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How do I build on specific commit in Git on Jenkins?

I am trying to build my project from specific commit in Jenkins. I have specified branch to build and its building from HEAD commit. However i want to build from any specific revision/commit. I tried passing GIT_COMMIT value as parameter but its picking up head commit only. I also tried using svn type thing like […]

maven scm plugin migration from SVN to GIT

I had a maven project structure including following projects server client node This is my module structure in main pom <modules> <module>server</module> <module>node</module> <module>help</module> <module>client</module> </modules> I defined an automatic jar creation mechanism that runs on server machine. It checkouts code for each module, compiles, builds, etc. In each module, I defined maven scm blug […]

Migrating from SVN to Git with SVN repository having no trunk tags, and branches

I am trying to migrate my SVN repository to Git keeping all the history intact. My SVN repository has a non standard layout and the project files are directly under the repository root. There are no tags and branches. I firstly used git svn clone to migrate the repo. the command completed successfully but when […]

Jenkins + populate changes from last build

I am using svn and git as my source code repository and Jenkins for build. In a single job I need to checkout sources from different repositories (svn & git) and from different paths. Hence I use a customized script for checking out the code from svn and git. Since I doesn’t use the feature […]

GIT Flow and support of parallel software versions

my company is switching to GIT (from SVN). I have been reading this about GIT flow: http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ And I don’t understand, how I can fit it to our current release schema. Current release schema Let’s say the corporate divison of our company issues software X. Our team developps packages / modules for the software. Sometimes, […]

Jenkins – avoid SCM polling loop with AssemblyVersion change

I am using Jenkins to manage a pet project of mine. I am using svn as the SCM, and polling minutely on trunk to fire off a CI build. I am using the Change Assembly Version plugin to put custom version numbers into the build (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Change+Assembly+Version). The version numbers capture date, build number, and svn […]

How to use git via USB stick without a network connection to commit patches to a SVN repository

I have two networks that are not connected. I can only use an USB stick to transfer data from one to the other. On the first network there is a subversion control system. So I can checkout a working copy on computers on that network and also to an connected usb stick. Also I can […]

Comments in svn ignore list

In .gitignore file I could create comments and write a reason why I ignore those files. I just put # in the beginning of the line. How can I do this in SVN ignore list?

SVN to Git tags in weird location

I have a couple of my projects on a SVN server. But when I started with the SVN server I had no clue about how a SVN setup should be. So my current SVN repo layout is like this: https://mysvn/svn trunk project1 project2 tags project1-tag1 project1-tag2 project2-tag1 project2-tag2 After some thought I decided to go […]

Git cluster several commits into a single commit

I’ve added several consecutive incremental changes in my Git project that all share the same description (I.e. a false bug fix, followed by bug refix commit). Is there any prompt method to select all those change into a single commit message after they were already (before or after they were pushed to central repository) ? […]

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