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Migrate SVN to Git with filtered history

I would like to migrate a project from SVN to Git and retain history. But because there are some configuration files with production passwords and other sensitive data in the SVN repository, I would like to exclude those few files from the migrated history. How would I go about doing this?

Difference between Contents of two SVN Branches

I want to compare two svn branches http://…/Br1 and http://…/Br2 such that script refers to a text file for names of files to check in Branches and shows a result that only gives missing file names in Br1 or Br2. I came across svn diff but it is not helping. Then I came across these […]

Does “git svn rebase” damage a non-“git svn” repository?

By mistake I did the command git svn rebase in a “normal” git repository, that is, one that was not created using git svn clone. Unsurprisingly, I got some errors in the output: > git svn rebase Migrating from a git-svn v1 layout… Data from a previous version of git-svn exists, but .git/svn (required for […]

File or directory 'shelves' is out of date; try updating – BitBucket Server Svn Mirror

Getting error File or directory ‘shelves’ is out of date; try updating With BitBucket Server Svn Mirror when merging branch from git command line, or web interface. (This question differs from others about the same issue, as it’s not related to TortoiseSVN or local SVN repository access).

Gitolite mirroring on SVN server

I have a git server with gitolite3, but I also need to mirror my repos on SVN server. Is there any way to do it with post-receive hook or something?

Git merging master to branch – conflicts (coming from Subversion background)

Subversion Background: We are transitioning from Subversion to Git. We used Subversion trunk to be our “gold copy”, create long-running feature branches, and we would merge trunk to branch many times. Finally when the feature was complete, we would merge the branch back into trunk. When we did this, if Bar.java was modified in trunk, […]

Merge current commits of broken git repo into (old) fixed repo

I am working on a project which has a central SVN repository. I chose Git to work on local tasks via git svn rebase and git svn dcommit. Recently, I realized my local Git repo was damaged – possibly due to harddisk failures. Unfortunately, all my backups show the same errors: the history is cut […]

Unable to ignore path while migrating svn to git

I am looking foward to migrate my code from SVN to Git using svn2git. Below is my SVN path ${SVN_PATH}/branches ${SVN_PATH}/tags ${SVN_PATH}/trunk/EAR/EARjar1 ${SVN_PATH}/trunk/EAR/EARjar1 ${SVN_PATH}/trunk/EJS/EJSjar1 ${SVN_PATH}/trunk/EJS/EJSjar1 I am looking to migrate only EJSjar1 and EJSjar2. But Unfortunately I m not able to ignore SVN paths for EARjar. svn2git SVN_PATH –no-minimize-url –trunk trunk –tags tags –nobranches –authors […]

Git move from SVN: Where does git 2.6 store svn tracking branches?

I have the task to move a project from SVN to Git and I followed the tutorial in https://git-scm.com/book/it/v2/Git-and-Other-Systems-Migrating-to-Git. The good point: it worked! The sad point, the tutorial seems to be out-dated when it comes to moving the remote refs for tags and branches. The tutorial states, that they are stored in .git/refs/remotes/origin/tags/* however, […]

git svn clones flawlessly on Windows, crashes silently on OS X – status of externals support?

I’m trying to use git svn to clone a repository that contains externals. On my Windows7 machine it works perfectly. On my Mac it fails silently after creating the empty local repository. The posts that speak to some of the issues surrounding this are over two years old, so I’m hoping things have changed. I’ve […]

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