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Checkout a specific revision from Subversion from the command line

I want to checkout a specific revision of a folder in Subversion using the command line. I don’t see an option for specifying the revision number in TortoiseProc.exe, TortoiseProc.exe /command:checkout <url> How do I get the revision I want? Is TortoiseProc.exe the right tool for what I want to do?

How can I delete all unversioned/ignored files/folders in my working copy?

If I have a working copy of a Subversion repository, is there a way to delete all unversioned or ignored files in that working copy with a single command or tool? Essentially, I’m looking for the SVN analogue to git clean. Either a command line or GUI solution (for TortoiseSVN) would be acceptable.

SVN – Reintegration Merge error: “must be ancestrally related”

Using TortoiseSVN – when I use Test Merge, I get the error “http://mysvnserver/svn/main/branches/ProjectA must be ancestrally related to http://mysvnserver/svn/main/trunk/ProjectB” What can I do to resolve this?

How do I remove a folder from source control with TortoiseSVN?

How do I remove a folder from being source controlled with TortoiseSVN?

Using TortoiseSVN via the command line

I want to use commandline SVN options. I use TortoiseSVN, and I run several commands and I get the following error. ‘svn‘ is not recognized as an internal or external command I used the command svn checkout [-N] [–ignore-externals] [-r rev] URL PATH I think I should add some environment variable or something else. What […]

SVN error“access to '/svn/myservice/!svn/act/d99e498e-9a8d-374c-a3e4-fde21198bfa2' forbidden”

I cannot commit but I can update. When I attempt to commit I get the following error: access to ‘/svn/myservice/!svn/act/d99e498e-9a8d-374c-a3e4-fde21198bfa2′ forbidden I’m using Windows 7 64bit.

Small team remote server based simple version control (VCS)

We’re a small team and we need to deploy a small, simple and easy to maintain VCS. In past we’ve been using ftp based sharing where we shared zip of source, we need to improve it. I’ve been looking for a VCS but not sure how it’ll blend into our remote server based environment, most […]

Tortoise Git side-by-side with Tortoise SVN?

I’ve been using Tortoise SVN for several years now, but am thinking of slowly changing to git, as I really like its branching and merging. I’m currently using git via the command line but am considering installing Tortoise Git. Has anyone had experience of using the two Tortoises side-by-side? Any known issues with this? I […]

Can I commit only parts of my code using SVN or Mercurial?

I use Tortoise SVN usuallly, but I have been looking into Mercurial since it is a distributed revision control system. What I am looking for, in both systems, is a tool that let me pick only parts of a file and commit them. If I want to do this now, I have to copy to […]

How to make TortoiseSVN / TortoiseGit show the executed command?

Tortoise GUI clients are cool, but they don’t really help to understand, how versioning woks and what happens “behind the scenes”. And understanding such things is very important, especially for Git. (OK, the best way is working on the command line…) Is there a ssetting in ToroiseSVN / TortoiseGit to show the command that has […]

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