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How to list all the tags, on a remote, that reference a commit or one of its descendants?

How to list all the tags, on a remote, that reference a commit or one of its descendants? I’m looking for something equivalent to git branch -r –contains <commit>, but for remote tags only.

Find more recent commit pointed a tag in all branch

I work on a PHP script who sends a Slack message when a one of our servers isn’t up to date. Currently we use git tag for trigger build and publication. So I search a git command to display most recent commit pointed a tag on any branch (for example more recent commit pointed on […]

Output from 'git ls-remote' shows tags not found in 'git tag -l'

I am converting a SVN repository to a Git repository following guidance from Pro Git (found here: http://progit.org/book/ch8-2.html ). After pushing to my newly created remote, I did a clone from said remote. New clone did not have any information about my tags. I then did a ‘git push –tags’ from the original. However, when […]

How can I change the tag given when using git describe?

I want to use “git describe” to get the “revision number” of the application. Unfortunately, the git repository was created using cvs-import and has an ugly old tag, so I would like to change it. How can I change the tag given when using “git describe”? Note: I asked this on IRC today and found […]

Using git for deploy

I have a question. Now in project we use git for automatically update testing server (deployment). There is fresh HEAD revision on hook when push to repository using Jenkins. Now there is an Idea about using moving tags to point on deploy revision. Example git tag for-deploy, and move this tag to needed revision. By […]

why kernel repositories' tags are different

I’m going to develop my master thesis based on Linux Kernel. There are two git repositories to find https://github.com/torvalds/linux.git git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git What I can’t understand is that I couldn’t find git [TAG] 3.10.10 in the 2nd but can’t find it in the 1st but [TAG] 3.10 Can someone explain this for me? Cheers!

Version numbering with SmartGit

Does SmartGit have a way to set and autoincrement version numbers? I read a little about tags and set this on my initial branch (to “5.7.0”). Will I need to manually set this tag or is there a plugin that will handle versioning for me, behind the scenes?

Can my application know its Git Tag?

I seem to remember seeing in one other revision management system that you could put a complicated magic string in your code and the revision management system would automatically replace that pattern by a version string. The point is that I would like an about dialog box in my application which displays the current version. […]

git show only tagger and date for tag

I wish to extract tagger name and e-mail from git tag from usual git repo. If I say git show -q <mytag>. git shows me something like this: tag <mytag> Tagger: tagger <mail> Date: tagdate Tagcomment commit hash Author: commitauthor <mail> Date: commitdate Commit comment For my scripting purposes I need only tagger with his […]

How to get previous tag in git

I want to be able to roll back to a previous git tag without having to know what the current tag is or what the previous tag is. I know how to get the latest tag: git describe –abbrev=0 –tags but how would I get the tag right before it?

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