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Deleting a TFS branch using git-tfs

I have a feature branch in TFS that I’ve used locally with git–tfs using git tfs branch –init. (Normally I just use local git branches, but in this case I wanted to create a build with my changes, so a TFS feature branch seemed appropriate) I’ve now finished with that feature branch, and I’d like […]

How to commit codes from multiple projects of IntelliJ to one Microsoft TFS project GIT account

I have 3 projects (2 using spring mvc+REST & 1 for android application) using IntelliJ. I do have microsoft TFS account out of which I can commit codes from one of my Spring MVC Project. I want to commit the other two to the same TFS Git project account. How to go about it. When […]

How to debug Syncing lock on pushing the current branch to Visual Studio Team Services

Last night I committed to local repo just fine but then when pushing up to Visual Studio Team Services (previously Team Foundation Service, not Server), the commit hangs. Visual Studio is not locked up but the commit progress bar stopped progressing. I’m trying again this morning but to no avail. It just says Syncing – […]

linux git authentication to TFS git repo

My group recently setup a new TFS hosted git repository. I’m able to connect fine, and do everything as expected, except each time it is prompting me for permissions. I’m running git on a linux box, inside the company firewall, but not associated with the domain. I did a bit of digging, and didn’t see […]

Using Git to create a 2-way remote Subversion branch

My client has a Subversion repository at https://mysvnurl/repo. I wish to work on a new feature in parallel to their work in the repo, which will later need to be merged back into their Subversion trunk. For various technical reasons, they cannot create a branch on their repo for me to work on and commit […]

Remove a Visual Studio project from TFS project list

Some OCD aspects of my personality are rearing up as I “need” to remove this Console Application from the Explorer tab in Visual Studio Team Services (previously Visual Studio Online). I have removed this project from the last commit / push but it’s still there and slowly driving me crazy. I’m using the git type […]

TFS 2013 git build authentication error with libgit2

I have private Git repository hosted on Linux and would like to use TFS 2013 for builds from it. Currently installed TFS 2013 Update 2. TFS build is always failed with error VS 30063 You are not authorized to access repository LibGit2SharpException in libgit2. I’ve tried multiple options to configure users in git and tried […]

Visual Studio 2013: Is it possible to access Work Items that are in a different project?

We are in the process of migrating from TFS Version Control to Git (hosted on TFS 2013). Is it possible to create a new git-versioned project and put all of our source code in there, but still use the old project for work items? Specifically, I would like to be able to be using my […]

Publish local GIT repo to TFS

I’ve been following the tutorial here : http://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/get-started/share-your-code-in-git-vs.aspx to try and use our local GIT repo as the source control for TFS. In that tutorial, there is an option to “Publish your repository into your team project”. But in my VS 2013 Express (and Ultimate) there is no such option. Does anyone know how to […]

Create a new high level folder in TFS without downloading all project using Team Explorer Everywhere command line Linux

I want to add new folder to TFS that will contain a new project. I’m using “Team Explorer Everywhere 2013” for Linux. The folder structure is like the following $Main\HighLevelFolder\Project1 $Main\HighLevelFolder\Project2 … $Main\HighLevelFolder\ProjectN I want to add a new folder, e.g. $Main\HighLevelFolder\ProjectX in the most efficient way. I can either checkout the entire $Main\HighLevelFolder and […]

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