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Git checkout from repository on GitHub into an existing local repository based on SVN

I recently migrated a project to GitHub from Subversion but the current working local directory is still an SVN local repository. Due to complicated reasons it wouldn’t be good to make a new git clone local repository so is there any way to check out the git repository from GitHub? Right now it’s giving me […]

Can SVN do this branching model?

I’m new to versioning systems and trying to decide which one to use. There are lots of information, but maybe someone expert can already help me by answering the following question. I’ve found a versioning/branching model which quite closely resembles my requirements: http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Could I theoretically realize this just as easily with SVN? Like the […]

Drupal 7 CVS, SVN or git access

I’m interested in doing a site in Drupal 7 – rather than downloading the periodic source releases I’d like to grab the latest changes to Drupal using a version control system, be it CVS, SVN, git, etc. I’m not necessarily going to be contributing a module, though that might occur in the future. Any other […]

Git import/export into SVN as a regular workflow?

Randal Schwartz says that he uses Git’s SVN import/export feature when he has to interact with SVN repositories. He pulls the project from SVN, does all his local edits/saves with Git then once done pushes the changes back to the SVN repository. Is this really a worthwhile process for daily use with a SVN repositories […]

Which version control tool is best suited to handle reflective or cyclic merging? SVN, Git?

Reflective/Cyclic Merging This is easiest to explain with an example. Suppose you are working on a feature branch copied from your trunk. During the development process you regularly merge ”all” new changes from trunk to your branch so that the branch stays in “synch” with the work occurring on trunk. When you eventually merge your […]

Best way to perform version control on Unity projects

I’m developing my first big Unity project. It is a game and I have a lot of assets (now they use over 200 Mbs of hard disk). I would like to use a control version like GIT as I use in my android java projects, but when I have tried to use it it’s taking […]

svn2git with –exclude, any way to ignore the empty/blank commits?

I’m converting a big SVN repository into multiple git repositories (one for each project). I am running svn2git for each repo with all unwanted directories –excluded this works well to keep the tags and branches (I delete all the unrelated tags & branches after the conversion) The only problem is I have loads of empty […]

Using SVN to connect to a git repository

I’m using git for my source code management. For some reasons I have to to use VisualParadigm for my UML diagrams. Unfortunately VisualParadigm only supports SVN. Is it possible to connect via SVN to a git repository or to the remote repository?

SVN & DVCS workflow – preserving history

Is it possible to create streamlined workflow using both VCS (preferably SVN) and DVCS (preferably Mercurial or Git)? Following facts describe desired workflow: There is one central VCS server. Main development happens on central server. Anyone outside core development team (let’s name him Joe) could take a snapshot of source code with complete history. Joe […]

VCS and single developer “team”

I am a single developer working on a project for my company. I use subversion and Trac (for bug-tracking and communication with management types). I have a staging server and a production server. Today I checked in some code and discovered that my FSFS-based svn (v1.4) repository is irreparably corrupt. While this is quite a […]

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