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What is Reverse Merge ( Revert Merge ) in SVN, a simple explanation and the step by step processes from start to finish

What is Reverse Merge ( Revert Merge ) in SVN, a simple explanation and the step by step processes from start to finish would be great. Can someone give me the the processes, numbered if you can. And a good and simple example would be great too.

How to use svn+ssh with Tortoise SVN from the command line

I’m having trouble trying to checkout a repo using the following syntax on a Windows 7 workstation with TortoiseSvn: svn co svn+ssh://user@ip/repo . What I’ve done to test this issue: Modified the network settings of TortoiseSvn to point to ..\TortoisePlink.exe Successfully established an ssh connection to the target machine with no issues Successfully checked out […]

Reintegrate can only be used if revisions X through Y were previously merged from <URL> to reintegrate the source, but this is not the case

Been using SVN branches with Tortoise 1.6. I’ve been periodically merging the trunk into the branch to keep it up to date. Today, I thought I’d reintegrate the branch. I chose “Reintegrate a branch” from Tortoise and received the following error message: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 4709 through 5019 were previously merged […]

Remove unnecessary svn:mergeinfo properties

When I merge stuff in my repository Subversion wants to add/change a lot of svn:mergeinfo properties to files that are totally unrelated to the things that I want to merge. Questions about this behaviour have been asked before here on Stack Overflow: SVN Mergeinfo properties on paths other than the working copy root Is there […]

How do you branch and merge with TortoiseSVN?

How do you branch and merge with Apache Subversion using the TortoiseSVN client?

svn cleanup: sqlite: database disk image is malformed

I was trying to do a svn cleanup because I can’t commit the changes in my working copy, and I got the following error: sqllite: database disk image is malformed What can I do right now?

How do you move a file in SVN?

I’m using TortoiseSVN against the SourceForge SVN repository. I’d like to move a file from one folder to another in order to maintain its revision history. Is this possible? If so, how do you do it? (My current strategy has been to copy the file into the new folder and check it in and then […]

Should I store all projects in one repository or multiple?

I am currently using TortoiseSVN to manage a couple of the projects that I have on the go at the moment. When I first moved everything into source control I wasn’t really sure how everything should be laid out so I ended up putting each project into its own repository. I was wondering would it […]

Checkout a specific revision from Subversion from the command line

I want to checkout a specific revision of a folder in Subversion using the command line. I don’t see an option for specifying the revision number in TortoiseProc.exe, TortoiseProc.exe /command:checkout <url> How do I get the revision I want? Is TortoiseProc.exe the right tool for what I want to do?

How can I delete all unversioned/ignored files/folders in my working copy?

If I have a working copy of a Subversion repository, is there a way to delete all unversioned or ignored files in that working copy with a single command or tool? Essentially, I’m looking for the SVN analogue to git clean. Either a command line or GUI solution (for TortoiseSVN) would be acceptable.

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