline” in SVN? i don’t understand all this versions numbers. we a a MAIN trunck/branch (which should be […]

How to batch delete files/directories from svn repository

Using: VisualSVN Server, TortoiseSVN, AnkhSVN I used TortoiseSVN to make an initial repository load for all my .NEt projects AND supporting sources / resources that i want to keep. I am planning to use tortoiseSVN for all general source control actions and AnkhSVN for within Visual Studio solutions. My problem is that my repository now […]

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