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SVN Externals unexpected state issue

I was trying out SVN External, what I want to do is have an external folder and copy over libraries from there into my Lib Folder. I went to SVN Externals, and there added the lib folder and path to svn I checked out my Project and I got the below error

help with subversion (svn) hook script

How to create a subversion server hook script that prevents people from committing changes if they don’t own the lock on the file first? Svn server is on windows. Thanks. P.S. Additional info in this question Subversion (svn + tortoiseSvn) commit not locked file

When does TortoiseSVN keyword substitution occur?

When does keyword substitution occur? How to set I set svn:keywords property I put these lines in 1.txt and committed it. $Revision$ $Author$

Pending changes in AnkhSVN only shows files from current solution

I’m working under a single repository and mostly in one solution. However, during the work on the solution I do change other files as well, when I come to commit, however, AnkhSVN only shows the files that are part of the solution. That forces me to use TortoiseSVN to do the commit on the whole […]

Tortoise SVN update and commit doesn't work

I am having issues with Tortoise SVN lately. I am unable to update and commit anything. Tortoise SVN version: 1.6.16 Build 21511 – 64 bit OS: Windows 8 server We use VisualSVN Server for the repo. Whenever I try to update, I see the following screen where it doesn’t update anything actually and it just […]

Tortoise SVN : Commit Failed (details follow) Authorization Failed

I am using Tortoise SVN Client Version: 1.8.2, Build 24708 – 64 Bit , 2013/08/27 19:20:39 installed on Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise Edition OS. From day 1, when I try to commit any file it shows below error. Command: Commit Error: Commit failed (details follow): Error: Authorization failed Completed!: Does anyone has any fix […]

Could not connect to SVN Repository. Could not resolve hostname

I try connect to SVN Repository and get SvnRepositoryIOException: Could not resolve hostname: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found. The same error when I try commit or update project or using TortoiseSVN. We use kerio, but I think it’s something else, because another computer with similar settings […]

svn update not updating

This is rather weird. When I do a Svn update, tortoise tells me that I am at the last revision, but there are plenty of exclamation marks everywhere telling me that lots of files are out of sync. I can delete the old files, update, then get the new version, but a mere svn update […]

How to tell if someone has downloaded the latest code

Is there a way I can tell (other than in the SVN Log…because it only shows me if someone committed) who has updated recently so that I know they have downloaded my code? I’m looking specifically into updates (not commits which can obviously be seen in SVN Log).

AnkhSVN keeps marking .designer.cs files as newly added

Since I upgraded from VS2012 to VS2013 I have an issue with my AnkhSVN plugin. Every time there is a change in a .designer.cs file this file will get marked as “new” instead of “changed”. If I try to make a commit it will say that the file is already under version control and can […]

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