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Check out with SVN client from GIT repository

I am migrating a project from svn to git. My plan is to have a central repository on a private server in our office with gogs or webdav. Today i have read about a feature, github provides. If you have a repository on github, you can check out a branch with an svn client. Then […]

Which version control software allows to whitelist dirs?

I want to whitelist a couple of directories and a file: /app /config /db Gemfile A go-to version control, git, does not allow to track a directory: # .gitignore: * # ignore all: suppose I prefer whitelisting # but not the following things: !/app/* !/config/* !/db/* !Gemfile Doesn’t work: git only sees Gemfile. Do you […]

Why can you switch branch in SVN with uncommited changes?

I come from git so maybe there’s something I am missing. Find an example below: Let’s say I have the branch master and the branch release, I do some changes in master and I switch to release without committing the changes, in git I would get something like “Cannot switch branch with uncommitted changes, please […]

Two Step Commit with SVN, Git,

I would like to set up a version control system in which developers can push/commit they changes to one repository. Our testing department can pull those changes and test them. After those changes have been approved by the testing department, they would be committed to a second repository, ready for release. I know we could […]

Is there a way to have media in subversion and code in git?

There is a project which I have recently become part of. The project is listed in sourceforge.net and they have been using its services for last several years. The project has been using sourceforge.net for 17 years and it has lot of graphical assets, music etc. Now they want to migrate the project to github.com. […]

git-svn: re-link git-svn cloned repo to svn

I have on my gitlab a git repo which was originally cloned using git svn clone https://svn.url.com/project/trunk. I used to dcommit to the svn as well as git push to the gitlab from my local copy. But now I have now lost the original local copy where I do the git-svn clone from.. I do […]

Using SVN commands alongside git-svn: Possible? Advisable?

I was able to do the following without any problems: Clone a remote SVN repo via git svn clone. Make commits to the local git repo via git add and git commit. Push git commits to the remote SVN repo via git svn dcommit. But because I noticed svn status not reflecting the dcommit‘ed changes […]

SubGit: use svn.svnCommitMessage option

Just seen this feature in the SubGit 3.2.4 release notes: Support for svn.gitCommitMessage and svn.svnCommitMessage options that allow specifying message patterns used by SubGit while generating commit messages. But i cannot find any example on the syntax. I want to do a one time import, so i guess i run subgit configure SVN_REPO repo.git then […]

How to commit a Git file locally?

I want to commit a file to a Git repository locally for my sample projects Failed Attempts to Commit File Locally Divyanshu (master +) asteroids $ git commit -m “Fire one bullet at a time” fatal: cannot lock ref ‘HEAD’: Unable to create ‘C:/Users/Divyanshu/Desktop/dktop/focus/ Udacity/Git-hub/version-control/repositories/asteroids/.git/refs/heads/master.lock’: File exists. Another git process seems to be running in […]

Branch concept in svn vs git

I come from a git background so apologies for any gross svn-misconceptions causing this question. In git, when switching between branches, the working copy is always say “adjusted” to reflect the staged files. So e.g. when working in branchA, which incorporates a folder named branchA-folder, and the master branch does not have this folder yet, […]

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