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Importing Subversion to GIT: problem with subpaths

We currently run a big subversion repository, and I’m trying to move it to GIT. The problem is that it uses trunks and tags below the root directory. For example: MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\trunk\ <– master branch MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\branch\v1 <– other branch MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\tags\v1_20100101 <– release tag There are different departments, OS’s, and many different projects. So when I clone […]

“Hg to Hg (Gateway) to SVN” compared to “Git to Git (Gateway) to SVN”

Question is similar to this (unanswered) and this one (same problem not involving Git). The goal is to make Hg a front end for SVN for a period of time before transitioning fully to Hg. The setup should probably look like the one depicted below (same as in the questions referenced above), however I’m not […]

Elevator pitch for Git a/o DVCS

Imagine you have a friend on the phone (not VoIP) who asks: “What’s so special about Git? I’m fine using Subversion.” What would be your “elevator pitch” in order to describe the advantage of using a DVCS like Git?

GIT :: Merging 2 branches overwrite the content in one branch with the other

I am experiencing a wild issue. I have my entire project in the master branch. Earlier, one guy was working on this project, but it was in SVN. He made some changes and I need to integrate those changes with mine. Both projects have the same folder structure, the only difference is the type of […]

Git to svn: Adding commit date to log messages

How should I do to have the author (or committer) name/date added to the log message when “dcommitting” to svn? For example, if the log message in Git is: This is a nice modif I’d like to have the message in svn be something like: This is a nice modif —– Author: John Doo <John.Doo@company.com> […]

Import part of a SVN repository into an existing Git repo

I have an existing SVN repo and I would like to import a part of it, with history into an existing Git repo. Could anyone give me a high-level overview of the commands needed to do this? Summary: I want to move some subdirectories in an existing SVN repository (but not the rest of the […]

version control for newbie

I’m fairly new to programming and web dev and up until now I haven’t worked on any projects that I felt were large enough to warrant using proper version control. However, I am now working on a project that is getting bigger and bigger (very exciting!). I think it would be prudent to use some […]

How to create a git clone with branches of a “subproject”?

Here’s the situation: We’ve got a huge svn repository, which is the “master” (can’t change this because it’s actually “owned” by another company). We would prefer to work locally in git to get the branching flexibility and speed that git offers. But we don’t want to clone the whole repository. The repository structure looks roughly […]

Is there a way to import svn history into git after the fact?

I already have a svn read only repo checked out (svn co and not git svn). I have made some changes and commits using git which is then pushed up to github. At this point, git does not have all of the history from svn. I was wondering if there was a way to extract […]

Can a svn repository include/link-to an external git repository?

I have a svn repository, R, that depends on a library, l, in another repository. The goal is that when someone checks out R, they also check out l. We want l to still be in its own repository so that l can be updated without dependence on R. I don’t know much about external […]

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