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nuances between other version control and GIT

I am very new to git. So please excuse me if my questions are silly and wrong. Usually in other version controls like SVN, once you commit a file, it is safe in the repository. But in GIT when you commit a file the file is not moved to the repository yet. Instead, the file […]

Using Git for local development with Subversion on the server?

My enterprise use svn as a source control. I would like to use git for my development (branches are so useful). Do you think that there is no problem to checkout a svn project, to work with git in local for my development, and then, commit final changes with svn ? Is there anything special […]

Unable to install Git-core+svn by MacPorts

I am trying to install git–svn on mac os x 10.5 using the following command, sudo port install git-core +svn It installation is successful but i can find the git-svn command anywhere, ~/ $ sudo port installed git-* The following ports are currently installed: git-core @ (active) Installed shows it installed with correct options.

Using Git & SVN with Git being the central server

My company uses Git for version control but we are working on a project with another company that uses SVN (they refuse to use Git). I need to set up our Git server as the central server and somehow provide SVN access to it. I know git–svn works great for using Git while SVN is […]

Ignore revision on git-svn fetch?

I am trying to move one of my Subversion repositories to Git and am running into an interesting error… In the middle of the git–svn fetch step, I receive the following error: r9 = d0eff6b2d1eda7fcced16227dbc613732e956f0b (refs/remotes/git-svn) RA layer request failed: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/baytn/baytn/trunk’: PROPFI ND of ‘/baytn/baytn/trunk’: 500 Internal Server Error (https://1three.svn.codeba sehq.com) […]

git mingw32 and long path/file names under windows

I have a production SVN repository that i want to clone with git. when I try to git svn clone it I get error that has to do with some files that have a long combination of path filename. I figure that this is a limitation caused by the GNU shell mingw32 that git uses […]

Which Version Control for Drupal?

I am starting to need to work on bigger sites and with multiple people so I know I need to start using some kind of version control. GRRR. While I understand and use Features and Context to put config info into code instead of the DB, I am still confused about what version control system […]

what are some tools for documenting code changes?

I would like a personal wiki-like environment that allows me to “track” changes on a tree (currently svn). The idea is every morning I would update my working copy, and begin to annotate each change that has occured, with as little or as much detail. I have come across some redmine and trac, but these […]

GIT Clones on Multiple Machines

Here’s my setup… Laptop (Mac) – git clone of svn repository Thumb drive – git clone of laptop git repository Server (Win Server 08) – git clone of thumb drive repository I’m having trouble keeping them in sync for some reason… If I make a change on the server, I’ll do a “git pull ” […]

I'm primarily a Git user, but have a client who's using Subversion. What are the *very* basics I need to know?

I used to use subversion, but it’s been a few years. I’ve been using (and now love) Git. But I have a client now that uses subversion so I need to brush up on my svn chops. What are the 3-4 most critical things I need to know to: Get a working copy Edit files […]

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