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Does Go development require a paid Github account for private development?

I’m just getting started with Go. I use subversion for most of my development, but the Go tutorial seems to assume that everything is hosted on Github in either a public repository or a (paid) private repository. It looks like I’m forced to choose between: committing to everybody having access to everything I write, spending […]

How to use a revision control system in general

I am planning to create projects which will get a bit bigger than my projects before, so I thought it would be good to use a revision control system like svn or git to keep track of all changes, experiment a little bit with new functionalities in code without risks and so on. Now (besides […]

When it comes to developing for the IPhone, should I use Git or Subversion?

It sounds to me like subversion’s centralized model works better for web application development where you have a team of engineers working currently on the same code base and releasing constantly. On the other hand Git’s distributed model is appealing for an IPhone app because 1) I dont’ need a connection to browse the repository […]

migrate svn to git with svn external

I am new to git, I am now want to leave sch and use git. Is there any method can move svn to git with all its svn externals with tortoisegit. I have tried the function git clone but it doesn’t work. Thanks.

Oddly formatted SVN repo to Git

I’m working to port an extremely old svn repo that, unfortunately, was made in a non-standard way. Check out the format below: PROJECT/ trunk/ service1/ service2/ branches/ service1-1.0 service1-1.1 service1.1.2 service2-1.0 tags/ service1-1.0.0 service1-1.0.1 service2.1.0.0 Now the git repo only needs to be converted once — we don’t need to support both at the same […]

git-svn clone failure, perl.exe failed assertion

My work has an absolutely massive and ancient code base that is very quickly becoming untenable for merging multiple projects together. I am attempting to pull the repository – WITH its entire history – into git to solve some of these problems. However, git svn is causing many problems when attempting to specify commands to […]

Free & private version control hosting website

Any good Git or Subversion for non-public/non-open project. I have narrowed it down to these three. Now which of the 3 would you recommend. I am looking for secure, with a good up-time, private, support for 3-4 users and 1 repository and a space of about >200-300 MB assembla – http://offers.assembla.com/free-subversion-hosting/ unfuddle – http://unfuddle.com/about/tour/plans xp-dev […]

Using Git or Hg, if the whole team is using pull and push from a central server, how is it different from SVN?

Say, if the whole team using Git or Mercurial is doing: (example in Mercurial (Hg)): hg pull hg update [edit files or add files, and test] hg add . hg commit -m “good” hg push I don’t see how it is different from using SVN? If the team never push or pull to another member, […]

Version control system capable of handling file moves?

I’m looking for a new version control system for my software company, which is fairly small. Thus far, I have been using CVS, but I am a little bit OCD about reorganizing file structures all the time, and as a result, I seem to always be at version 1 of all my code (since changing […]

Error when trying to use svn2git on Windows

I am trying to import a svn repository into git on Windows 7. I have Ruby/Gems/svn2git installed, but when I run this command: svn2git http://svn.server/path I get the following error: C:/Ruby192/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/svn2git-2.0.0/lib/svn2git/migration.rb:226:i n `popen’: No such file or directory – git svn init –no-metadata –trunk=trunk –tags=tags –branches=branches http://svn.server/path (Errno::ENO ENT) I don’t know what this error […]

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