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Command-line svn for Windows?

Is there a command-line based version of svn for Windows? I know I can get TortoiseSVN, but that just doesn’t work for me.

What is the simplest way to do branching and merging using TortoiseSVN?

What is a really simple “how to” to do branching and merging using TortoiseSVN?

SVN won't import *.a library

I’ve got a compiled static library (with an “a” extension) I want to include in my SVN repository but adding it never works (no problems adding other types of items). If I change the extension (e.g., “library.a” –> “library.b”), the add works. Why is the “a” extension failing? Is there a way around this without […]

How do I sync the SVN revision number with my ASP.NET web site?

Stack Overflow has a subversion version number at the bottom: svn revision: 679 I want to use such automatic versioning with my .NET Web Site/Application, Windows Forms, WPD projects/solutions. How do I implement this?

Subversion: SVN E160043. Expected FS format between '1' and '4

I am following the instructions on this blog to setup subversion on my development PC: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2008/04/setting-up-subversion-on-windows.html. I get an error when I get to the following line in the blog: “Congratulations! You just checked your first change into source control! ” i.e. instead of saying “congratulations…..”, it says: SVN E160043. Expected FS format between ‘1’ […]

Storyboards and SVN conflicts

This is a problem we never had to deal with until storyboards were introduced – Whenever there was a chance of conflict in UI, we just made sure that no 2 developers ever worked on the same XIB file simultaneously. The reason we refrained from resolving XIB conflicts is that there may be problematic side-effects […]

Migrating away from Clearcase

We are migrating from Clearcase to another VCS (probably either SVN or Mercurial). For companies that have made this transition, what factors did they find important in selecting another VCS tool, and what practices did they find eased the transition?

Will TortoiseSVN 1.7 work properly against a SVN 1.6 repository?

I would like to upgrade my TortoiseSVN installation to version 1.7. We have a VisualSVN server running with a SVN 1.6 repository. Do I need to upgrade the repository to 1.7 before I can update my client, or is TortoiseSVN backwards compatible? I know that during the upgrade from TortoiseSVN 1.6 to 1.7, I need […]

Using Subversion in Xcode

It seems that all of the initial Google results for “using subversion with xcode” are actually just tutorials for installing and configuring svn and Xcode, as opposed to actually using the two (i.e. interacting with svn via Xcode’s GUI). Is anyone aware of a good guide that teaches the tricks and pitfalls of working with […]

Command to recursively remove all .svn directories on Windows

I have a directory with many sub-directories. In each folder there is a subversion folder (.svn). Is there a command in windows that will go through each folder and sub-directory and delete the .svn folder? Or will I have to create a script or do it manually?

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