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Using Git and Subversion in parallel (Tortoise)

At work we use Subversion, I often use it with Tortoise. I want to start to use Git for non-official changes. One problem is we seem to use both SVN Git and Tortoise Git on the same directories. What would be the appropriate Git software to install? How to work? What should I do about […]

Compare folders and export modified files

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following. I work remotely with other software developers on the same project. I use subversion and tortoise to manage my code. I don’t think the other developers do the same. This creates problems when we try and share code, because we have to figure out […]

Is it Possible to Create a git Repository from an SVN Log File?

I would love to import an old university project to github. The version control was handled SVN, and my access to the server is long gone. All I have is the latest up-to-date copy of the files, along with a file containing the output of svn log. To me this seems like enough data to […]

Icons on Git Files in local machine

I am coming from SVN world! and with Tortoise SVN if I was looking at my folders and files they had small icons like a green check mark, a blue plus sign, etc so I could visually see what is changed,etc…But I can’t see that visual thing for Git, I installed GitHub for Mac from […]

TortoiseSVN equivalent commands for TortoiseGit

I am familiar with TortoiseSVN, but not with TortoiseGit So am looking at basic equivalents for TortoiseGit. Like for the common things we do; SVN > Update SVN > Commit SVN > Add What are the similar GUI equivalents for TortoiseGit ?

TortoiseGit equivalence for 'TortoiseSVN –> Show log –> Revert to this revision'

I am looking for a TortoiseGit operation which is equivalent to: TortoiseSVN –> Show log –> Revert to this revision In TortoiseSVN, this operation reverts the local repository to the revision selected, while keeping all changed files checked out. In other words, the changed files show up when I do TortoiseSVN –> Check for modifications, […]

Source Control questions

I have a few questions of source control. Myself and another web developer have joined a company to take over software development of old and future projects. The company has no source control, as old projects were developed by external contractors with there own versioning systems. I want one setup ASAP but I have some […]

highlight/ navigate line number in visual svn through url

I have an svn repository, and have java files in it. I can access files in the repository through url in web browser. e.g. https://serverName/svn/repositoryName/file1.java This java file has 100 lines. Is there a way I can navigate to any line number/ highlight any line number in this file through the url? In git, there […]

Svn or Git client (or plugin) to find missing or broken files

Very often while using Svn (or other version control system) there is a problem programmer commits some changes and breaks a build. For example, because: some files were created, but not add under version control changes were made in one folder, but programmer thought that it was other folder and committed it files in a […]

SVN to GIT migration without TRUNK in repository

I have SVN repository with structure as below: – BRANCHES Holds the code from the vendors repository(software provider code) – DEV Took from BRANCHES and developers use it – RC(release candidate) After development code is put to RC for testing – TAGS Code which is released after each build with new functionality I have been […]

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