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How do I handle a complex set of related projects using TFS 2013 GIT repository and branching?

I have a team of about 20 developers working together on a single project. This project has several components that involve hardware, firmware, software, and even web capabilities. We would like to track the progress of the project overall using TFS 2013. However, we are having trouble figuring out how we can manage the source […]

Clone repository using TFS fail

Trying to clone GIT repository. Using TFS2013 & VS2015. Clone on my local machine worked fine. I used this path(http://yourtfsserver.co.uk/tfs/defaultcollection/_git/GitTest) to clone locally but when I try to clone this repository on the server where TFS is installed I get below error. When i try to clone I get this error Response status code does […]

TFS 2013 Tracking Changeset(commits) with GIT

With Team Foundation Version Control we have nice ability to visualize changesets. Hierarchy and Timeline view. How can I get same type of information with GIT repository? I can’t find anything useful. Hierarchy Tracking Timeline view

TFS2013 – Clone build definition for team project using git

We want to clone a build definition for a TFS team project that uses git as its source code repository. Our aim is to duplicate the existing build definition for a new branch. When the build definition is cloned via the command line (Team Foundation Power Tools) like so tfpt builddefinition /clone Team\Project_Nightly /collection:http://tfs01:8080/tfs/MyCollection the […]

TFS 2013.4 build with GIT submodules are failing

We’ve just updated our TFS to TFS 2013 update 4 (TFS2013.4), and we’re using GIT submodules in our repositories (that we updated with some custom MSBUILD magic on the build server). However now with the latest update, our builds all fail with this message: Cannot set unknown member ‘Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Activities.Git.GitPull.CheckoutSubmodules’. Seems like Microsoft has added some […]

Visual Studio git-push to two repositories

I want to start a new project (VS 2013) and I want to work with a TFS 2013 Git repo for source control, bug tracking, team room and so on. But I have the requirement from my management to push the source code also to a different git repo (No TFS). Do you have an […]

Does TFS 2013 have shelvesets anymore (when using GIT)?

I am having trouble finding any way to use shelvesets in Visual Studio 2013 using TFS. Has that feature been removed, or is it not available when using a GIT repository?

Convert TFS Project to Git protocol in TFS 2013

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013, supports Git protocol. When you create TFS project, you choose should it be as Git or TFS (legacy) for source-control. I have all projects in TFS mode, and I would like to connect my Visual Studio 2013 to existing TFS projects using new – git protocol so I will […]

Public anonymous access to local TFS2013 git repository

Is it possible to configure local TFS2013 server to enable anonymous (unauthenticated) read-only access to git repository over http:// or git:// protocol ?

Associate Git commits from multiple repositories with a TFS 2013 build

I am using Team Foundation Server 2013 builds for a multi-module Gradle project, each module resides in its own Git repository. All of these repositories are located in a single TFS 2013 project. The build template is executed on the main module’s repository. That is, in the build configuration, Source Settings / Repository name is […]

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