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Slow switch in subversion

We have a project in our repository that is branched off of the trunk. It has existed for about 18 months and has about 500 revisions committed to it. All changes to the trunk durring that time have been consistently merged into the branch. At this point when we run a switch operation between the […]

SVN says I need to perform cleanup, but the cleanup fails

!!! This is not a duplicate question since the solutions offered in the other topics didn’t work for me. When I try to commit: Error: Working copy ‘D:\Webs\Drupal 6’ locked Error: Please execute the “Cleanup” command. When I try to do a cleanup: Cleanup failed to process the following paths: D:\Webs\Drupal 6 Does anyone know […]

reverting with tortoise SVN

If I view the Subversion log in TortoiseSVN When I select a revision and right-click, I see the following options (among others): Update item to revision Revert to this revision Revert changes from this revision Can someone explain what are the differences between these 3? What I actually want to do is temporarily revert my […]

Subversion: Getting “The client is too old” even though all devs are running the same svn version

We are using Subversion to keep track of our code. As part of the build process, some AssemblyInfo.cs files gets temporarily edited by the build script, and when the build is done they are reverted (also by the build script). However, one of our developers get this message when the revert is attempted: The client […]

bitnami svn setup

I have an AWS instance using the Bitnami SVN install. I hoped this would make setting up source control easy but I’m struggling in the basic configuration. I tried following these directions: http://wiki.bitnami.org/Components/Subversion#How_to_start_with_Subversion_in_Amazon_EC2.3f opened up port 3690 edited /opt/bitnami/repository/conf/svnserve.conf for user permissions added passwords in /opt/bitnami/repository/conf/passwd restarted svn with sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart subversion However this […]

Subversion merge requires “Old style” even though all seems up to date?

I recently moved from an old subversion server/repository to the latest version 1.8.9. The new repository was made from scratch on a new server and the old data was imported from scratch (we checked out the code from the old repository, exported it locally to remove all SVN bindings and checked it in a fresh […]

Open Office and subversion compatibility

Does anyone have any experience placing OpenOffice documents under source control using Subversion? In particular, does Subversion merge documents correctly/efficiently etc.?

svn merge : Tree conflict weird

I am getting Tree conflict in SVN. It’s weird! I have standard Trunk, Branches, Tags structure, and follow multiple team model. Branch1, Branch2 are created form Trunk and active parallely Steps followed: 1. Branch1 Work: newfile.c added and committed in Branch1 2. Merge : From Branch1 -> Trunk (successful; file added in trunk) 3. Merge […]

Subversion (svn + tortoiseSvn) commit not locked file

I have experienced strange functionality of subversion. We are using latest 1.6 Svn server visual svn and tortoise svn 1.6.6 We have defined property svn:needs-lock to a file, then if you copy over file from different location it shows local change if you try to commit SVN it allows you to Commit even if you […]

TortoiseProc launch failed Error:The requested operation requires elevation

I have installed TortoiseSVN- on Windows 7 Proffesional. TortoiseProc Launch failed :The requested operation requires elevation. Any option in the context menu gives the same error. Already troubleshoot- – uninstall and install Repair the install Checked that all exe’s (including TortoiseProc) have the “run as administrator” option checked. START>RUN>CMD (enter)>[DOS PROMPT]>C:>”ipconfig /flushdns” Any ideas?

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