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“git svn rebase” without changing the current branch

I wrote a (bash) script located on my master branch and in the middle of it, I execute the following instructions: (…) git checkout featurebranch git svn rebase git checkout master (…) This script does not exist in the “featurebranch” so my script is aborted at the next instruction 🙂 (you know, the man who […]

Benefit of migrating to GIT from git-over-svn

I am thinking about converting my svn repository on my server to git, but I am not sure what would be the benefit for me, since I already use SmartGit/hg which creates a local git repository and commits all local git commits through to svn already. As far as I can see, there is no […]

git svn command crashes in the middle of cloning svn repo. How to fix that?

I have a svn repo with following structure ProjectX -> trunk -> tags -> 1.0.x -> 1.1.x -> branches -> 1.1.1 I am trying to use git svn to convert this repo into a git repo but git svn crashes in the middle with following error: Use of uninitialized value $resolved in scalar chomp at […]

Please Help an old SVN-hand understand GIT terminology

I’m an old SVN-hand (and before that CVS-hand) trying to understand Git. I’m trying to put some code under source control using Git, and I’m having difficulty deciding how to organize things. Please indulge me by answering the following question: In SVN, a repository typically contains multiple projects. In the SVN manual, it says So […]

SVN-to-git: How can I preserve history for files moved in SVN repo when migrating to git?

I have a situation similar to the following: SVN Revision 1 FolderA/FileA.ext (‘svn move’ used to move folder underneath a new folder) SVN Revision 2 NewParent/FolderA/FileA.ext Using SVN, I can verify the history is present for both revisions. When I use ‘git svn clone’, the target folder contains both FolderA/FileA.ext and NewParent/FolderA/FileA.ext, and there is […]

Git history graph compared to SVN history graph

I am trying to understand the difference between a Git and SVN graph. I know that the Git graph is a DAG But when comparing these two: Example Git history graph: http://gugod.org/2009/12/12/3389620_29acb2fe86d3e03e7f8c665c4225c454.jpg Example SVN history graph: http://svn-graph-branches.googlecode.com/svn/wiki/nxt-python-r222.svg I don’t really know how to apply that knowledge – the seem pretty similar to me. Here: http://ericsink.com/vcbe/html/directed_acyclic_graphs.html […]

Correct Version control of dead ends

Problem When developing experimental code, I sometimes commit changes which lead to a dead end. Then I’d like to rollback to some previous revision, to start over. But I don’t know how to do it best. Example – Problem Lets say we have the following Structure in branch A: r1 -> r2 -> r3 -> […]

Changing value of GIT_SSH for tortoiseGit

I want to use tortoiseGit to check out a SVN repository via SSH. It fails every time because the SSH command can’t be executed. Apparently the reason is, that a custom SSH command gets invoked, which contains a user name and a password. I used tortoiseSVN before to access a repository via SSH and tried […]

Whats the easiest way to move project Java from java.net to bitbucket

This question already has an answer here: How to migrate SVN repository with history to a new Git repository? 30 answers

Tool to run compilation / tests before actually committing to the source control server?

I was wondering if there was some sort of tool that would allow me to prevent broken commits (commits that will make the trunk not compile) to actually happen in the trunk, or some special branches. We actually run a CI server, but the best it can do at the moment is checking out the […]

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