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Create a master git repository for multiple git-svn repositories

I have a project which consists of several services, each in their own SVN repository and a build script that checks out each SVN repository as a folder in a single /project directory along with a /project level Makefile to recursively build the whole project. Visually it looks something like this: /project Makefile /service1 # […]

BitBucket colored diff email service

Does anyone know about anyway to send out colored diffs of commits in bitbucket? I reckon you can do that by pushing out a HTTP call to your own server, but I need a solution in case you do not have your own server to rely on. I am a big fan of SVN::Notify, so […]

how to convert svn repository to git on Windows

We have remote svn repository and we want it to convert to git. Could you please tell me how is it possible to do it on Windows? Thank.

git not receiving post commit results from svn server

I’m using git to commit to an svn server, which has a post commit hook. This post commit hook is supposed to return some text to the client. The hook works fine when I use pure svn, but git svn does not display the text. Googling around, I have been unable to find any details […]

How to migrate to Git from this setup (svn)

At work we are looking to improve our current way of working and we are thinking Git might be able to solve our problem. Our current repo is hosted in SVN and looks like this: MAIN —trunk —bugfix CUSTOMER1 —trunk —bugfix CUSTOMER2 —trunk —bugfix Now here comes the joke 🙂 Customer1 and 2 are basicly […]

Pull remote SVN and merge local changes

We use WordPress for development, but often make a lot of modifications. We’re looking for a way to always keep our development version up to date with our modified version. It possible to import all of the WordPress SVN commits, branches and tags, but merge these with any we’ve made in our repo. For example […]

merging two git repositories, one a git-cvs clone, one git-svn clone

I am using code from a CVS controlled repository (@sourceforge). Instead of using it directly, I was using a git clone of it made by someone else. In my clone I have several modifications. In the meantime the upstream project has switched to SVN (@googlecode). I was able to create an automatically updated git clone […]

git-svn: ignore case of svn usernames from authorsfile?

I’m tracking a svn repository using git-svn and have an authorsfile to get real names for the committers. svn doesn’t seem to care about the casing of usernames — there are commits with username variations like username, Username and UserName which definitely belong to the same committer. Unfortunately git-svn respects casing, so I have to […]

svn or git or something else?

Our team is developing a game. I’d like to try separate prototype which is based on our code but will slightly be different. We use svn for code repository. Now for my own prototype, how should I set up a repo so that I can keep updates from the svn but won’t let me commit […]

When converting to git, how should I handle a single directory svn checkout?

I am soon going to be converting my part of an application from using an svn backed repository to using git one. I’ve previously used git-svn, but the whole team is being moved to git and I’ve been asked to be in the vanguard of that move. Although I’m happy I understand how do do […]

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