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Do git-cheetah windows explorer integrations conflict with tortoise svn?

I already have tortoise svn installed to access a remote repository for a client project and it has the specialized icons in windows explorer. Installing git on my machine for my own development purposes and it is asking to install git-cheetah for windows explorer integrations. I know that I could do command line for either/both, […]

Jenkins Post Build Step only if there is a change in GIT/SVN

I have job which builds a maven project and runs sonar as a post build step and then with another build step, deploys the WAR file. Since the code base is huge, I dont want to run sonar every time I do a deployment. Requirement is, when the user triggers the job, the sonar build […]

Commits do not show up on Gitlab

I have a question about the free version of GitLab. We have chosen Gitlab because we are making a game in UnrealEngine, so the repository is over 8GB. In my team there is problem with this git repository, because the commits aren’t showing up on the server. They are presented when we are using gitk […]

Git-svn migration with non-standard layout doesn't show merges

After trying several options and a bunch of hints from this site and others I’m stuck. My main question is the following: I’d like to migrate (part of) an SVN repository to Git, preserving history. The SVN layout is non-standard and after git svn clone I do see the right branches appear, but when I […]

keeping local changes in git

I know this seems to have multiple duplicates but there is no real solution mentioned anywhere. Let’s put a real world example: For testing, I’ve to load a model in my application 25 times a day. I’m getting a MessageBox that the model isn’t created with the newest version of our software every time I […]

Wrong(?) branch prefixes migrating SVN to Git

I basically followed this howto to migrate an old, very big SVN repository to git. This does not work as expected. Here is an example excerpt from my checkout living in ~/git/old_svn_repo (done with git svn but without –no-metadata): remotes/origin/trunk remotes/origin/branchX remotes/origin/branchY # and many more Next step is step 4, which seemed to work […]

How to do git-svn fetch and retain empty directory?

I have created a simple script to migrate fairly large SVN repository. Instead of using git svn clone, I am using git svn init and git svn fetch so that I could specify the revision and fetch it chunk by chunk. More or less, it is something like this: while [ “$CURRENT_REVISION” -lt “$MAX_REVISION” ]; […]

SVN to Git conversion – branches not pushed to Bitbucket

I’m new to Git and having some issues migrating my SVN. I was able to correctly convert to a git repo that looks good on my local machine. When I push it to bitbucket however, I only see the master and none of my branches (which I can see on my local git. ) I […]

Is it possible to be synced with two or more version control systems at a time

I am using SVN, but sometime SVN server has to be shutdown for some reasons, I want to be my code synced with SVN and GIT alongside. Is it possible to manage a repository for both of these Version Control Systems at a time? My scenario is I have a SVN repo with lot of […]

“git svn clone”: Author not defined in users.txt?

I’m having trouble cloning svn repository from Git. I have defined users.txt file containing all users who contributed in SVN repo. Then I execute the following command to clone SVN repo: git svn clone –no-metadata –authors-file=C:/temp/Migration/AES_Exchange/users.txt https://some.url.com /repos/Exchange Git_SVN But I get an error stating: “Author: SVNAdmin not defined in C:/temp/Migration/AES_Exchange/users.txt file” Even though that […]

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