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“Visual Studio Online” for 2010 version?

I am talking about the Visual Studio Online Source Control service by Microsoft. They now support Git as well. I know they work fine on VS 2013, but is there a way to get it to work on 2010? It worries me on using their service because what if a new vs studio release, such […]

Where is the TFS 2013-created Git repository located?

I have created a new project via Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013 with a Git backend. I am now curious as to where the central Git repository is located on disk. I have searched for the project name in all directories on the TFS hosting server to no avail. Any ideas?

How to get TFS repo ID from path (w/LibGit2Sharp?)

Pretty simple question; title says it all: Is it possible to determine a repository’s ID if I know its path using LibGit2Sharp (or possibly some other tool)? I’ve looked through the code and documentation online, but I can’t find a straightforward way to do this. EDIT: This may be a TFS Git-specific question. When I […]

How should I move a hosted git repo to a new host?

I have a TFS hosted git repo (e.g. https://tfsfoo.com/_git), and I need to move it to another TFS host (e.g. https://tfsbar.com/_git) My solution is to do the following (modified based on suggestion below to use –mirror): git clone https://tfsfoo.com/_git/proj –mirror Loop through branches (git branch -r) and then git branch –track each of those (as […]

No option for Git in New Team Project

When attempting to create a New Team Project in Visual Studio 2015, there is no option for source control with Git. The only option present is Team Foundation Version Control. Most tutorials seem to have an option for Git:

How do I move a Project from TFS to Git in Visual Studio Online?

I have an existing project in Visual Studio Online that is currently using TFS for source control. For various reasons I need to create a new Project, migrate the code from Project A to new Project B and select Git as it’s source control. I see numerous articles on renaming but not changing the Source […]

Visual Studio Online – The version descriptor <BranchName> could not be resolved

I am working on a project with visual studio online and git. I tried accessing the TFS Online web site and openning the source code of the project I am working on and I found this error popping up absolutely everywhere: TF401175:The version descriptor Branch could not be resolved to a version in the repository […]

Visual Studio Online, sharing work items, using both Git & TFVC

I use Visual Studio Online for all of my source control. My API is done in Visual Studio .NET land and uses a TFVC repo. My client work is done in another IDE (intellij) and uses VSO’s Git repo. This works beautiful, save one issue. I rely on VSO’s work item management heavily to help […]

How To Switch Repo Type in VSO

We are currently using TFVC for our repository in Visual Studio Online and I was wondering if there was an easy way to switch Repo Types (we are changing it to git)? I understand you can create a new project, but that means we would have to move all of our backlog items over to […]

Is it possible to use GIT and TFS source control together

We are currently using VS 2015 with TFS bases source control but are considering moving to Microsoft GIT. Is it possible to use the two together so that we can evaluate and compare. Looking at Source Control plug in section in VS options it implies that you can only use one or the other.

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