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How do i add a command line prompt as the $EDITOR when committing in svn and git

Is it possible to have a small shell script to replace the $EDTIOR for git and svn? So when a person not familiar with vi or emacs makes a commit and forgets to add a -m “fixed the foo bug” parameters it would not open an editor they do not know how to exit, but […]

I know svn & git. How to grok Perforce?

I have lots of experience with svn, some with git. What a good tl;dr for Perforce, to help me grok it?

Git working copy within a Subversion Repository

I have a project at work, and we use Subversion to version control everything. However, we have a client for a particular project who has used Git for something I need to check out and put in our project repository. Normally I would just check out the Git repo, export it into my SVN working […]

Can git and subversion play nice together?

I have recently decided to take the git plunge, and am really enjoying using git, even on Windows. My current open source project lives on subversion, all devs are familiar with subversion so I would like to keep subversion as the “source of truth” for now. Nonetheless, I want to use git, so I went […]

Nested version control scheme?

Looking for suggestions on how to best track this project structure in some sort of version control (git or svn, preferably): The project is for a web service that will have multiple versions of the “core” code, and users can create their instance of the web service with whichever “core” they’d like (of the available […]

Any way to guarantee that a git user doesn't use fake account info when commiting and pushing?

Since git users can config their user.name and user.email freely and do commits, it’s possible for John to fake a commit with Bob’s name and email, which is not what we want. Is there any way to prevent this? I know in svn we need username and password to commit; is there any equivalent mechanism […]

Managing GIT permissions – multiple repositories

We have several development teams, each of which develop multiple projects (10+ usually). We are currently in CVS and evaluating whether to move to SVN or GIT. I am leaning towards GIT, however I am not sure how we can manage the permissions efficiently. For example. We have Dev Team A, Dev Team B, Dev […]

git-svn and local branches

I usually using git for versioning, but right now I am stuck with sources in a svn repository, so I am using git-svn to access that repository. However this seems to lead to some trouble, when I try to use local branches. I usually only commit my local repositories about once a day, so I […]

Workflow for using Git SVN and a Remote Git Repository with multiple users

Summary of the question: I came to realise as I wrote this out that there is a lot of detail, so here’s the headline: What is a good workflow for a team of many users that use SVN and Git SVN within a work environment, but then also want to use a remote Git Repo […]

Importing an SVN Repo into an EXISTING Git repo as a branch

I’ve currently got a project on google code that I’d like to incorporate into a project on Github. The issue is that the SVN project is essentially just a folder of the larger project on github, so I don’t think i can just use git-svn for this. I’m assuming I can use git svn to […]

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