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Working with repos

When working with repos (I have github in mind), should we also commit third party libraries? For example, boost and poco compile to 5G with samples. Should we upload all that to github? If not, then how do we keep the libraries in sync with other people? Sorry about lack of capitalization and grammar. I […]

Have SVN function as a Second (remote) repo to push to with Git?

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to have a SVN repo as a remote (secondary) repo to push commits to? I want Git repo to be my origin repo. I prefer Git and have my own private Git hosting and the company I work for has SVN repo. I want everything I do go […]

Looking for the best practice with SVN / GIT for Magento projects

We are a small team, 5 people now (2 dev, 1 project manager, 1 webdesign, 1 integrator) and we are working on Magento since 1&half years. We must jump a new stage because we have new projects and 3 new people will join our team for dev/int and at this time some mistakes can append […]

git repository in single system user environment

in SVN it was possible to work in several people on one working copy of a repository. SVN prompted for a username and password and commits were attributed to the user which logged in even though they accessed the server with one system user. However, in git, I cannot find a way to acomplish this […]

git-svn and huge svn repository with many “sub-repositories”

I’d like to use git–svn in my company for certain project “proj1”. However our repository looks like this: proj1/ app1/ component1/ branches/ tags/ trunk/ component2/ branches/ tags/ trunk/ app2/ component22/ branches/ tags/ trunk/ How would you cope with this? I thought git submodules is the answer but I don’t know much about it and from […]

Should I use GIT for a corporate file respository?

We have a number of remote workers around the world that need to share the same files (including adding to and editing). We have used SVN in the past with great results. One of the biggest SVN repos we had was 17GB. The size was never the problem. We had all sorts of stuff in […]

Output from 'git ls-remote' shows tags not found in 'git tag -l'

I am converting a SVN repository to a Git repository following guidance from Pro Git (found here: http://progit.org/book/ch8-2.html ). After pushing to my newly created remote, I did a clone from said remote. New clone did not have any information about my tags. I then did a ‘git push –tags’ from the original. However, when […]

Svn add all files in repo

What svn command is alternative git add . ? Thank you.

What's the difference/connection between the SVN and GIT repos of FreePascal/Lazarus

I’ve been updating from the SVN repo from the main page, but also found the GIT repo on github. Are they connected or should I use one more than the other? Where is the fpbuild and fpprojects on github that exist on the SVN repos? Cheers.

Easy way to integrate branches into trunk

I’m running Subversion version 1.4.3 (r23084) + tortoise, and my problem is integrating an branch into trunk. Tortoise’s merge didnt work, i got to do this from console. Its always a hard work to do because of many issues, so i’ve been thinking about some changes. Will a subversion update (its on 1.6 now) resolve […]

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