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How to handle this situation in Version Control System better?

I have this thinking when I am dealing with a project, which is provided to many clients with one web software bundle, and every client could have some new change requests on it, so I will have to use one repo(or branch) for one client, so I can keep updating it for their own requests. […]

git checkout from network fileshare

I have install git and tortoisegit successfully create a bare repo location of my network folder X:\Test\Test_Source\Test_repo\Test_Repo.git –> bare repo These are the folder in my repo 1. A 2. B 3. C How to checkout only folder B?

Cannot commit with context menu in TortoiseSVN and has no Settings for Git

I recently reinstalled Windows 7 and my new Git & TortoiseSVN doesn’t seem to work as I expect them. I need to commit from the context menu. However the option is not there. I tried to check the Tortoise settings but Git is not in there. I am noob at this so sorry for the […]

Comments in svn ignore list

In .gitignore file I could create comments and write a reason why I ignore those files. I just put # in the beginning of the line. How can I do this in SVN ignore list?

Convert from remote hosted SVN to GIT

I have SVN hosted and want to convert to Git and put it back into the hosted repository as Git. I am on windows. I have been using Tortoise Git since I’ve been using Tortoise SVN and love it. And so I’ve set out to created a Git clone from the SVN. And then intend […]

(tortoise) svn: relocate different branches to different repositories (= different URL and UUID)

I’m working on a project for let’s say two different companies A and B; A is a big one and B a small one (mine). Both companies work on the same project, but mine is only working on a small module of the big one. So we have one repository for the hole project of […]

will Installing git repo on current subversion repo work?

I use local subversion/tortoisesvn for code repository. I want to also use github on the same code. Will simply installing the github repository and client etc.. work without removing the files from the subversion repository? It seems to me like there should be issues. for example which client decides which icons will be shown near […]

Github commit over SVN

Today I switched from my free Github account to the Micro plan. Right after that I was no longer able to commit any of my Repros when entering my password. As I said before the switch from free to Mirco everything was fine, and the Update still works. Only when I try to Commit something […]

TortoiseSVN – Is there a warning about new files that are not tracked?

I’m used to git and its CLI so whenever I want to commit I always do a git status first to check for any new files I have forgotten to add, if any use git add and then do the committing and pushing. Qt Creator, which has a nice integration of this VCS, does all […]

Easy way to integrate branches into trunk

I’m running Subversion version 1.4.3 (r23084) + tortoise, and my problem is integrating an branch into trunk. Tortoise’s merge didnt work, i got to do this from console. Its always a hard work to do because of many issues, so i’ve been thinking about some changes. Will a subversion update (its on 1.6 now) resolve […]

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