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Subversion E160004 X's root node's predecessor is Y but should be Z

I’ve inherited a large Subversion Repository (74010 Revisions) and I am trying to perform a dump/load to upgrade the repository to the 1.8 version to take advantage of the space saving features. Before attempting this process I ran svnadmin verify over the repository in question to ensure that the repository was in good shape. Unfortunately […]

How to release web applications?

I don’t really know how to perform deployment from offline development to live webserver correctly in web development. I mostly resort on intuition, but this is more or less what I did until now: I have a web application in python, or php, and I am hosting it on a live webserver. I use an […]

Trouble installing Cutycapt on CentOS

I’m currently trying to install CutyCapt on my CentOS VPS. I need this for displaying screenshots of websites in a catalogue. Regrettably there’s only a Debian/Ubuntu installation guide available. It must be said, I’m no expert at Linux or command lines, but I still decided to give the installation a go… So far I’ve done […]

Windows batch file to delete .svn files and folders

In order to delete all “.svn” files/folders/subfolders in “myfolder” I use this simple line in a batch file: FOR /R myfolder %%X IN (.svn) DO (RD /S /Q “%%X”) This works, but if there are no “.svn” files/folders the batch file shows a warning saying: “The system cannot find the file specified.” This warning is […]

Using Subversion with DropBox

Is it a bad idea to use DropBox as a backup system for Subversion repositories? Has anyone tried using Subversion with an an online file sharing utility like DropBox? What’s your experiences? My concern is whether this will work – mainly because Subversion maintains locks and it’s very specific about it. I’m not sure if […]

interoperation between mercurial and subversion

A similar question has been asked recently, but is not the same. The Mercurial website has a detailed page listing comparisons for 4 different options for getting Mercurial and Subversion to interoperate. I am wondering if anyone out there has tried one or more of these, and could relate any really good or really bad […]

Temporarily ignore subversion ignore settings

I have a bunch of files that I normally want to ignore so I have the file extensions listed in my global ignore as well as on the folder properties ignore list. However, I have a one-time need to see all unversioned files in my working copy, even those I normally want to ignore. I […]

Why do I keep getting 'SVN: Working Copy XXXX locked; try performing 'cleanup'?

If you have worked with SVN tools in Eclipse (Subversion, subversive) before, then you are likely familiar with the ‘working copy ‘XXX’ locked…” error. I found a very useful post with a workaround for this problem at: Working copy XXX locked and cleanup failed in SVN As great as the workaround is, it is a […]

Restore Eclipse subversion project connection

I have a project in subversion, which I’m developing using Eclipse. I did the original checkout from the svn repository from inside Eclipse. All was well for some weeks then for some unknown reason, Eclipse (specifically: subclipse in Ganymede) no longer recognizes my project as being under svn control. The team context-menu only shows the […]

Obtain Subversion Revision from Previous Jenkins Build

I have a Jenkins Job that polls subversion periodically. When the build kicks off I would like the Jenkins job to obtain the SVN Rev # for “file X” from the PREVIOUS Jenkins Build. The reason I want this revision number is so I can implement a script that does an “svn diff” between previous […]

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