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Terminal says 'No such file or directory' when open

In the last couple of days my terminal has been saying -bash: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/git/bin: No such file or directory However, all of the above do exist. I was playing around with $PATH variable last week but the error I am now getting appeared days after I stopped playing with the $PATH variable. Here are the contents […]

Git is reading all my computer files, rather than just one folder. How to point git to a different folder?

I’m pretty new to Git (and Stack Overflow). Aside from git add, commit and push – and pull, I haven’t explored any of the commands just yet. Every time I open Terminal on my mac, normally when typing git status on the main (Macintosh HD) folder, I’ll get a response that says, “this is not […]

Get the title of a Pull Request from command line

I’m writing a continuous integration step that checks the titles of our pull requests for proper tags and formatting before allowing them to be merged. To do this, I need to echo the title of the Pull Request when given the PR number. Is there a way to do this simply in command line?

Git in Terminal is using my real name for commits, how do I make it use my username instead?

When I commit a file from git in terminal to a branch, it shows the commit as being done by my real name. Where is it getting my name from, and how do I change it to show my username? In my Github settings I don’t have a Name set, and git config –get user.name […]

What does the argument “–add” mean in the “git config” command?

I’ve stumbled across a git command: git config –global –add merge.ff false Presumably it disables fast-forwarding by default when merging branches. But the –add option caught my eyes, so I’m now wondering what does it do exactly. Anyone?

Fish Shell – Init Git repo yields constant terminal output after every command

This abruptly started happening a few weeks ago. I wasn’t paying much attention to when it happened so I’m not sure what commands led to this. However, it appears to only happen inside of git repos, but immediately upon cding into a git repo my shell immediately prints the following: string match: Regular expression compile […]

Git in terminal

I tried making my first repo on github. I copy pasted their code while on the directory of my entire system (I think that was a mistake). As a result, the terminal line always says ~ git:(master) ✗ before every command. It does not go away even when I quit terminal. I am using zsh. […]

How to avoid .git files when comparing two folders

I have git installed on my Mac. I am trying to make a diff between files in two different folders. diff -rq PATH_Folder1/ PATH_Folder2/ > Desktop/DIFF.txt The results include .git files. Example: Files PATH1/abi/cpp/.git/index and PATH2/abi/cpp/.git/index differ. How can I avoid comparing .git files. I don’t require comparing git indices.

git extract all file versions/revisions

I’ve got a local folder/directory/repo called /renders. When I ls -a this I get ➜ renders git:(master) ls -a .git corner_desk.jpg multi-person_desk.jpg Each of the two image files has had many revisions commited. All of the versions/revisions of the two image files need to be sent for review to someone who does not and will […]

finding a git branch path

I’m trying to send someone a clone link for a git repository. so this will give me access to cloning the master. But I want to give out a branch clone path how would I go about finding that path using terminal. The branch is a remote branch. git@git.blobkick.com:mainproject.git

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