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Deleting a TFS branch using git-tfs

I have a feature branch in TFS that I’ve used locally with git–tfs using git tfs branch –init. (Normally I just use local git branches, but in this case I wanted to create a build with my changes, so a TFS feature branch seemed appropriate) I’ve now finished with that feature branch, and I’d like […]

linux git authentication to TFS git repo

My group recently setup a new TFS hosted git repository. I’m able to connect fine, and do everything as expected, except each time it is prompting me for permissions. I’m running git on a linux box, inside the company firewall, but not associated with the domain. I did a bit of digging, and didn’t see […]

TFS 2013 git build authentication error with libgit2

I have private Git repository hosted on Linux and would like to use TFS 2013 for builds from it. Currently installed TFS 2013 Update 2. TFS build is always failed with error VS 30063 You are not authorized to access repository LibGit2SharpException in libgit2. I’ve tried multiple options to configure users in git and tried […]

Setting up Git Repo Recent Check-ins with SharePoint

I’m trying to connect a Recent Checkins web part in SharePoint to my tfs 2013 hosted git repo. For Version Control Path I tried: /repoName resulting in, TF10125: The path “/repoName” must start with $/ , and: $/repoName $/_git/repoName $/collectionName/repoName $/collectionName/pathToRepo/_git/repoName all resulting in, “$/somePath” was not found in source control at version T.

TFS Git visual studio 2013 repo corruption or of behavior

We recently moved to TFS 2013 on premise using a Git team project. I’m on the latest – vs 2013 update 3. I have a particular folder path ( let’s call it /home/test) that seems corrupted. There are files and sub folders in it. We’ve tried adding the folder however it it shows up in […]

Git for TFS: opening 2 branches on the same time

Situation I have an application on TFS Git (2013) I need to open the source with VS in two different branches at the same time on the same PC. Say branch1 and branch2. My problem When I launch branch1 (F5), the run takes some files in branch2 instead branch1. VS branch2 declared it is branch1 […]

In VS2013 with TFS, a newly added file appears as Checked-In and does not appear in the Pending Changes list

I have noticed this on several occasions, and have not yet found a suitable explanation or resolution to the issue. I am looking for a cause and solution. We are using: VS2013 Pro Version 12.0.31101.00 Update 4 Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft Git Provider On occasion, I will add a file to a […]

Team Foundation Server TFS 2013 GIT branch permissions

Is there a way of restricting users access to GIT branch in TFS? I would like to add a new user to my TFS project and allow him to access only one branch.

Show list of tasks to asssociate when commiting to a git repository from Visual Studio 2008-2013

We are swapping from TFVC to GIT and using TFS2013, IDE enviroments VS2010 VS2008 – we cannot convert projects to higher version. Now my task is to find out if there is way, where you can commit on a Task with having overview what Tasks that are assigned to me. And can one choose from […]

Linking TFS Pull requests with work items

We are looking to use the new Pull request feature in Visual Studio 2013 update 4 for our TFS Git repository. With the code review feature that was available since Visual studio 2012, each code review request results in creating a new “Code Review Request” type work item, which is quite helpful in reporting, etc. […]

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