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TortoiseSVN working copy folder with conflicts but file list is empty

Context : Windows 7 + TortoiseSVN + Visual Studio 2010 + VisualSVN In the windows explorer , I can see one of my folder with the little red circle (like there is a conflict). So I do: Righ click on the folder -> TortoiseSVN -> Resolved and then a window titled “resolve” appears telling me […]

Deleting recent commits in SVN

Ok, so I’m still getting used to this SVN business. I basically took a dump in my repository right around New Years. I thought it would be a good idea to restructure my website’s codebase in preparation for implementing some OOP changes. The only problem was, in my foolishness, I did this directly in My […]

The Dual Nature of svn:ignore

Reading around, the svn:ignore command seems to work one of two ways: If the file or directory is not already under version control, meta data will be added to the repository ignoring the file or directory for all other team members who check out the project. If the file or directory is already under version […]

Repetitive merge changes on tortoise svn trunk to branch merge

I am getting repetitive merge changes on tortoise svn trunk to branch merge. What I was hoping was that once I do the merge it should not come agian. Here are the steps I believe I am doing. Need help if I am doing something wrong. I am on the root of my branch folder. […]

How to ignore conflicts in tortoiseSVN

I am working on a Visual Studio project and I know that I can ignore when conflicts arise in the bin/obj folders in some Class Libraries when I do updates, since I will rebuild the dll’s anyway. I just don’t know how to make SVN happy and tell it to ignore the conflicts – I […]

Create new SVN repository from checkout code (from dead SVN repo)

I have checkout code from svn the repository was remote and is dead now, can I use it to create new SVN repository with history? If yes, how can I do it? If no, what are the other best way to handle this kind of situation? Thanks in advance.

TortoiseSVN very slow over proxy if Windows internet explorer proxy settings are not set and using only TortoiseSVN proxy settings

When I try to do any TortoiseSVN command even show log etc, it take a very LONG time for the pop-up to accept ssl certificate to show up. I can make it work quite nicely/fast if I simply go into Internet Explorer connect options and enable the PROXY settings there. But I don’t want to. […]

How do I resolve the tree conflict when merging branch with trunk in SVN?

I have a project in the ‘trunk’ folder. When I needed to create a branch, I copied the contents of the ‘trunk’ folder into a new ‘branch’ folder. As a result, the directory structure looks like this. Now I want to merge the contents of the branch and the trunk into the trunk folder. How […]

Creating a Subversion branch

I have a Subversion repository (running SVN 1.6.6) on an Ubuntu Linux server, and I’m trying to create a branch using the TortoiseSVN GUI; However, I get an error back: COPY c:\work\repositoryWorkingcopy\ to http://svnserver/svn/repository/Oct13, Revision HEAD Error ‘/svn/repository/!svn/bc/234/branches’ path not found I logged into my Linux box to see if the “branches” folder was NOT […]

SVN Externals unexpected state issue

I was trying out SVN External, what I want to do is have an external folder and copy over libraries from there into my Lib Folder. I went to SVN Externals, and there added the lib folder and path to svn I checked out my Project and I got the below error

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