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When does TortoiseSVN keyword substitution occur?

When does keyword substitution occur? How to set I set svn:keywords property I put these lines in 1.txt and committed it. $Revision$ $Author$

Pending changes in AnkhSVN only shows files from current solution

I’m working under a single repository and mostly in one solution. However, during the work on the solution I do change other files as well, when I come to commit, however, AnkhSVN only shows the files that are part of the solution. That forces me to use TortoiseSVN to do the commit on the whole […]

Tortoise SVN update and commit doesn't work

I am having issues with Tortoise SVN lately. I am unable to update and commit anything. Tortoise SVN version: 1.6.16 Build 21511 – 64 bit OS: Windows 8 server We use VisualSVN Server for the repo. Whenever I try to update, I see the following screen where it doesn’t update anything actually and it just […]

Tortoise SVN : Commit Failed (details follow) Authorization Failed

I am using Tortoise SVN Client Version: 1.8.2, Build 24708 – 64 Bit , 2013/08/27 19:20:39 installed on Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise Edition OS. From day 1, when I try to commit any file it shows below error. Command: Commit Error: Commit failed (details follow): Error: Authorization failed Completed!: Does anyone has any fix […]

Could not connect to SVN Repository. Could not resolve hostname

I try connect to SVN Repository and get SvnRepositoryIOException: Could not resolve hostname: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found. The same error when I try commit or update project or using TortoiseSVN. We use kerio, but I think it’s something else, because another computer with similar settings […]

svn update not updating

This is rather weird. When I do a Svn update, tortoise tells me that I am at the last revision, but there are plenty of exclamation marks everywhere telling me that lots of files are out of sync. I can delete the old files, update, then get the new version, but a mere svn update […]

How to tell if someone has downloaded the latest code

Is there a way I can tell (other than in the SVN Log…because it only shows me if someone committed) who has updated recently so that I know they have downloaded my code? I’m looking specifically into updates (not commits which can obviously be seen in SVN Log).

AnkhSVN keeps marking .designer.cs files as newly added

Since I upgraded from VS2012 to VS2013 I have an issue with my AnkhSVN plugin. Every time there is a change in a .designer.cs file this file will get marked as “new” instead of “changed”. If I try to make a commit it will say that the file is already under version control and can […]

customized SVN depth value

I need a list of all folder names under a branch in SVN. But not upto INFINITE depth.. Say i need upto 5 level of depth.. Is there any way to specify customized SVNdepth value? The problem in getting a immediate folder list and iterating is, each folder contains hundreds of sub-folder. command used : […]

username & password is not prompted while accessing the SVN repos. I can directly access the URL

I created users with the svnadmin command but when I access the URL for repos using TortoiseSVN it doesn’t prompt me for any password. I can however directly access the URL using my web browser. Also, I cannot actually upload any files from TortoiseSVN because my credentials are not working.

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