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RPM spec files in version control system

I faced with task of building RPM packets from sources of c++ (but it may be any other language) project controlled with Git. And my question is where should I store “.spec” files for this task? Should it be stored independently of project main sources or be included in them? This task is complicated by […]

Unable to update my Local Git repo based on SVN

I know the thread which command updates files for me at my current version number, not the newest files. I run unsuccessfully at a Google-code project’s trunk git svn update and I get fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git Already at toplevel, but .git not found at /opt/local/libexec/git-core/git-svn line […]

Sync between laptop and PC for eclipse projects

I work on eclipse IDE mainly for php and java. I own a PC and a laptop both of which I need to use for coding. Now how do i sync code ad resources between two instances of eclipse between these two I think SVN and git are overkill for this. I own a portable […]

Svn server is dead… can I still convert to Git?

My SVN server just took a dive. I have backups, but this failure really lends itself to migrating to Git. I have a local copy of the repo checked out… The thing is, I am hoping to be able to migrate the repo to Git without loosing my 6k commit history, without having to go […]

Maintaining a set of small changes not to be committed to SCM

I’m using git, but I’ll be glad to hear answers relevant to other SCMs. I’m having a few small changes which are relevant just for me (using a different build scheme, relevant only for my configuration), and I really need to have them. The right thing to do is of course, merge it into the […]

git or svn for web server?

What’s better to put on a web server? I’m new to Revision Control so I wouldn’t know. Also this project exists already but I would like to implement some revision control on it and put it on a web server because there are multiple people that work on the code and multiple computers. Thanks!

Git & SVN on same code base

I have a code base that needs to be tracked by both git and svn due to two teams working on the code with different practices. The problem I am having is that git is storing all the .svn directories in its repo. I could use a very large .gitignore file and specify every single […]

Source Control questions

I have a few questions of source control. Myself and another web developer have joined a company to take over software development of old and future projects. The company has no source control, as old projects were developed by external contractors with there own versioning systems. I want one setup ASAP but I have some […]

Version control for large php/mysql web application

I am working on a large php/mysql application, and I am getting to the point that i have to use some kind of version control. I have read a few articles on GIT, but i can’t seen to figure out what the best way is to go about this. I have a dedicated server that […]

How much overhead time and learning time to use version control?

Background: we are a small webdevelopment company. We have 5 programmers that produce 70% of the time simple PHP websites (with some MySQL for news / product catalog / etc), and 30% of the time we work on larger projects (often custom-made ERP systems). We have a central server located at the office, use Linux […]

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