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Building Grails application with bamboo using Git tag

Currently using bamboo version 4.1.2 build 3103 and from my testing bamboo does not support buidling via Git tag. There is currently and open atlassian ticket regarding this issue https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BAM-13618 But I want to confirm that this is still an issue or is there a work around? So we are using the flow outlined here […]

HowTo get a Tag Cloud on gitweb?

How can I configure a Tag Cloud view to my gitweb project list? I saw an example of this on the git repo http://repo.or.cz/ but i’am not sure how to configure this on my own gitweb installation. Is there an example gitweb_config.perl for this?

Permanently deleting a git tag in a multi-user project

One of our team on a project with many people working on it created a tag with the same name as a working branch. This has been causing problems with many people’s operations with this branch (with their various git clients). I tried to visit everyone and do the same as git tag -d badtag […]

Equivalent to “git tag –contains” in gitpython

I am trying to achieve git tag –contains <commit> in gitpython. Can anyone point me to the documentation. I have found documentation to fetch all tags but not with tags that contain particular commit.

Git – switch between tags

I’m having trouble to switch between tags in git like in subversion. In subversion a tag is like a branch a new commit. So i simply have to call svn co https://example.com/tags/1.0.0 exampledir to get a tag. If i want to switch to version 1.0.1 i simple call in the exampledir svn switch https://example.com/tags/1.0.1 I […]

How to install a tagged commit from a local Git repository using Composer?

I’d like to install a specific tag from a local Git repository using Composer. That is what I got in my composer.json: { …, “repositories”: [ { “type”: “vcs”, “url”: “git@” } ], “require”: { “vendor/project”: “dev-master#v2.5.0” }, “minimum-stability”: “dev” } Problem is that Composer just installs the latest commit, not the one which is […]

How to work with multiple git repos (tagged ones)?

I’m working on a project which include multiple git repositories. The folder structure looks something like this; repo1/ + —repo2/ —repo3/ … —repo8/ So, to setup my development environment, I would need to run something like; git clone http://path_to_git_repo.git top_folder cd top_folder git checkout tags/release34 git clone http://path_to_another_repo.git subfolder1 cd subfolder1 git checkout tags/release55 cd […]

Can I add a git release as a submodule?

I have binary files in a github release tag, which I think is not cloneable. In another git repo I’d like to add these binary files (they are like dependencies) as a submodule, so that they can get updated easily. I dont want to submit binaries to the first repository if possible. How do I […]

Update custom composer package fails if the packages require each other

I am working with multiple composer packages as a library and sometimes those packages require each other. For example, in modolib/phpunit I have: “require”: { “modolib/doctrine”: “~1.2”, } and in the package modolib/doctrine I have: “require-dev”: { // … “modolib/phpunit”: “~1.3” }, To version the packages, I use tags. Calling git tag for modolib/phpunit in […]

Git tag hook for checking git externals file for untagged references

Is there any possibility to check git_externals file for untagged references while you make git tag?

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