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Easy way to integrate branches into trunk

I’m running Subversion version 1.4.3 (r23084) + tortoise, and my problem is integrating an branch into trunk. Tortoise’s merge didnt work, i got to do this from console. Its always a hard work to do because of many issues, so i’ve been thinking about some changes. Will a subversion update (its on 1.6 now) resolve […]

Is it possible to have SVN vendor branch in a git repository?

I’m having a local project and I want to use a git repository as versioning software. As I’m using an external software on a SVN server as base for my project I think the best way is to have it as a vendor branch in my git project so external changes don’t affect my code […]

SVN update and commit problem used with git-svn

I can’t svn up or commit. 🙁 There is a svn centrally and I use git locally using git-svn. Basically, somehow, I added a folder that had .svn folders into the git and committed it to svn. Both git and central svn happily committed the .svn as the content folder, without complaining. Now, I can’t […]

Getting started with git-svn with multiple users

In our project we have to commit all changes to the clients svn repository. I want to move our team to git. So I’m thinking I’ll need a central git repository that uses git-svn to push to the svn server. My questions: Is there a way I can get the central git repository to automatically […]

Source control when working on open source projects

How do people who aren’t committers on open source projects keep their changes on source control before they are ready to submit a patch? Specifically, say I’m working on an apache project like Hadoop. I would like to be able to maintain the original subversion bindings (for things like checking project history, looking at a […]

how can I collaborate code with my partner in Visual Studio environment?

Me and my friend want to work on a code together at the same time for our project. We develop in Visual Studio 2010 environment. I know I need something called SVN client, SVNTortoise, maybe Git.. I watched and read several guides on how should I install it, and I still dont have a clue […]

Evaluating git and merge doesn't seem to work the way I expected

I’m trying to evaluate if moving to git from svn would be a viable option. I’ve heard that the merge in git works much better than the one in svn, but in my testing I haven’t seen that. Here’s what I’ve done: Created a file called main.c #include <stdio.h> function main() { int myNum = […]

How to handle versioning of htaccess file?

I’m using git to develop a project and each machine may need a slightly different .htaccess file. I wonder if there’s any technique to handle versioning this file without having a separate one on each machine? Basically I have something like that in mind (pseudo-code): <MachineX> RewriteBase /somepath/ </MachineX> <MachineY> RewriteBase /anotherpath/ </MachineY> <Production> RewriteBase […]

How to delete a .git file from svn?

I created an iOS project with git repository option set.Later I had to move to SVN. The .git folder was not deleted when I added it to SVN. Now I deleted the .git folder. BUt when I try to remove it from SVN repository, I get the below error: Commit failed (details follow): Entry for […]

Maintaining multiple copies of the same file in different repos under different revision control systems

Situation I have developed a wordpress plugin. It’s a jQuery slider. So, it includes code for slider (in jQuery), let’s say in slider.js and also the wordpress php files for admin panel. Now, I have to maintain 3 different project folders. Folder/directory involving jQuery file + php files for wordpress plugin repository. WP uses svn, […]

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