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Git svn fetch, rebase, reset and dcommit functions all hang with no error on one svn branch

I have a cloned repository of a large project with a somewhat non standard layout. Most of my branches work fine, but one of them doesn’t. Any git svn commands just hang and never complete or give errors. I’ve tried git reset, etc and nothing works. I can’t fetch, rebase or dcommit on the branch. […]

what's wrong with my git-svn command? cannot fork git.pm, why?

I was cloning a opensource project using git–svn, but failed. this issue is different from https://superuser.com/questions/266338/git-svn-fails-with-fatal-error since i am not using cygwin this time:( The error message is different as before, it just cannot fork:( r6686 = f7adf2ab3ed10abac505b6ee5c88f983f3080e28 (refs/remotes/tags/NaiveBayes-1.0.1@8503) Can’t fork at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Git.pm line 1262. real 550m4.292s user 17m12.441s sys 52m29.003s jesus cried, git svn […]

SVN -> Git migration with structure variations

I, currently, have the following SVN structure: project1 branches trunk tags project2 branches trunk tags muchMoreStuff branches trunk tags which originally had this structure: project branches trunk proj1 proj2 moreStuff muchMore tags I’m trying to get independent Git repositories, one for “Project 1” and another for “Project 2”. The issue is different but similar than […]

How to create git-compatible patch from svn revision, that contains binary file changes?

I want to apply diff from SVN revision to some directory. But that diff contains changes to binary files (.png images). I’m trying to use git-apply, like this: svn diff –force –git -r 1:2 <remote url> | git apply –binary -p4 – But I get error about expected /dev/null on line 5. What is a […]

In SVN you can Check Out (to block others) can you do this in GIT?

In SVN you can Check Out (to block others from working on the same file). Can you do this in GIT? It seems like you have to set up a second system that tells people what files are being edited by who with GIT?

Cloning SVN repository for Git

I’m using SVN for source control which is hosted by a repository hosting company. I’m considering migrating this to Git and testing the waters of migration by trying to migrate to a local Git instance. I’ve installed Git Extensions v2.31 and installed the msysgit version that I was offered during the installation. Once installed, I […]

Auto commit on file modify with SVN (or git)?

I’ve been reading and searching for a solution for a couple of days but haven’t found anything that suits my needs. We have frequently updated sites being updated by designers and developers that most of the time don’t commit their changes to SVN. I’m looking at continuous integration type solutions where, when a “versionned” file […]

Rabbitvsc in Nautilus both git and svn

I’m new to Linux, I have ubuntu 12.10. I have installed Rabbitvsc 0.15.2. We have both .git and .svn in our project. We use git locally, and svn with our client. This worked great on Windows, we used Tortoise SVN for svn, and used git from command prompt. On Ubuntu 12.10 my problem is: in […]

git svn clone hangs. fetch restarts but hangs at the same place

I’m trying to git svn clone an svn repo. It gets to a certain point, say at file x.xxx, and hangs. No network activity. I ctrl-C and git svn fetch. It restarts the download, but from a point many hundreds of files prior x.xxx. Then when it gets to x.xxx again some ten minutes later, […]

Storing a repository in subversion and git

I’m currently trying to convince my company to migrate to git from subversion, and one thing that would be really helpful would be to allow me to store a repository in subversion and git at the same time (then I can show them how easy it is to do in git what they’ve spent an […]

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