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LDAP SSO with access to SVN, CVS and GitStore?

I have set up OpenLDAP Server on Centos and clients are of various flavors like ubuntu, fedora, mac os x, windows 7, windows 8 and centos as well. I am in a position where all above mentioned OS Clients are able to login to LDAP Server, but my question is how can perform single sign […]

Rewrite git-svn repository with '–ignore-paths' after clone

I have big svn repository cloned with git-svn without any excluding/ignoring directories. Now, I want to exclude one folder from cloned repo. It is possible to add –ignore-paths to existing git-svn repository? Need to rewrite history to increase free space and accelerate fetch.

From git to deb repo

I have a Git repo that has all the neccessary files for deb repo, the whole neccessary structure and files. Now I want to get those files from git repository (for example branch “new”) to my webserver/deb repo. What’s the best way to do it? I used to use SVN and just used the SVN […]

Are there any alternatives to Floobits with GIT/CVS like editor logging

I love Floobits, but for this project I need an alternative that keeps track of who and when makes changes to a document, specifically because we’re doing this project as part of a degree and the teaching staff want a way of keeping track of who’s contributing to the team work. They’ve suggested GIT and […]

Doing git svn rebase after using git-subtree

Introduction We are moving from Git to SVN using git-svn. We have a single SVN repository with a large directory tree. A project links to other subprojects using relative paths. The simplified example below has a MainProject that is dependent on SharedProject1 and SharedProject2 SVN └── trunk ├── MainProject ├── SharedProject1 └── SharedProject2 Moving over […]

EGIT – after merging the second time still got same conflicts

After i did a merge of branch#1 into the master branch- I got some conflicts, so ive fixed them and committed the changes. now, if i execute the merge again, i dont get a “already up to date” message, but instead im getting all the conflicts back. any ideas?

Synchronizing Git Repo with origin SVN repository: Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

I experience the following error when synchronizing my new Git repository cloned from SVN. I know that there are a lot of posts regarding that topic and of course i have read them, but none seem matching to my situation: Scenario: I have to migrate a big projects SVN repository with history to Git. For […]

How to develop on multiple computers with Libgdx and Intellij Idea

I have a laptop and a desktop computer. At the moment I can only code on the desktop where i have created and developed the project for now. When I load up the project, which sync with Copy.com by the way, it doesnt work because all the library-paths isn’t the same on the laptop and […]

GitHub repo on VisualSVN Server

We have a Github repo that is connected to our live server online. To manage code internally, we have a Staging server with VisualSVN server to which the team commits the code and then if all is fine, commits to Github. I did the followsing steps and have the subsequent issue. Please let me know […]

git-svn clone svn repository, fetch and merge only particular files into git project

I want to set up WordPress testing with PHPUnit. The Automated Testing guide of the handbook states that the steps necessary to run the tests are: 1. Standard PHPUnit install 2. svn co http://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/ wordpress-develop 3. cd wordpress-develop 4. phpunit I want to incorporate ./wp-config-test.php, ./tests/, and ./phpunit.xml.dist from the SVN repository (in point nª2) […]

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