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#show branch in terminal with .bashrc

I am using the following .bashrc file. The tab completion works fine. However. The second piece of code the #show branch is not being so nice. When I first set it up and sourced it it worked fine. My terminal window it was is at the home location would look something like this [~]$ and […]

bash “clear” command behaving strangely after git-credential-osxkeychain installation

I am a new web programmer setting up a Rails environment on my MacBook Air (Mountain Lion). I have just started Hartl’s Rails tutorial. I have installed the latest version of git and I used the following instructions to set up password caching: https://help.github.com/articles/set-up-git. Everything seemed to be working okay. Got my repository up and […]

Do I Need to Run Git Init Multiple Times for Each Project I'm Working on?

I will be working on two different web apps over a period of time. The projects are stored in the following manner: Git Projects (main folder) (sub directories) Project A Project B Do I first need to navigate to the Project A folder, run git init, and then repeate the same process for the Project […]

Change color of GIT branch in OS X terminal

Is it possible to change color of the GIT branch name in OSX Terminal depending on git status. IE [green]master[/green] when files are in sync and [red]master[/red] when there’s files to commit?

Alternative to terminal (gui) for creating remote git repos

I use SourceTree as git client and i can not create remote repos with it. I would like to use app with some sort of gui so i can avoid creating remote repos in terminal. What are my options. I use mac os. *Update: I would like to connect to our in-house git server. Tnx

git revert HEAD is opening the nano editor. How can I avoid this?

Whenever I try to revert a commit using git revert, terminal opens up the nano editor. The revert goes through, but I have to esc out of nano. Is there a way to prevent git from doing that? On a similar note, is there a way to prevent git from forcing me to add a […]

Deleting git from home directory (Using Terminal/Command Line)

Somehow I must have initiated a git at my home directory because now when I type ‘git status,’ I’m getting a whole list of of ‘untracked files’ which include my personal folders for my computer that have nothing to do with Github (Pictures, Downloads, Documents, Desktop, etc…). When I type ls -a at my ‘root’ […]

Git clone issue in mac systems terminal

I am facing an issue with git command on MAC system terminal while trying to execute with repo URL. Repository is stored in Phabricator itself. Issue is mentioned below. Repo name (example): git clone when I execute the above command in MAC terminal, it does not ask me for credentials and displays a message […]

Deleting braches on git combined by grep not working as expected

I have a couple of branches that match ‘release-*’ pattern. The branch can be deleted individually as git branch -d release-01 which works. But the git branch | grep ‘<pattern>’ | xargs git branch -d gives me error as branch not found: error: branch ‘release-02’ not found. error: branch ‘release-03’ not found. What could be […]

Open git file with specific branch on Github from terminal

let’s say I committed on local repo and pushed.. I want to open the project on GitHub and show files changes compared with the master branch or any other branch by one command, or at least copy the link to that into the clipboard, check this: git open, yet it’s not enough. I was thinking […]

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