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How can I get `find` to ignore .svn directories?

I often use the find command to search through source code, delete files, whatever. Annoyingly, because Subversion stores duplicates of each file in its .svn/text-base/ directories my simple searches end up getting lots of duplicate results. For example, I want to recursively search for uint in multiple messages.h and messages.cpp files: # find -name ‘messages.*’ […]

Better way to revert to a previous SVN revision of a file?

I accidentally committed too many files to an SVN repository and changed some things I didn’t mean to. (Sigh.) In order to revert them to their prior state, the best I could come up with was svn rm l3toks.dtx svn copy -r 854 svn+ssh://<repository URL>/l3toks.dtx ./l3toks.dtx Jeez! Is there no better way? Why can’t I […]

Process only changed files

What: With jenkins I want to process periodically only changed files from SVN and commit the output of the processing back to SVN. Why: We are committing binary files into SVN (we are working with Oracle Forms and are committing fmb-Files). I created a script which exports the fmb’s to xml (with the original Fmb2XML […]

How to checkout from SVN with an ANT task?

I’m interested in any way that I can create an Ant task to checkout files from SubVersion. I “just” want to do the checkout from the command line. I’ve been using Eclipse with Ant and SubVersion for a while now, but my Ant and SubVersion knowledge is somewhat lacking as I relied on Eclipse to […]

Remove unnecessary svn:mergeinfo properties

When I merge stuff in my repository Subversion wants to add/change a lot of svn:mergeinfo properties to files that are totally unrelated to the things that I want to merge. Questions about this behaviour have been asked before here on Stack Overflow: SVN Mergeinfo properties on paths other than the working copy root Is there […]

Subversion ignoring “–password” and “–username” options

When I try to do any svn command and supply the –username and/or –password options, it prompts me for my password anyways, and always will attempt to use my current user instead of the one specified by –username. Neither –no-auth-cache nor –non-interactive have any effect on this. This is a problem because I’m trying to […]

How do I migrate an SVN repository to another SVN repository?

Is there a simple way to copy a directory from one repository into another repository with copying all of the history?

Retract accidental checkin

You’re using subversion and you accidentally checkin some code before it’s ready. For example, I often: a) checkin some code, then b) edit a little, then c) hit up, enter to repeat the previous command which unfortunately was a checkin. Is it possible to retract such an accidental checkin from the server with subversion?

Subversion: Add revision data to code file on commit

Is there an easy way to, on commit of a file, automatically insert information into the code file itself (like author, commit comment, commit date, etc)? I would want this information appended to a block at the top of each committed file. Essentially the entire revision history should be documented in each code file… I […]

Eclipse VisualSVN error svn E175002: java.lang.NumberFormatException

So this error seems to occur when I attempt to add a new repository location in Eclipse. However, I am sure that the URL and authentication info (username and password) are valid. The error looks like this, and it occurs when I use https://localhost/svn/TestSVN as the URL. I understand I replaced the name of my […]

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