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Anyone use both Tortoise Git and Subversion on the same machine?

Anyone install both? Using each for separate projects obviously. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’m guessing, but hoping to fish out any gotchas. Furthermore, anyone use Tortoise Git, Subversion and Mercurial on the same machine? Edit: Forgot to mention, this is for Windows 7.

Can I use a GIT repository with SVN clients?

Currently I’m using the following SVN clients: TortoiseSVN for Windows and AnkhSVN for Visual Studio 2005+. I heard that GIT has a great level of interoperability with SVN. Would my tools work with a GIT repository?

Git On Windows Without Cygwin?

Are there any native Git implementations for Windows that do not require Cygwin? I’ve become a fan of the TortoiseSVN client, and would really like to see a similar Git client for Windows. Edit: I am also considering Mercurial, but would prefer to check out a few before I make a decision.

Backing up source files managed by source control software: TortoiseSVN

I am new to source control and I am confused with something I read on a webpage yesterday (I don’t have the link). I have followed these instructions: “create folder structure”, then “Start Reprobrowser”, then copy source files into trunk folder. Please see the screen shot below: However, when I navigate to the folder using […]

Merging branches on subversion

Could someone explain to me the process behind branching and merging? I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but my merges are going very wrong. Here is my scenario: My repository is as follows: /repo |- branches |- tags |- trunk |- readme.txt //readme stores v1.0 Now I need to make 2 branches; […]

Use TortoiseSVN to merge branch changes with the trunk

Using TortoiseSVN, I need to take changes I’ve done in a branch and then merge them with Trunk. I am the only developer on this project, so I know trunk hasn’t changed. I am learning SVN so that eventually my team can use it. Basically, I want my trunk to look exactly like the branch. […]

Is there a way when creating new SVN repositories for the client (tortoisesvn) to create the branches, tags and trunk folders automaticlly?

I’m using tortoisesvn to create the repositories and wondered if there was a way it could automatically create a skeleton directory structure within the repository? I need this as I’m going to allow other people in the team to set-up new repositories and I need to make it as simple as possible and minimise mistakes. […]

What equivalents are there to TortoiseSVN, on Mac OSX?

I am using a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.5. I am new to this development environment, and previously worked on Windows. I find there is no TortoiseSVN for Mac PC, and I am wondering any alternative (better free and easy to use GUI tools) tools for Mac? thanks in advance, George

Using TortoiseMerge with Visual Studio and TFS – Merge Target (not found)

I want to set up TortoiseMerge as a merge tool in Visual Studio 2010. I’m using TFS for source control. In Visual Studio I configured TortoiseMerge to be a merge tool and gave it parameters specified here /base:%3 /mine:%2 /theirs:%1 /basename:%8 /minename:%7 /theirsname:%6 /merged:%4 /mergedname:%9 When I try to merge, the Merge Target says that […]

SVN commit doesn't complete

When I commit files in svn I often get the situation where after it has transmitted all the files svn will hang and then eventually time out with the error svn: E175012: Connection timed out. This seems to happen when I am uploading more than say 20 files. I believe this is happening after all […]

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