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How to get started deploying PHP applications from a subversion repository?

I’ve heard the phrase “deploying applications” which sounds much better/easier/more reliable than uploading individual changed files to a server, but I don’t know where to begin. I have a Zend Framework application that is under version control (in a Subversion repository). How do I go about “deploying” my application? What should I do if I […]

Can I switch SVN repositories from Eclipse?

I am moving my Subversion repository from one machine to another. I have a few scattered working copies on various machines, and I have found that I can easily switch the working copies from the old server to the new one with the following command: svn –relocate svn://oldServer/repo svn://newServer/repo However, on one of my machines, […]

How to upgrade JavaHL on Ubuntu?

Environment Ubuntu 10.10 Eclipse Java EE Indigo Service Release 1 Subclipse 1.8.x libsvn1 1.6.12 svn 1.7.x Problem Subclipse 1.8.x requires JavaHL version 1.7.x. I need Subclipse 1.8.x in order to use svn 1.7.x. Ubuntu 10.10 does not have subversion 1.7 packages or libsvn1 1.7 packages. Question Is there any way to upgrade the libsvn1 package […]

Merging a part of SVN repository to another repository with history

I have to svn repositories , lets say A and B. I want to add some of the directories of the B into A along with history.Is it possible to do that. To make more clear, following is the scenario. repo A repo B \branches \branches \sub-branch1 \sub-branch B1 \sub-branch2 \sub-branch B2 \trunk \trunk What […]

Any tool to migrate repo from Vault to Subversion?

Are there any tools to facilitate a migration from Sourcegear’s Vault to Subversion? I’d really prefer an existing tool or project (I’ll buy!). Requirements: One-time migration only Full history with comments Optional: Some support for labels/branches/tags Relatively speedy. It can take hours but not days. Cost if available Bonus points if you can share personal […]

Recover svn from directory backup after server failure

The machine hosting our svn server failed. We were able to recover the C:\Repositories\ directory. How do we migrate this to a new host?

How to switch subversion repository in Visual Studio using AnkhSVN?

I’ve been developing a project locally and using a local svn server for versioning in visual studio. I now want to switch to xp-dev hosted versioning but cannot seem to get rid of the svn bindings on my solution? Is there an easy way to duplicate a solution without its versioning settings or to simply […]

Integration of JIRA with TortoiseSVN

Could anyone specify the ways to integrate JIRA with TortoiseSVN to track the issue details? What URL should be specified in URL section, what are the other parameters needed? Is there anything you have to do on JIRA side to ensure the integration?

svn: How to revert somebody else's commit?

Argh, somebody (OK, my boss) added and commited all the files in his directory, meaning all the svn files: conf/, db/, format, hooks/, locks/… I’m using Tortoise, so I tried clicking on each one and doing revert, it said OK, but I still see all of them under version control after update/commit. We are now […]

How to make Subversion (or any program) perform periodic commits?

I want to configure my computer so that say every half an hour it automatically commits the program I am working on. I am using a svn repository so even if it was just a script that ran ‘svn ci’ every 30 min that would be okay. The problem is that I don’t know how […]

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