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Migrate from GIT to TFS and retain timestamp for check-in

I have tried to migrate a GIT repository to TFS Online with following command git tf configure https://myusername.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection $/NameOfTheProgram git tf checkin –deep –no-lock It worked as it should. I got all files with history in TFS. But there is one detail that bothers me a lot. It now looks like that all the files […]

Migrate Git to TFS with all history

Is there any way to migrate a git repository to TFS with all it’s history like versions, branches and push messages? Now the source is on Github and I want to migrate that to my local TFS repository.

Git to TFS Source Control Migration

I’d like to see how TFS will work for my command. So I’d like to move our current GIT repository to TFS database. We’ve used GIT for it’s prevailed branching support so I’d like to use TFS 2010 to address that issue. Now question is. How do I export our GIT repo to TFS. Obviously […]

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