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Don't see a new branch after creation

I have created a new branch and went with a browser to check if it was created but I don’t see it. $ git svn branch -n -m “Students line” student_line –destination branches Copying https://<my_site>/svn at r294 to https://<my_site>/svn/branches/student_line…

Git: how to overcome file structure restrictions?

Real life example: On my local wamp server my website is structured like so: Example/trunk/ lib/ config/ model/ web/ index.php/ (other web/ content e.g. JS/, CSS/) app/ When I up try to deploy onto a VPS hosting environment, however, the file structure I must organize in is something like this: public_html/ example/ lib/ config/ model/ […]

How to mirror my source code that is in SVN repository with git

How to mirror my source code that is in SVN repository with git. My firm keeps all its source code in SVN. I what to checkout all the code from the svn repository and then import it into a git repo on the internet so I can go home and get everything out of the […]

What's the best way import only a few branches' history when switching from SVN to Git?

We have a huge SVN repository for which we only care about a few branches’ history. Is there a clean way to import the history for just these few branches? Mainly, we’re trying to avoid the incredible amount of time it would take to import the entire repository if we’re really only going to keep […]

Simple “Get all new commits from SVN and put them into a true GIT, to 'svn' branch” setup?

it is my first attempt to make git–svn project. I have Debian server with direct access. Info: – local SVN is one branch and i won’t be doing any local or remote commits What i want to archive: Create true GIT local repository. That’s easy :-] Create SVN local copy(or git-svn repo ? i don’t […]

Git with SVN trunk and branches

Since I’ve been using Git, I liked the fact that you can create a local branch which you can squash to your master branch and DCommit to SVN (on trunk), and then delete that local branch (on Git). Now I want to find out how to deal with SVN branches. I need to work with […]

How to best manage public and private sets of source code?

I have(ie, “own”) an open source project that I want to do some work on and extend and then sell it. The problem comes down to managing it all in source control though. My open source project has SVN. This repo is publicly accessible. What would be the best way to make a secondary (private) […]

How to import a svn repository underneath a git repository?

I have a svn repository that I migrated to git using the tool svn2git. Now I would like to push this git layout to a remote repository underneath an existing directory. But, I would like to keep the svn history (tags and branches). For instance: Git remote repository layout: git-repository/dirA git-repository/dirB git-repository/dirC/svn-repository-migrated-to-git Makes sense? Is […]

Trac issue/bug tracking software – is there a way to use git AND svn on the same trac installation

I’ve successfully installed Trac bug tracking software which has the ability to use SVN and GIT – however I am having problems setting up both types of repositories for the same trac installation. The config seems to imply that there should be only one ‘type’ of repository for a trac install but this seems to […]

how can I create an archive before git svn dcommit?

I’m trying to create a zip archive of my project when I push to the svn server. My old setup would use a post-receive hook on the remote git repo to do this. However, I’m now using svn and I don’t own the svn server so I can’t put anything over there. I’ve set up […]

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