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TortoiseSVN – Is there a warning about new files that are not tracked?

I’m used to git and its CLI so whenever I want to commit I always do a git status first to check for any new files I have forgotten to add, if any use git add and then do the committing and pushing. Qt Creator, which has a nice integration of this VCS, does all […]

Easy way to integrate branches into trunk

I’m running Subversion version 1.4.3 (r23084) + tortoise, and my problem is integrating an branch into trunk. Tortoise’s merge didnt work, i got to do this from console. Its always a hard work to do because of many issues, so i’ve been thinking about some changes. Will a subversion update (its on 1.6 now) resolve […]

how can I collaborate code with my partner in Visual Studio environment?

Me and my friend want to work on a code together at the same time for our project. We develop in Visual Studio 2010 environment. I know I need something called SVN client, SVNTortoise, maybe Git.. I watched and read several guides on how should I install it, and I still dont have a clue […]

Clone SVN Repo to Git (with all revisions) Using Tortoise Git?

I am brand new to Git, and I make making the leap from SVN. Is it possible to clone all of the revisions and files (basically the whole repo) from SVN to Git using Tortoise Git? If so, could someone instruct me as to now I can do this? Thank you for your time.

Merging an svn working copy into a git working copy and vise versa?

Circumstances require that I version my own work on a git repo while the “trunk” for the project is on an svn repo, meaning I will regularly need to update my svn working copy and merge its revisions into my git working copy, and vise versa. Is there any easy way to do this in […]

git and svn shared directory

At my workplace we have been using SVN (rather uneffectively) for quite some time and are finally looking at ways that we can incorporate Git into our everyday workflows. As I am one of the few employees here who has some past experience with Git (managing personal projects on GitHub), I’m playing around with git […]

Starter Questions for Using Git Windows Version with Git Source Control Provider

I was using “Tortoisesvn” to take control of my programs’s source code. But sometimes, I had problems/bugs while using it. So I decided to use “git“( http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/ ) Also, I’m using git with “Git Source Control Provider” visual studio plugin. Source control is very easy with this extension. So now I have few noob questions… […]

Using Git and Subversion in parallel (Tortoise)

At work we use Subversion, I often use it with Tortoise. I want to start to use Git for non-official changes. One problem is we seem to use both SVN Git and Tortoise Git on the same directories. What would be the appropriate Git software to install? How to work? What should I do about […]

Compare folders and export modified files

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following. I work remotely with other software developers on the same project. I use subversion and tortoise to manage my code. I don’t think the other developers do the same. This creates problems when we try and share code, because we have to figure out […]

Is it Possible to Create a git Repository from an SVN Log File?

I would love to import an old university project to github. The version control was handled SVN, and my access to the server is long gone. All I have is the latest up-to-date copy of the files, along with a file containing the output of svn log. To me this seems like enough data to […]

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