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git svn clone large repo under Windows: out of memory – not a large file issue

I am trying to clone a large svn repository with git svn. The repo has got 100000 revisions. The size is about 9GB (pristine folder). Biggest file in repo is 300 MB. The branch structure is a total mess in the repo. Lots of wrong and missing merge info, no standard layout. I’ve tried to […]

Grafting a Git history onto an SVN branch

The situation I have a Git repo and an SVN repo that both hold the same source code but different commit histories. The Git repo has a lot of small well commented submits… while the SVN repo has a few huge commits with comments like “Lots of stuff”. Both series of commits follow the same […]

What are the pros and cons of the –svn-branches parameter to svn2git

I’m using svn2git (the good one) to transform some SVN repositories to Git repositories. It has a commandline parameter –svn-branches which is documented with Use the contents of SVN when creating branches, Note: SVN tags are branches as well What are the pros and cons of this commandline parameter. Is it just that without it […]

git-svn fails to dcommit, even after clean checkout

I’m trying to use git–svn with the following project: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/commons/sandbox/gsoc/2010/scxml-js/trunk/ Which I’ve checked out using the standard git svn clone https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/commons/sandbox/gsoc/2010/scxml-js/trunk/ -T trunk -b branches -t tags invocation. I started having trouble using git-svn dcommit with git-svn after branching with git checkout -b and not git svn branch, and then merging that local branch back […]

learning svn for experienced git users?

I’m looking for “more than an introduction” to subversion for someone like me who is by far most comfortable with git and passingly competent with subversion and looking to learn more advanced subversion use. Preferably something ‘faster’ than reading Practical Subversion.

How to run git svn rebase on all branches

I’m using git–svn to manage a Subversion repository using git. I usually have a large number of git branches at any one time. I often need to update them to match the latest code in the repository, but find it a pain to run git checkout <branch>; git svn rebase for every branch. Is there […]

How to setup SVN repository in XCode?

I have got to the point with developing iPhone apps that I need a way of managing versions. I have looked into the ways to do this through Xcode and I see that I can either go down the path of using GIT or SVN. In the past I have used SVN which is the […]

Using git in iPhone projects

I have been doing iphone projects using git but I noticed that I got tons of conflicts. When using svn this wasn’t happening and merges were less frequent. Xcode needs the user to add a file by hand. For example adding a new image. When this happens an xml get modified. This xml file is […]

git svn: Delta source ended unexpectedly

I’m using git svn for svn repo. My colleague commited to repo some native libraries and i can’t rebase my trunk after that: D native/libVal.so.v8.0.38za A native/libHelpVAL.so A native/libValuation.so.v9.0.36l Incomplete data: Delta source ended unexpectedly at /usr/lib/git-core/git-svn line 5117 I’ve tryed to set core.autocrlf to false (as suggested) and do the clone but it didn’t […]

Can I share the same eclipse project on a SVN & a GIT repository simultaneously?

Can I share the same eclipse project on a SVN & a GIT repository simultaneously. If yes then how ? I am using Eclipse Indigo and have to share the same android(Java) project at 2 locations. Unfortunately the configuration management can not be changed. Thank you for your help..

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