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How best to handle Git Deployment For multiple web servers

I’m transitioning our code base from svn to git. Our current deployment process is to run an in house script that checks out the most recent svn revision into a newly created directory to create a working copy on the server. It then runs any sql commands that need to occur and changes a symlink […]

Git or svn on windows server 2003

I was wondering if anyone has any experience on getting a git server working on windows server 2003? Is there an easy solution to get it up and running? If not is there any good alternatives out there? It ideally has to be free but willing to pay. It is only for a small team […]

Clone SVN Repo to Git (with all revisions) Using Tortoise Git?

I am brand new to Git, and I make making the leap from SVN. Is it possible to clone all of the revisions and files (basically the whole repo) from SVN to Git using Tortoise Git? If so, could someone instruct me as to now I can do this? Thank you for your time.

A version control system with minimum space requirements on the client side, and is good with binaries

(This is my first post so be gentle) I am using subversion as version control on large binary. I have about 2.5 gigs of binaries that I update hourly. I get about 400 megs worth of differents each day. Some of the files are PEs but it is mainly compressed files that are difficult to […]

SVN to GIT migration with branch history merging

One more “stupid” question about svn to git migration : ) I have one old svn repo with ~20 projects inside. / |-projectA |-projectB |-projectC |…. I want to migrate only projectA with keeping all it’s history. Sounds easy : ) But main problem is in structure and revision history inside projectA. / |-projectA | […]

having the github in sync with svn

Historically the owner of an opensource projet use svn and want to continue to use svn. New people want to use github to use all the DVCS and github tools to work together. We can get svn and commit regularly to github but in this case we loose svn commits and comments. Is it possible […]

git svn preserve deleted branches

I have noticed that deleted branches in svn is not preserved in git. I know that branches in git and svn is rather different in the way they are processed. However that seems to be dangerous that svn to git cloning looses some information. Is it possible to preserve branches from svn in git that […]

Fork remote SVN repo to git

Apologies if this question is a duplicate, or if I’ve missed something, but in all my searching of the interwebz, I can’t find any information on this. I want to fork someone else’s SVN project, and then turn it into a local git repo (hopefully preserving all of the SVN commits). All the examples I’ve […]

Merging an svn working copy into a git working copy and vise versa?

Circumstances require that I version my own work on a git repo while the “trunk” for the project is on an svn repo, meaning I will regularly need to update my svn working copy and merge its revisions into my git working copy, and vise versa. Is there any easy way to do this in […]

git svn dcommit with TRAILING WHITESPACE discovered in these files errors

I try to use ‘git svn dcommit’ but got these errors: A repository hook failed: ‘pre-commit’ hook failed with error output: *** Transaction blocked TRAILING WHITESPACE discovered in these files designs/trunk/1167923/cfg/main.cpp designs/trunk/1167923/cfg/Registers.cpp Code does not conform to whitespace standard at /usr/lib/git-core/git-svn line 922 I don’t know how to fix it. Here is my configuration: receive.denynonfastforwards=true […]

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