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What does the –stdlayout do in git svn clone?

I just spotted this question about recovering from a clone done without –stdlayout. I didn’t find documentation of this flag – what does it do?

Error rebaseing/updating a git-svn repository

Hoping this is not a dup, I didn’t find any concise information on how to update a git–svn repo. I used git svn clone to import an SVN repo into git. Then, after doing some commits, I wanted to rebase with regards to the original SVN repo. C:\Work\osqa>git svn rebase Migrating from a git-svn v1 […]

Converting a repository from git to subversion

Reasons for doing this aside, is there a reasonable way to convert an entire git repository to subversion? I can find only tons on information on migrating from subversion to git, and exchanging changesets between the two, but not for doing a simple conversion of the entire git repository to svn.

For home projects, can Mercurial or Git (or other DVCS) provide more advantages over Subversion?

Which free source control system is most preferable with reason for home projects and documents? I am thinking to use Subversion (as I am familiar with it). Characteristic of home project: Most likely single person will be committing changes. (May be one day (not now), it is possible that I share a project with my […]

SCM choice for a new user?

Real easy one here guys. Best justification gets the win. I’m a computer science student at a school you’ve heard of, and have been programming for several years now (about 8), so I’ve written a fair few lines of code. But since I’ve never really been distributing – source or binaries – nor doing team […]

How does bug tracker/version control integration work with typical git workflows?

Here’s are examples of git workflows: http://wiki.github.com/bard/sameplace/typical-git-workflow http://www.nabble.com/Git-workflow-overview-td16340337.html http://osteele.com/archives/2008/05/my-git-workflow Let’s say you wanted to take advantage of bug tracker integration with your version control system. Where/how would that fit into these workflows. What would you actually see in the tracker? I’m the author of BugTracker.NET which like many other bug trackers (Trac, Redmine, FogBugz) integrates […]

Why should I use git instead of svn?

I use to work with Visual Studio + C#, and have been using svn before, but not currently, so I want to put my code again on source’s control. Recently I heard about git, and I have been reading the git wiki and this and this, and I have read that there are no gui […]

Can different git-svn clones of the same svn repository expect to be able to share changes then git svn dcommit?

I’ve read a great deal of “go from svn to git” and other “git-svn workflow” articles on the web, and still I think they often deal with overly simple situations. They are often targeted at guys who just want to use git and hack locally, without using the full power of git, like pull, fetch, […]

git-svn branching

I am using git with an svn repository everything is going fine I did all my branching with git so I did not branch on svn but I branched with git and pushed those branches to a separate location. Then I commited changes from the branch when needed. But now I want to create some […]

Can I have one project in two SVN repositories?

Our I.T. dept doesn’t allow connections to the SVN server from outside the physical office. (They’re just kind of like that.) I need to work on projects when I’m not at the office. I could just check out the project and wait until I come in to do a check-in. Maybe that would be best. […]

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