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Managing the same project with TFS & Git

My company currently works mostly with TFS as our Source Control server. We do all our teamwork on it. However, we’d also like to publish our projects comfortably in an open source format within the organization, so we’ve set up a local Github with a Git server. I’ve used the Git Plugin for Visual Studio […]

Change Visual Studio Online team project source control from TFVC to Git

We have a project set up with a product backlog in Visual Studio Online. However, I now find that in TFS TFVC has been configured as the source control provider rather than Git, which we will be using. Does anyone know if it is possible to change from TFVC to Git without creating a new […]

How to manage two TFS projects in one git repository?

We are using TFS as main source control and I would like to use git as a “frontend” together with git-tfs rcheckin command but I have problems importing my repositories into git. I have a two projects in my TFS $/ProjectA $/ProjectB and I would like to manage them in one git repository. How I […]

Is there a GIT client for z/OS?

We are looking for a solution to consolidate the version control of our code across a .net and z/OS platform. We are currently investigating the option of using our Team Foundation Server’s GIT support to do this, but googling for z/OS and GIT doesn’t lead to something interesting. Is there some way to use GIT […]

TFS 2013 Tracking Changeset(commits) with GIT

With Team Foundation Version Control we have nice ability to visualize changesets. Hierarchy and Timeline view. How can I get same type of information with GIT repository? I can’t find anything useful. Hierarchy Tracking Timeline view

TFS2013 – Clone build definition for team project using git

We want to clone a build definition for a TFS team project that uses git as its source code repository. Our aim is to duplicate the existing build definition for a new branch. When the build definition is cloned via the command line (Team Foundation Power Tools) like so tfpt builddefinition /clone Team\Project_Nightly /collection:http://tfs01:8080/tfs/MyCollection the […]

Require Git TFS pushes to link to work item

How can I assure that pushes to a git repository hosted on Visual Studio Online (i.e. [company].visualstudio.com) are linked to a valid work item (i.e. the commit message contains “#12345” where 12345 is a valid work item id)? update hook? gated check in?

Can I use GIT with Visual Studio 2013 without using TFS?

Disclaimer: I’m really new to Visual Studio. I know how to use and set up GIT, just not though Visual Studio. I need to work with a team on a project, and we want to use GIT as a version control system. With GIT what I would do it set up a remote repository on […]

Team Foundation Server 2013 Express – Can't connect to git repo via command line

I’ve setup an install of TFS Express 2013 on my build machine. I can connect via web and Visual Studio 2013 just fine with my domain credentials (NTLM), however no 3rd party tools or command line tools can authenticate. When entering in my credentials on the command line, all I get is fatal: Authentication failed […]

Connect to TFS Git from Xamarin Studio (non-hosted, locally installed TFS 2013)

There are several instructions on how to connect to TFS Git from Xamarin Studio if you’re using the Team Foundation Service. We have locally installed TFS 2013 which also has Git support, but Xamarin Studio is unable to connect to it with the following error: Version control operation failed: authentication not supported. Is there a […]

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