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How do I make a clone of a git svn repo also svn-ready?

Recently I created a git–svn clone of ICU using: git svn clone -r 38167:HEAD http://source.icu-project.org/repos/icu/icu/trunk icu It works great. I pushed the repo up to Github and pulled back down as a submodule into another project. However, I noticed that the clone from Github does not have any svn information. How do I set it […]

git svn fetch — Checksum mismatch | git svn log — fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'

I initialized a new git repository with a url that pointed to an existing svn repo. $ git init http://xxxxx/svn I then executed ‘git svn fetch’. $ git svn fetch This was working great (revisions were being imported one by one) until i got an error. I had to stop and start the fetch process […]

GIT SVN refetch remote branch that was deleted locally

In my SVN repository I have multi-level branches for instance: – trunk – tags – branches |-b1 | |-b1-1 | |-b1-2 |-b2 |-b3 When I cloned the SVN to GIT, all b1 sub branches got into b1 branch because the branch configuration in git.config is: branches = SRC/MyProject/branches/*:refs/remotes/* So, I wanted to change the local […]

Adding missing commits to git-svn converted repository

My scenario: Project was converted from SVN to Git (via somewhat older version of git-svn): SVN branches were converted to branches: for branch in `git branch -r`; do git branch $branch refs/remotes/$branch done SVN tags were converted to tags: git for-each-ref refs/remotes/tags | while read r; do sha1=$(git rev-parse $r) # stuff for formatting of […]

Unable to complete svn2git in a shell script

I am migrating a SVN codebase to Git and need to create more than 30 projects. Hence I approached this problem by automating the steps in a shell script. Below is the code snippet test.sh #!/bin/sh svn2git http(s)://svn.yyy.xxx.com:1080/SVNROOT/PROJECTSUITE –trunk trunk/SOURCES/Project1 –notags –nobranches –authors /Users/praveen/users.txt –verbose > log.txt git remote add origin git@gitlab.yyy.xxx.com:PROJECTSUITE/Project1.git git push origin […]

How to get latest tag from SVN using git svn through shell script

how to retrieve latest svn tag using git svn client from origin through shell script. Basically would like to automate getting latest tag from remote SVN and sync with local git repo. So I use “git svn” and would like to introduce hudson/jenkins job to perform this step. thanks in advance

Git and TortoiseSVN, how do i undo my changes in local repository without cloning the remote repo again

i have the below commands to update my repository, which will update my library using TortoiseSVN and source with Git. But i want to undo all the changes i made and replace it with what’s there in the master repo. cd lib\win64_vc12 svn update cd ..\..\project git pull –rebase git submodule foreach git pull –rebase […]

Can I make git-svn aware of an SVN merge?

I use git to work on an existing SVN repository, which has now – conceptually – the following history: A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G -> H __ \ ➚ trunk ➘ / M -> N -> O -> P -> Q ___ feature Of course, really SVN […]

“git svn rebase” no associated commit metadata

I am mirroring a svn repository on my local computer and I decided to push it to a remote git server. The reason I needed to do so was so I could then add another repository as a submodule. However, now when I run the command: git svn rebase I get: refs/remotes/origin/master: no associated commit […]

svn to git migration — Filesystem has no item

I’m trying to move a project on a server (using svn) to another server (using git). My approach is converting svn to git first, then pushing the git repository to the new server. While I was trying to convert svn to git, I referred to this link — How to migrate SVN repository with history […]

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