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Branching Refresh in Visual Studio in TFS Online using Git

I am using Visual Studio online as my source repository and have chosen git for source control. I have created a new branch named as “Branch1” and published it in the server. I want the fellow developer to get this branch in his visual studio and work with this. But the other developer is not […]

Getting git branch name inside TFS build

I have a CI build definition (TFS 2013) triggered by commits to several branches (it is a git repository). I would like to use the branch name inside build process to copy results to the right place. How can I do this?

Using existing git with TFS

I am using the new Team Foundation Server 2013 Express with git. I created a new team project and TFS automatically creates a new git repository for me. But I want to continue using my existing git repository on a separated version control server. Is there any way to configure the TFS so it uses […]

TFS 2013 Build Definition in Git (how to associate build to commit)

What’s the best way to track a build (a versioned binary) back to a commit in git. Let’s say the versioned binary is I want to know exactly what commit that was built from. I realize that you can track it from TFS build history and then see the commit hash in the build […]

Integrate TFS git source control and JIRA

I use git repositories in TFS to store source code, but I’d like to track issues using JIRA. Ideally I’d like to be able to reference a JIRA task number in a commit and have that commit appear in jira as an assocation. I’ve found a couple of plugins that work with TFS source control […]

will adding .gitconfig in repository override my global .gitconfig file configurations?

I am having my project hosted in TFS-GIT server. I am having an issue with pull request merges on TFS . one option is to update git configs on TFS server itself to make “merges –no–ff” because of time crunch and other issues that cannot be done sooner . I am looking for a workaround […]

Ability to set –no-ff option when merge pull request on TFS

I have noticed , a fix/patch is made for adding –no-ff option on pull-request merges on TFS https://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/330519-team-services/suggestions/6073200-no-fastforward-merge-from-pullrequest But I am unable to find whats that fix/patch version is so that we can apply that to our existing TFS 2013 Any help is greatly appreciated

Visual Studio Team Services + git, how to avoid useless files in the debug and obj folder

I encountered several times conflicts between .dll, .exe and some other non-code files. In this case, what should i do for avoiding submit useless files? Thanks

TFS build definition associated commits

Can anyone help me get the list of git commits out of TFS 2013 that are associated with the build I’m currently creating? Currently I’m doing Build my azure cloud service Use msbuild task to get version number Update the version number in my nuspec Use nuget.exe to pack into to a nuget package Use […]

TFS Build tag git branch with build number

All our builds are CI triggered builds. Is there a way to tag the branch with the build number from TFS? This would be come incredibly handy as we are also using Octopus Deploy and would like the entire process to automated, to where all the developer has to do is push the changes to […]

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