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Project Management – forking from SVN main to Git as a fork with ability to rebase the svn as required

I wish to fork a project that is currently managed via SVN to Git. The SVN repo is svn.openvpms.org/openvpms Under this are around 8 sub-projects each of which have trunk/branch/tag directories. When I work in my IDE I actually check each out via svn separately but under a specific directory structure eg If this is […]

StatSVN alternative for Git?

I’m following the start-up tutorial that StatSVN gives you which is: Download the latest release of statsvn from http://sourceforge.net/projects/statsvn/ Expand the zip file into some directory, e.g c:\statsvn Check out a working copy of the desired SVN module into some directory, e.g. c:\myproject. Change into that directory and, at the command prompt, type ‘svn log […]

Is there a synopsis about how to do certain things with different scm tools?

I’m quite familiar with Subversion, and I use Mercurial and Git as well. Mercurial looks like a friendly tool to me, as it’s commandline interface is easy to use for Subversion users; but Git doesn’t. Is there a comparison sheet somewhere, which e.g. allows to see at a glance how to revert local changes for […]

Is it a good idea to track the same working copy with Git and SVN?

Situation Our client requires tracking only deliverables (PDFs of slides and documentation, source code) with Subversion/SVN, but we choose Git for internal developing purposes. Research With git–svn there is a tool to basically handle a SVN repository as a remote with Git. However I do not see the possibility to track all content with Git […]

Configure subgit for a single directory inside the SVN

I am trying to set up subgit for a huge SVN repository. This repository is very old, so to tidy up the structure a little, I want to make seperate git-repositories for various subdirectories. Suppose the SVN is at /svn and has the subdirectories project1, project2, etc. This works $ subgit configure –svn-url file:///svn/ git.git […]

git and svn shared directory

At my workplace we have been using SVN (rather uneffectively) for quite some time and are finally looking at ways that we can incorporate Git into our everyday workflows. As I am one of the few employees here who has some past experience with Git (managing personal projects on GitHub), I’m playing around with git […]

What features make a file format friendly to VCS?

I’m writing an application with an xml-based file format that stores a graph of objects. I don’t have a previous version to support. My users are likely to place the files under version control and (inevitably) sometimes hand-edit to solve merge conflicts. I’d like to minimize the chances of merge conflicts happening in the first […]

Does Appfog support TurtoiseSVN?

Does Appfog support TurtoiseSVN for version control? The official website only seem to provide details on Git. Is there any tutorial or support that I can take? Please help.

How to clone svn repo with git svn and be able to commit to both git and svn?

I have the following scenario: I am porting a big repo from which some catalogs I would like to separate into git repositories with independent/separate history, e.g.: git svn clone –trunk=https://svne1.XXX.XXX.com/XXXX/svnroot/trunk/ https://svne1.XXX.XXX.com/XXXX/svnroot/trunk/src/project1 –username myname –no-metadata -A ~/Documents/users.txt This will create a git repository with extracted source code from src/project1 under the trunk and with separate […]

Combining and mixing changes in version control?

Since version control systems either store commits as lists of changes or are at least capable of figuring out the changes between different versions of a file, is it possible to pick any changes (not necessarily sequential) from any branches, as long as they all affect the same file, and apply them to any version […]

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