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svn client timing out and corrupting WC state

When I commit large changes – hundreds of megabytes – the client timesout even though the check-in does go through. When I right-click on WC and show log, TSVN shows that WC revision does NOT get updated even though the check-in actually occurred. I’ve tried using TortoiseSVN 1.9.5, Build 27581 – 64 Bit and command […]

How can I commit a file to SVN that I forgot to commit a while ago, (tweaking it's revision number)

So I’ve been happily using subversion to regularly commit files in my stack of projects related to my massive Visual Studio solution. I decide to do a svn export one day, and, decided I needed to see how my project was working back in October of 2008. So, I export to my local file system, […]

Multiple Subversion clients and TortoiseSVN

I installed Subversion 1.5.x and then TortoiseSVN 1.6.x. All was fine using the 1.5.x command line utility exclusively. After becoming comfortable with svn for awhile, I then used the TortoiseSVN client to make a commit, which worked, but the command line client now gives me a client too old, get a newer client error on […]

How can I un-quagmirize my rearranged project?

Using the following steps (taken from page 39 of “Pragmatic Guide to Subversion“): * Using Windows Explorer, right-drag the file to a different location in your working copy, and choose “SVN Move versioned item(s) here.” * Commit your changes by right-clicking the base of your working copy and choosing SVN Commit… …I moved several files […]

Unable to check out using TortoiseSVN – “File already exists” error for two files in repository

When I try to check out the head version of a large repository, it fails on two particular files: Error | Failed to run the WC DB work queue associated with Error | ‘C:\Work\gpss_src\cpp\apps\RTRover\lib’, work item 6625 (file-install Error | cpp/apps/RTRover/lib/prn.h 1 0 1 1) Error | Can’t move ‘C:\Work\gpss_src\.svn\tmp\svn-F3F9679B’ to Error | ‘C:\Work\gpss_src\cpp\apps\RTRover\lib\prn.h’: Cannot […]

Creating a Required Comment Hook for Tortoise SVN

Has anyone implemented a hook that requires developers to input x chars before successful submission? I’ve looked up hooks but don’t really understand how to implement this one for Subversion using Tortoise specifically for a Windows Environment.

Tortoise svn requires many tries to do anything

I use Tortoise svn along with about 20 others at our site and all have an ongoing issue with it. Whenever you choose any command (update, commit, or ANY item of the right-click menu) there is almost always an initial lack of repsonse from the software. That is, it hourglasses for a few seconds and […]

How to debug something in TortoiseSVN?

We currently face a strange problem on one desk that TortoiseSVN allows ot open “Show log”, but closes that without any action by the user. To help solving that question, I would like to “Debug” TortoiseSVN. Is there an easy way to debug TortoiseSVN? Here are some of the requirements: Allow to write a debug […]

SVN code cleanup issue

I am using TortoiseSVN and all of the sudden I get this error when doing anything: svn: Working copy ‘root\html_editor’ locked; try performing ‘cleanup’ When I peform code cleanup command, I get this error: Error performing cleanup for ‘root\html_editor’: svn: Error processing command ‘committed’ in ‘root\html_editor’ svn: Error replacing text-base of ‘index.php’ svn: Cannot read […]

Command prompt not working after installing TortoiseSVN

I have just installed that latest stable release of TortoiseSVN on Windows Server 2003 and restarted the server. I can create a new repository using the right-click menu in windows explorer but using “svn” anything from the command prompt returns ‘svn’ is not a recognised internal or external command When I have installed TortoiseSVN previously […]

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