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how do I export svn repository to git when I don't have svn credential?

I have a full checkout of svn repository in a folder. But I don’t have the credentials of the svn repository(hosted in Unfuddle). I want to move this folder to a new git repostitory ( Github) with all its history and changes intact . If possible I would like to keep the commiters . How […]

How can we use version control in a shared work environment?

Currently our team (web devs, one designer and one copywriter) all work on separate workstations but do our changes on the same dev environment (we all mount the same shared drive), it’s a marketing site and not a web application, so no builds or deployments, we just push changes to the live site once they […]

What should be committed to a repo?

I am wondering, what kind of code is/should normally be committed to a project repo (branches, not master)? Complete features only? Is it considered wrong/frowned upon to commit half completed code?

How often to comment when committing code?

What are best practices for COMMENTING commits? A little background. All our projects use version control (Subversion / SVN / Git), Most of them are touched by 2 or more developers, We use Springloops to host our version control, since it “just works” and is cheeper than having an internal dev maintain it, Because so […]

Is it better to use a separate commit message for a git merge?

I come from an SVN background so I’m not sure what the typical git workflow looks like. When you merge in SVN, you provide a commit message describing the merge. This is necessary because SVN’s merge-tracking has historically been poor. I noticed that git’s default behavior is to automatically commit the results of the merge […]

Why does `git-svn` hang at `Found possible branch point:`

Since a few days, my git-svn hangs at Found possible branch point: …/trunk => …/branches/foo, 8809 when I do git svn fetch. The clone acutally is at revision 163671 already. My box had a freeze lately, so it might be that something got stuck during a git svn fetch when it froze and I had […]

git svn clone not checking out all directories

I have a project in SVN and I tried to clone it with git–svn. I followed the example in the git-svn docs. git svn clone svn+ssh://host/path/trunk project_name The command completed with no error msg, but the cloned project does not contain all the directories as the project in SVN. At the top level, my SVN […]

If GIT doesn't track file renames how do we keep from losing these changes in merges?

In our application we often need to rename a file/package on a release branch and then merge this change (along with many others) to the trunk. A big problem is that many SCM solutions (our current is SVN) do not track file renames. When we go to merge a release branch of our product back […]

CVS or SVN or GIT?

Possible Duplicate: Revision Control System Recommendations I’m in the middle of developing a web app. Which version control system (CVS/SVN/GIT) is recommended for managing a web app (it’s environment is PHP/MySQL, Apache 2, Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit server)? The web app is being developed on a dev/sandbox server for now, but will eventually be hosted on […]

svn to git migration: incomplete history

I’m migrating my SVN repository according to this answer. Everything goes smooth except that in the end I do not have the complete history. I could track the source of the problem down to a “SVN move” which I made. This is what I did: At the beginning my SVN repo had no trunk branches […]

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