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How to install Tortoise SVN in to Android Studio 2.1 Latest Version

I have downloaded 64bit Tortoise SVN and installed in C Drive in to my system. I have created seperate folder for SVN client and branch,tags,trunk folders and paste the code and commit in to that SVN server. Studio : next, I tried to set tortoise svn path in to studio Version Control-Subversion-user command line client: […]

How to deal best with SVN and local changes, that should not be committed?

I have checked out some projects from SVN repository. To build those projects I have to adjust some configurations (e.g. the classpath and property files) to fit the local enviroment. Now I don’t want to commit those changes to the repository. So setting an svn:ignore may help. But what if I want to get updates […]

getting new file added to subversion without updating whole folder

What I want to do is be able to add a file to my folder which is under Subversion source control in my local computer and then commit it. no problem up to here. On the server I want to get the new file using Subversion but without having to do an ‘Update’ to whole […]

Why svn import option fails to detect file duplication

If I want to check-in a file with same name which is already present in SVN, I would not be able to commit in that case. For example: Name.doc and name.doc. But, I will be able to import in that case. This case even applicable for folder name. This prevents the operation of check-out in […]

Displaying a message to users pre-commit in Tortoise SVN

We use Tortoise SVN for source control, and have already set up a commit message template. I would also like to display some text to the user when they commit, that doesn’t get included in their commit message, along the lines of “Don’t forget to do X!”. Is this possible?

Permissions and SVN Updates on Windows Server 2008: same folder & SVN account, different Active Directory users

We’re experiencing strange permission issues with SVN after switching from Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008. On our standard build box there is a folder (C:\SVN_Code_Folder) which AD_User_A associates with a SVN repository using SVN_User and TortoiseSVN 1.7.6 When using Windows 2003, when AD_User_B logs into the box and tries to Update, Switch, Merge the […]

Importing older code with revision history to a new SVN repository

This question already has an answer here: Move an SVN respository when the server is dead 3 answers

TortoiseSvn error : the same name as the administrative directory

I am working with TortoiseSVN. I’ve performed a checkout to an empty folder. Some files get transferred but then, at some point I receive the following error: Error: Failed to add directory ‘D:\code\Website\ClientBin_svn‘: object of Error: the same name as the administrative directory I tried deleting the folder and checking out the project to a […]

Tortiose SVN – Missing the setting to – Use “_svn” instead of “.svn”

I just updated from SVN 1.6 to SVN 1.7. My Icon overlays aren’t showing up. In looking at SVN’s settings in 1.7, I no longer have the option to use “_svn” directories. This is likely why I’m having issues. Does anyone know how to make SVN 1.7 use _svn directories again?

How can I change the revision number of a repository in Tortoise SVN?

I have a project that has a revision number of 3960. But unfortunately it is not under source control. Now I would like to put it under SVN and use Tortoise SVN. But when I put it there it will have revision from 1,2,3,4 and so on. Is there a way to change the revision […]

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