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There is any way to synchronize GIT and Subversion repositories?

I want to access a repository using both GIT and SVN clients. A way I imagined to do that is through automatic two-way migration: when a user PUSHes into the GIT repository, it is also COMMITed in the SVN repository and vice-versa. There is any tool that would help me to do that?

Does git have anything like `svn propset svn:keywords` or pre-/post-commit hooks?

Browsing through the git documentation, I can’t see anything analogous to SVN’s commit hooks or the “propset” features that can, say, update a version number or copyright notice within a file whenever it is committed to the repository. Are git users expected to write external scripts for this sort of functionality (which doesn’t seem out […]

git equivalent of svn status -u

What’s the git equivalent of svn status -u or more verbose svn status –show-updates. The svn status –show-updates command shows the updates that the svn update command will bring from the server. Thanks!

Should server/database config files, including passwords, be stored in source control?

I’m looking to hear some best practices… Assuming a web application that interacts with a few different production servers (databases, etc.)… should the configuration files that include database passwords be stored in source control (e.g., git, svn)? If not, what’s the best way to keep track of server database (or other related) passwords that your […]

git-svn: reset tracking for master

I’m using git-svn to work with an SVN repository. My working copies have been created using git svn clone -s http://foo.bar/myproject so that my working copy follows the default directory scheme for SVN (trunk, tags, branches). Recently I’ve been working on a branch which was created using git-svn branch myremotebranch and checked-out using git checkout […]

Best Version control for lone developer

I’m a lone developer at the moment; please share you experiences on what is a good VC setup for a lone developer. My constraints are; I work on multiple machines and need to keep them synced up Sometimes I work offline I’m currently using Subversion(just the client to a remote server), and that is working […]

Git keyword substitution like those in Subversion?

I used to work under Subversion/SVN and was instantly using nice feature called keyword substitution. Just putting in source files smth like: /* * $Author: ivanovpv $ * $Rev: 42 $ * $LastChangedDate: 2012-05-25 21:47:42 +0200 (Fri, 25 May 2012) $ */ And each time Subversion was substituting keywords (Author, Rev, LastChangedDate) with actual ones. […]

Handling renames: svn vs. git vs. mercurial

How do each of these VCS handle renames? I have found a lot of contradicting information stating that git tracks LOC (lines of code) instead of files, renames would therefore have no meaning for it.

Dealing with SVN keyword expansion with git-svn

I recently asked about keyword expansion in Git and I’m willing to accept the design not to really support this idea in Git. For better or worse, the project I’m working on at the moment requires SVN keyword expansion like this: svn propset svn:keywords “Id” expl3.dtx to keep this string up-to-date: $Id: expl3.dtx 803 2008-09-11 […]

How do I keep an svn:external up to date using git-svn?

Treating my repository as a SVN repo, I get: svn co http://myrepo/foo/trunk foo … foo/ bar/ baz/ -> http://myrepo/baz/trunk Treating it as a Git repo, I get: git svn clone http://myrepo/foo –trunk=trunk –branches=branches –tags=tags … foo/ bar/ I can clone baz to my local machine elsewhere and add a symlink, but that’s just a hack. […]

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