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Using hg-git, TortoiseHg and github over https gives 401

I’m using hg-git with TortoiseHg to try to push my existing repository to GitHub. I’m authenticating with HTTPS, rather than SSH. I added my username and password to TortoiseHg just like for BitBucket. But TortoiseHg says that the remove server gives 401. All the examples I could find for authenticating with hg-git use SSH rather […]

Is there an equivalent of git-walk next / git-walk prev in hg?

I read that git-walk next / git-walk prev will allow you to move through changesets committed linearly so that you can play them back in a presentational setting within your local working copy. Does hg have any equivalent commands? (And of course I don’t mean the typical -r arguments selecting revisions, I mean moving through […]

GIT clone not working

I am trying to get the latest NHibernate source from GitHub using the latest Tortoise Hg client using the read only string provided, get the following error: % hg clone –verbose — git://github.com/nhibernate/nhibernate-core.git repository git://github.com/nhibernate/nhibernate-core.git not found [command returned code 255 Wed Sep 07 08:01:23 2011] What am I doing wrong?

What are branches in BitBucket and how to manage them

I have the following problem. I have a repo, which I originally cloned from github using hg-git, but since I’ve been developing on it in mercurial. The original dev also keeps updating the repo, so we have multiple heads and I merge whatever I want using TortoiseHg, it works really well (I think hg-git doesn’t […]

Specifying where Version Control repositories are stored

I’d like to use VC for development projects, however what I see in the various types (Git, SVN, Mercurial…) doesn’t seem to suit what I’d like to accomplish. What I’d like to do is have the code repositories stored on an external device (such as thumb drive or SD card), not only for version control, […]

Is it easy to port TortoiseHg to use Git instead?

TortoiseHg is superior to TortoiseGit in many features. Would be a matter of changing a few lines of code to make a new TortoiseGit based on TortoiseHg, or it requires weeks/months of development?

Hg-git not pushing commits on Github

I have this problem with hg-git where I can’t push any commits to Github anymore. When before I had no problems at all. I have a Mercurial repo in Bitbucket where I push to Github, with hg push git+ssh://git@github.com:userid/MyRepo.git This used to work, however now, when I do this, hg always return that there was […]

Converting a free source control to CM Synergy

My company is using CM Synergy as it’s code version control tool, maybe it’s my own problem that I can’t hanlde this tool very nice. But in my own experience, Hg, Git or SVN is very useful for me. Is there any way to convert a opensource control archive to CM Synergy? I know there […]

Cloning git repository from http URL with tortoisehg

I have TortoiseHg with the hg-git extension installed. I know it is working as I can clone repositories from github using hg clone git://github.com/foo/bar.git However, I am trying to clone a repository located at http://www-dev.cockos.com/wdl/WDL.git/ If I do hg clone http://www-dev.cockos.com/wdl/WDL.git/ it unsurprisingly reports: abort: ‘http://www-dev.cockos.com/wdl/WDL.git/’ does not appear to be an hg repository! I […]

Using TortoiseHg to push to an authenticated git repository

I’m trying to push a changeset from a local Mercurial repository created with TortoiseHg to a remote Git repository. I have hg-git installed and configured and it will pull just fine. But when I run the push it gives me this Command hg push git+ssh://git@dummyrepo:username/repo.git Result pushing to git+ssh://git@dummyrepo:username/repo.git importing Hg objects into Git creating […]

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