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svn2git combine to repos together

I’ve a very strange problem with svn2git converter. I have 2 svn repos (both svn 1.7 and developed in windows). I’ve created a python3 script to automatically sync the repos and push it to our gitlab server every day(the converter runs on a virtual ubuntu instance). Everything works just fine, but today i see that […]

Subgit and svn commit message hook

We are using subgit to sync git and svn and there is a svn hook for checking commits messages format. We found that we are limited on which git action we can perform without violating the svn hook. For example: git commit -m ‘XYZ: abc’ git push. works ok. git tag -a 1.0.0 -m ‘XYZ: […]

Versioning of Visual Studio solution's common properties

I would like to share certain properties of a solution with other members of my team. These properties include: Common Properties, e.g. Multiple Startup Projects Debug configuration, e.g. Command Line Arguments As far as I know, this information is saved within the .suo file. However, versioning the .suo file is not feasible or recommended. Is […]

How to list all public available projects on Google Code?

As Google Code is closing (Bidding farewell to Google Code), I am thinking of dumping ALL Free-Licensed projects to local disk (or migrate to Github if allowed by their licence), because although most projects will migrate themselves to Github etc., other valuable projects not maintained anymore will get lost due to Google’s refusing to host […]

Git equivalent of file externals in svn

Is there a git equivalent to svn file externals or any other way to emulate file-externals in git? Background: We have a common project which we partly reference from other projects. With git submodules – as far as I know – only repositories can be referenced – but not single sub-folders or files. We basically […]

Cloning non-standard layout SVN repo to git

I am trying to get SVN repo moved to Git using git–svn and I didn’t have any problem with repos with standard layout but the project I am trying to clone has pretty non standard layout with branches and tags in multiple directories. I went through other threads that explain similar issues but none of […]

Skip an SVN Commit in SVN to Git Conversion?

I am doing a large migration from SVN to Git. This migration goes back through about four years of history. I am able to successfully push commits up to a certain date, (Nov 11). On this date, there was one commit that pushed a 7GB file, and in the following commit, this file was removed […]

FitNesse SVN Version Controller

I have got a requirement to adding version control to FitNesse wiki markups we construct. In older FitNesse version, we have CMSystem, which used to provide typical callback methods on several operations on the Test/Suite file that we manipulate like cmUpdate, cmEdit, cmPreDelete, cmDelete. But in recent version I have observed that CMSystem is been […]

How to update an SVN repository after a Git push?

After migrating from SVN To Git the team is now using Git. We are now pushing new code into the Git servers. But in parallel I would like to keep the old SVN repository up to date (we have too many scripts and applications that are still using SVN) How do I synchronized my new […]

git svn rebase misses/loses commits (on rebase –continue due merge conflict)?

I have a problem with missing commits, in a setup very similar to the one described in Unexpected merge error in a git svn system? (click for full size): Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem in an example, so I’ll try to provide the information that I think is relevant. I work locally in myrepo_git_wc […]

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