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Migrating from Subversion to Git

I have a lot of pre-existing projects and code in a few different Subversion repositories. I am planning on getting my toes wet with Git by migrating a few of the easier/soon to be multi-developer projects to Git. I have a few questions: If I start with a hosted Git solution, is it hard to […]

git merge vs rebase using git svn

I am very confused, I have read several posts, blogs and articles and don’t know where to go. I am using an svn server repo that I pull down with git svn and work on. I am currently the only person developing this ( i.e. no upstream changes ) . So i have a local […]

Configure (or mimic) svn:externals to include code from Github in a svn-hosted project

We use Subversion locally, and we’re working on a project that uses a fork of Fluent NHibernate, which is hosted on Github. I’d like it set up so that a single svn checkout will retrieve everything necessary to build the project, but maintain the ability to fetch HEAD updates from github. Is there any way […]

Is there a menu like interactive commit for SVN like Git has with –interactive?

Most probably you know in git you can get a very good commit experience by using git commmit –interactive which will show up a menu, where you can add/update/patch/revert things, and you select files by their range, eg: 1-5,10-12,100-1135 $ git commit –interactive staged unstaged path *** Commands *** 1: [s]tatus 2: [u]pdate 3: [r]evert […]

Svn to git: How to deal with our not-standard, probably wrongly branched svn

Our current svn structure looks like this: trunk — project — projectDao — projectResources branches — project-1.0 — projectDao-1.0 — projectResources-1.0 — project-2.0 — projectDao-2.0 — projectResources-2.0 tags — project-1.0.0 — … To make things worse project-1.0 was branched from project projectDao-1.0 from projectDao (each in seperate move commits). Idealy it would have been like […]

How can I explain source control (Mercurial/Tortoise specifically) to a non-programmer?

Our company uses Mercurial for source control of a Java web application. It worked so well we started using source control for a bunch of content (PDF files). For our deployment model this worked amazingly and luckily our graphic designer at the time used to be a web developer and understood source control already. Now […]

git-svn clone error: error: there are still refs under 'refs/remotes/tags'

I am trying to clone a Subversion repository to git, but it keeps giving me an error that I don’t really understand: error: there are still refs under ‘refs/remotes/tags’ fatal: Cannot lock the ref ‘refs/remotes/tags’. update-ref -m r1649 refs/remotes/tags 16630eb01aa7abb331cdaa7ca07c1736656a058e: command returned error: 128 The subversion project has a lot of tags and about 15 […]

Use git-svn with an existing repo lacking .git/svn/

I’ve cloned a project’s sources using Git, which is converted on the server from a SVN repo. The problem with this Git repository is that it lacks tags, branches, and some revisions are missing. The number of revisions is enormous (~20000) for me to use git–svn clone, and it’d be a waste of bandwidth and […]

git-svn branching: how to configure git config

a few months ago i configured a git with an svn repository. Until now i only used the svn repository to keep up-to-date with the supplied application on it. But now i also want to commit stuff back. To do this every feature i’m going to commit needs to be in a separate branch. I […]

Can MKS Integrity integrate with other source control tools? (SVN, Git…)

My boss is interested in using MKS Integrity for bug tracking, feature requests, Wiki documentation and so on. However, we currently use Subversion, and he doesn’t want to force us devs to use a version control system that we don’t like. Is is possible to integrate a different version control program into MKS Integrity? I’m […]

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