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Import revision history from svn to git for an already moved repo

Is it possible to import existing revision history from svn to git to for an already moved repo? If so, how do I do that? If not, are there any nice workarounds?

Commit to svn now error conflict while Git svn rebase

I am fairly new to this Github and Git. I have two machines and finally i was able to pull from SVN (wordpress) and then manage to push Git branch to the SVN server. I use git for my plugin. Now in between something went wrong, it was really stupid of me to do a […]

Commit from subversion to github failed

this is my first time collaborating in a project in github. I forked the project to my account https://github.com/Exlord/zf2. I’m using phpstorm+subversion and successfully checked out the repository to my local windows machine and made the first commit witch was successful https://github.com/Exlord/zf2/commit/e056a1f97bf6b18dbc0bdf3c82719e315beb47ce But now when i try to make any commits to the same file […]

How to incorporate version-ing feature of GIT in my application code

I have a requirement , where i need to keep track of version of files user uploaded. And he can select the version he wants to taken into consideration when wanted. If he wants to set any version of file as active version , he would be able to do that. How I can i […]

GIT-SVN in Xcode 5

I got a SVN server for all the source codes via https. The address is similar to this: The current workflow for me to commit a Xcode project to SVN is as follow: Create a new folder called “svn_repo” In Terminal, issue command: git svn init Empty GIT repository is created Issue git […]

Centralized vs Distributed Version Control on Oracle Right Now

I have been tasked with setting up some type of version control for our development server files location. We current use Oracle’s Service Cloud called “Right Now”. It holds our dev/staging/prod environments for multiple sites. Basically I need to VC just the dev files.. and not have to carry a local repo. Is this possible? […]

Migrating complex SVN repository to GIT

I have a SVN Repository with more than 100 projects and I want to migrate to GIT now. This is how the SVN Repository looks like: customer_1/prj_1 (trunk, branches, tags) customer_1/prj_2 (trunk, branches, tags) customer_1/prj_n (trunk, branches, tags) … customer_2/prj_1 (trunk, branches, tags) customer_2/prj_2 (trunk, branches, tags) customer_2/prj_n (trunk, branches, tags) … customer_n/prj_1 (trunk, branches, […]

Git for Windows (not cygwin) svn clone: unable to remap to same address as parent

My git installation under Win 8 is a standard setup (not full cygwin setup). When I try to git svn clone, I get this error. It repeats once a few seconds until I press Ctrl+D. I’ve seen another thread here but it’s all about Cygwin setup. How would I fix my one?

How can I import part of an SVN repo into an existing git repo, retaining history?

I have an old SVN repository which contains a sub-directory of files I would like to import into an existing git repository, retaining history. How can this be done? Suppose I have the existing SVN layout: file:///svn trunk foo bar branches And the following git layout: file:///git *master baz qux And I want to import […]

Is it possible to sign Git commits when using SVN?

I am using git-svn to push to a remote SVN server as well as remote Git repositories. I would like to sign my Git commits using PGP, but I cannot do this before a git-svn dcommit, as this will modify the commit message. I can –amend a signature to the commit after dcommit, but the […]

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