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Git – Link other repository to my repository

I have some repo A and repo B. Project in repo A depends on project from repo B. I want to do such that when some user try to pull sources from my repo A, on pull from repo A, sources from repo B also must be pulled in some folder. I have see, what […]

Should I keep the server code and the client-code of an application in the same git directory?

I’m making a game that will function as a web app, and I have some server code, and some client code. Both of these are in their own, separate directories, and then they’re wrapped up into a git directory, which is pushed to Github. Does this way of doing things have any flaws, and should […]

Using hg convert to convert git repo to old svn format

According to the following post: http://davidvg.com/2011/12/07/converting-a-git-repo-to-svn a git repo can be converted to an svn repo using hg convert. This works for me, however, the resulting svn repo is to modern for me. The db/format number for the resulting svn repo is 6 (svn 1.8+). I need it to be 4 (1.6+), an older version […]

git-svn cloning a repo that lives in git but fetches from svn

I am a bit lost on what is the correct workflow for the following scenario. I’m using an open source project that’s hosted on google code in a subversion repo. I prefer to use git so I’ve used git-svn to clone the svn repo to a git repo. The original author still commits to the […]

Is Subversion better at cherry-picking then git (or any DAG VCS)?

I just read http://www.draconianoverlord.com/2013/09/07/no-cherry-picking.html and seems that svn:mergeinfo can track info about single commit merge which happen at cherry-picking. That avoid merge conflict when you merge back your feature-branch with cherry-picked bug-fixes to original branch (where you made bug-fixes before). Here funny ASCII art (which people like at SO): o–o–o–o–o feature ^ ^ \ / […]

msysgit: svn client to old, how to upgrade the client or point git to use the installed svn client

I have just installed git from http://msysgit.github.io/ and checked the git svn version. The version is 1.4.6. On the other hand I have an svn client installed that is on version 1.7.10. I have been searching now for more than an hour on how to update the git svn client or to let msysgit use […]

Settings up git workflow

I am involved in project with three more developers and currently setting up the git repository in BitBucket. So far I have created the master repo and a develop branch. If I want to follow the git flow , how should I implement it? As in should I ask the other developers to checkout the […]

Review changes from multiple commits

I’m using git-svn to work with an SVN repository. One of the things I want to be able to do is review changes with git diff and all its nice options. Sometimes, “work-in-progress” changes are committed to SVN, and I want to wait until the work is finished before reviewing. I’m wondering if there’s an […]

Is it possible to migrate from subversion to git keeping history of copied branches, tags and trunk?

I’ve seen a number of SO posts about this with no resolution. I have one subversion repository, hosting multiple projects. I would like to migrate one of those projects to git while preserving a history that contains branch, tag and trunk copies. This one project originally had the structure: root/ dir/ mod1/ trunk/ branches/ tags/ […]

How to install git-svn on Linux Mint 15 (Olivia)

I am required to interface with SVN at work, but prefer to run Git locally to allow me to have multiple local branches open at any given time. After making the switch from Windows 7 to Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) Cinnamon, I’m finding that git–svn doesn’t appear to be available for this release of Linux […]

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