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Git svn multiple projects one repo

Currently my work uses svn, but i’m trying to bring git at least locally so we can branch stash etc. We share our svn repo with multiple teams, thus its quite large with many projects – we only ever checkout a handful of these projects and will forever ignore the rest. For the forseeable future, […]

svn update VS git merge

svn update command automatically resolves conflicts if two developers have modified same files. If I appended a line at the bottom while my collegue inserted a line in the middle. When I try to update from remote repository, my change is still at the bottom with updated file. How this can be handled in git? […]

How does one create a branch in TeamCity for multiple VCS configurations?

Lets assume for a moment you have a project with 20+ VCS entries consisting of SVN and GIT repositories. Each has been configured and connectivity works. The same project consists of numerous build configurations with artifact and snapshot dependencies. For example, there may be one for building the source from all the VCS repositories and […]

SVN to Git migration : issue with Git folder structure and Git Branches

We are in process of migrating code from SVN to Git. We have more than 50 projects to be moved to Git. Our project structure looks like this. SVN Repo Project 1 Branches Tags Trunk Project 2 Branches Tags Trunk Project 2 Branches Tags Trunk Project 3 Branches Tags Trunk . . . Project N […]

git svn clone and revision ranges?

When you do a merge in SVN you can specify a revision range like: [4506, 4605,4784,4869,5081,5146-5148,5150,5418] Now I would like to clones the above revisions into a git repository using git svn clone. I have tried: git svn clone -r 4506,4605,4784,4869,5081,5146:5148,5150,5418 “https://path-to-svn-branch” git_repo But that gives: revision argument: … not understood by git-svn Does git […]

Syncing a Git repository with an SVN repository

I git svn clone ‘d the SVN repository a month ago and started building the source code with newer version of compiler. Within a month, the original SVN repo has changed (number of people made a bunch of commits). Now I want to have all those changes in the git repository. I tried adding svn-remote […]

How to migrate from SVN to GIT and keep history for moved files from different projects

I have the following SVN repository: Repository Project A trunk tags branches Project B trunk tags branches I’m now trying to migrate Project A from SVN to GIT using git svn clone. My problem is that Project A has files which were moved from Project B into Project A. The SVN History follows the move […]

git svn clone not picking up deletes

I am having an issue exporting some files from an svn repo to a new git repo. I’m grabbing a set of files and have passed in the few paths that they have had over time as my –include-paths argument. It’s picking up the additions of the files, but not the deletes when they were […]

Ignore paths and Include path regex with migrating svn to git

I am working on migrating svn to git , with the structure. Below is my svn path http://scm.mysvnpath.corp/svn/com.my.svn -branches -something -dontcare -tags -india-1.0 -usa-1.0 -argentina-1.0 -trunk -india -usa -argentina I want to migrate only india from tags and trunk. I am using the below git commands >git svn init http://scm.mysvnpath.corp/svn/com.my.svn –no-minimize-url –include-paths ‘(india)’ –stdlayout –prefix […]

Git error “fatal: cannot store pack file error” after setting up svn-remote

I have a central Git repository to which I’m trying to push from a local repository. I’ve never had any issues pushing to this central repository before. But recently I started mirroring the central repository with a Subversion repository following this procedure. I did not, however, make the svn repo read-only. Now, after doing that, […]

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