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How to use a git repository as a svn:external?

SVN offers external source link via svn:external feature. And I’m using a module from a Git repository. Can I use this Git repository as an external source? My module Git repository is in Github. So Github specific way is also welcome.

Similar program to Team Foundation Server

we are 3 programmers that work via internet. The mayor problem that we have is that we often overwrite each other files. What we are looking for is a program that block files for editing. For example, when I want to edit the file, I want the program to download the lastest version of that […]

Subversion checkout from a GitHub repository which contains symlinks

I have a project hosted on GitHub and I use Git for source versioning. I have to pull the code on another platform but it can’t have Git, so I am using Subversion Support of GitHub to checkout the code, but it doesn’t handle symlinks. For example, on my machine I have a symlink : […]

Teaching git while keeping it 'as easy as svn'

I am at University and my group is starting a programming project together. In a previous subject we were taught the basics of svn and how to commit, as well as how to use Toitosesvn. We were told not to worry about branching (and so not taught about it) since it was a fairly small […]

“git svn clone” only clones trunk? (Expected to clone entire repository)

I have a SVN repository that looks something like this: branches …various branches (none yet) tags …various tags (none yet) trunk common doc extlib proj I run: git svn clone –stdlayout https://[SVN URL]/svn/MyProject “C:\_build\WorkingFolders\Myproject_gitcopy” The command appears to execute successfully. I expect to see the “branches”, “tags” and “trunk” folder in the cloned directory since […]

Import Subversion repository into Git

I have an existing SVN repository at http://svn.donnael.com/lilypond/SousaFairest. Out of curiosity, I created a repository at https://github.com/SarekOfVulcan/donnael-Scores as well, and added some files to it. Can I now take the Sousa folder and import that into the GitHub directory, maintaining the change history, or is that more trouble than it’s worth? (I have a decent […]

Hadoop Code – Git and SVN

All the Apache Hadoop Code is hosted in SVN. How does Git help in Hadoop development process? It’s not clear from the below article. http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/GitAndHadoop

Retrieving last commit ID / revision number from a deployed application

I would like to have a function returning the last revision / commit ID of the source from which the deployed application / library was built. I have been using the __DATE__ and __TIME__ macros in C++ but this approach has obvious drawbacks. What tools are available to achieve this in an automated manner? I […]

Git rebasing onto a branch which will be created later

I’m working on a web site project that is currently tracked in svn but is going to move to git once someone else has time to set up a new server and stuff. It’s a long story, but in the meantime I’ve made my own git repository from some code I had, and worked on […]

Migrating to GIT from SVN

Right now we are using SVN for our subversion control. And we are pretty happy with it. We use it for following case Project Sharing and merging the code. Now we also want to use the following case There is a folder say “plugin” which is needed to include in many project as a subfolder […]

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