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What's the svn revert equivalent in git?

I’m trying to find the equivalent of svn Revert in Git. In svn, when I rigth-click a file then click revert, that will undo all the local edits. the file goes back to the last commit. I can’t find the exact same command in Git. Since I’m new, I don’t want to mess-up my work. […]

Should you comment changes in code and in the changelog?

I have notice a trend for developers to comment their changes less with the justification that the purpose/date/reason is in the changelog. They have some very justifiable claims that duplication of effort is occuring if we require both. I am spending some serious amount of time tracking down changes. No specific direction has been given […]

git-svn merges and commit details

we are using git–svn to manage branches of an SVN repo. We are facing the following problem: after a number of commits by user X in the branch, user Y would like to use git-svn to merge the changes in branch to trunk. The problem we’re seeing is that the commit messages for all the […]

Git or SVN for Rails app?

Which version control system should I use for a Rails app: Git or SVN? Here are some factors to consider: I’m the sole developer I’m familiar with SVN I’ve only used Git for a week, it seems pretty similar to SVN really. I want to put my repository on a remote location and connect to […]

Code Review tools for Ruby/Rails?

What is the best code review tool for Ruby on Rails projects? We are currently using Subversion, but considering moving to GIT.

“git svn” command fails with error “git: 'svn' is not a git command. See 'git –help'.”

I am trying to execute this command on my redhat 6.5 box and it throws the error “git: ‘svn‘ is not a git command. See ‘git –help’.” I have git 1.7.1 installed on this box. Please help. git svn clone http://yourcompany.com/path/to/svn/project-abc project-abc

Which version control system or platform is the best one for tracking and distributing personal Emacs configurations?

I currently use subversion to track my configuration changes of Emacs and to sync my ‘.emacs.d’ directory to different platforms. A lot of packages like Ido, Muse or Org-mode are part of Emacs distributions which come with Debian or Carbon Emacs (osx). But other packages which I’m also using are not part of those distributions […]

What are some of the best SCM practices?

I have been using Git for some time now to manage my own personal projects. I didn’t really think about how I used it. I usually commit all the changes whenever there is a milestone not really thinking. But after reading a blog post that mentions how you should right your commit messages, I realized […]

How do you pass a file list to the linux zip command

I’m using Git for version control and unlike SVN I have not come across an inherent means of performing an export of changed files between 2 revisions, branches or tags. As an alternative I want to use the linux zip command and pass it a set of file names, however the file names are the […]

Git, SVN and Eclipse workflow

I am trying to adopt the following workflow: git svn clone a svn repository through command line (egit doesn’t support git-svn) Open the project in eclipse with egit since I rather use egit to branch, merge, commit etc… When i’m ready commit the changes back, I use use git svn dcommit to commit back to […]

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