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Import svn into git

I am trying to convert svn repository to git. The problem I am facing is how to preserve the full complete history. The SVN repository has quite convoluted history and then git-svn works, it starts only from particular revision, ignoring all earlier history. More details. I want to import a project which is now located […]

Is there a sourcecode management system (svn, git, etc.) webclient that can commit?

Is there a sourcecode management system (svn, git, etc.) webclient which you can use to change the code (that can commit and push)? I am hosting my repository at sourceforge.

SourceForge: Mirror GIT repository to SVN

I have a project developing using GIT. I need to make a SVN mirror only repository for users that didn’t like GIT. I googled some instructions about it but all of them failed. Part of them written for Linux – I have Windows. Part of them suggest to create empty repository and then syncing it […]

Can Version Control Recognize Lines Being Transposed?

Basically, just what’s in the title, e.g., if my original file says… Read me! Lese meg! ¡Leéme! and I commit a version that says… Lese meg! Read me! ¡Leéme! Is there any version control platform that can recognize that one row has been moved when a diff is done, rather than the following… +Lese meg! […]

How do you suggest a Java application, or any other 3rd party application written in any language, interact with a backend tool, such as SVN/GIT?

So I’m looking to implement a wrapper for SVN in C#, I’m wondering what is the best way to interact with the SVN backend through the wrapper application. Any suggestions? The first thing that came through my head was directly using shell to manipulate SVN. Just wondering if there are alternative methods 🙂 Thanks!

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Git's snapshot-based approach in practice compared to the traditional VCSs?

In the official git book I can read this: Git thinks about its data more like a stream of snapshots. This is an important distinction between Git and nearly all other VCSs. It makes Git reconsider almost every aspect of version control that most other systems copied from the previous generation. This makes Git more […]

using Git and pushing to production mode (w/ diagram)

As you see in the diagram, you have the developers pulling code from the develop branch and then pushing the code back in as they make updates. Develop branch is tested and then merged with the master or release branch. Once the merge is complete and the release branch is updated with the new code […]

Automatically run Travis-ci with svn repo?

Is it possible to run travis-ci using a svn repo the same way as github is used? It seems that I can only trigger a rebuild when there is a push to github – but would it be possible to setup a script which triggers a push or a rebuild whenever the svn repo has […]

Found an issue while migrating from Subverison to git invalid XML at /mingw64/share/perl5/site_perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm line 308

I am migrating svn respository which have 63000revisions into git. In the process of migration I found below the issue and using SVN2GIT plugin for migration in windows machine. XML data was not well-formed: The XML response contains invalid XML at /mingw64/share/perl5/site_perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm line 308. Please suggest a solution to fix this issue.

highlight/ navigate line number in visual svn through url

I have an svn repository, and have java files in it. I can access files in the repository through url in web browser. e.g. https://serverName/svn/repositoryName/file1.java This java file has 100 lines. Is there a way I can navigate to any line number/ highlight any line number in this file through the url? In git, there […]

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