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Omit Versioned Files or Folders from Commit List

Follow-to this question: The Dual Nature of svn:ignore Is there any way to accomplish the second scenario? i.e. Stop Tortoise SVN or plain SVN from listing a fixed set of files which have local modifications but are under version control from appearing in the commit list? I am on a project where I am the […]

SVN control of a shared virtual machine folder

I have an SVN checkout on a Mac using subclipse. I want to be able to share this folder with a vmware shared folder in Windows 7 and perform updates/commits using tortoiseSVN (on the VM) and/or subclipse (on the Mac). Is this possible? or will the two be in conflict? The shared drive has the […]

AnkhSVN Commits Are Very Slow

Recently, I had to move my SVN repositories to a different server, but I am experiencing some performance problems since the move. I am using Visual Studio 2005, AnkhSVN 2.1.7819.411 and TortoiseSVN 1.6.6 on my workstation and VisualSVN Server on the server which runs Windows Server 2008. Whenever I try to commit a file or […]

Move saved TortoiseSVN authentication to another machine?

Is there a way to move a saved login/password for TortoiseSVN to a network repository from machine to machine? Just got a new machine, know my username but don’t recall my login to the repository. I know TortoiseSVN saves some auth info on the directories at %appdata%\Subversion\auth Moved over the file I found at svn.simple; […]

Spell check in Tortoise SVN

I use SVN tortoise (English version). It is possible to attach dictionary in other language?I would like to have checked spell when I write description for commits (in polish).

Tortoise Subversion – undo update

I have a folder on my machine, but I had deliberly kept out of sync with the main project (I should have branched, but didn’t) I have now gone and updated this folder to the latest version, forgetting that I shouldn’t do that. Is it possible to undo this update, and go back to the […]

TortoiseSVN merging a branch to trunk

This is a continuation of this question: TortoiseSVN merging branch to trunk If the original question should just be edited, please let me know and I’ll do that. Here’s the current situation. Have a project with a working copy on my PC that was all up to date. I created a new branch based on […]

What is the best way to transfer all my Visual Studio projects to svn?

Until now there is a disk folder named DEVELOPMENT. This folder includes a top level folder named _LIB where the common libraries and layers (DAL projects, Business Layer projects e.t.c) are included. There is also a RESOURCES folder where i have some common bitmaps that i use (mostly). Aside to this _LIB folder there are […]

How to fix corrupt local Subversion working copy?

I usually use git and know little beyond the basics of Subversion, so please be gentle. I’m using TortoiseSVN on Windows 7. The SVN client recently announced it needed to upgrade, so I did that. All files lost their source control icons, and a new menu item appeared in Explorer prompting me to upgrade my […]

Creating a branch with TortoiseSVN without /trunk structure

Background: We have our source code saved in an SVN repository at our own server. We have Team A working on the main functionality of the website. We are looking to work with a Team B on the design aspects which will be at a different location. A long time back when setting up the […]

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