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svn-checkout from a GIT repository

Is there a way to make an svn-checkout from a git repository? The problem is that I’d like to have a git repository stored on a server and I can work within using git normally, pushing and pulling changes. However, there are developers, who don’t need to make changes in the code, but they need […]

Mirror git to svn

I have a primary git repository for an opensource project I want to mirror all commits to a svn repository (on code.google.com), is it possible ?

Using patch files with TFS (patch file is from subversion, git, etc)

Can patch files be read by TFS or visual studio? I’d like to either create a shelveset or apply the patch to a workspace in TFS.

“git rebase <branch>” on git svn repo changed remote tracking destination?

I have a git svn repo. I have multiple release branches in here. I was preparing a new release and as part of it, I figured I’d do a “git rebase” from the previous release to pull over any changes that hadn’t been merged. So I set up my branches… git branch new_release remotes/svn-branches/new_release git […]

All-in-1 decentralized project management git+tickets+wiki

I am looking for some type of command line software, like git but with all the other tools necessary to manage projects. These days we all use version control system plus “some type of hosted issue trackers or wiki” to manage our projects. Instead of doing that I want to use all-in-1 decentralized solution.

What is the best solution for handling multiplatform (dev/integ/valid/prod…) development? Delivery process

I’m not so experienced but i worked on some big Java EE projects (using maven2) with very distinct ways to handle the installation / delivery on the different platforms. 1) One of them was to use snapshots for development and then make a maven release, of components and main webapplications. Thus the delivery is: war/ear […]

When cloning an svn repository into git, should I clone only trunk, or the entire repo?

What is the best practice here? The repository in question is here: http://svn.osqa.net/svnroot/osqa/

What are the advantages of using git-svn over the normal svn client?

I’ve seen a number of posts recently suggesting that if you have to do team development with an SVN repository, git is a better client than svn: a successful workflow with git how to use git-svn as the only subversion client you’ll ever need These articles seem to focus on the how, and skimp on […]

git svn dcommit without rebasing

Our company uses (and supports!) SVN, but I tend to use git. What I want to try is to have git repository – one per project, project developers will be able to pull from this repository (and of course pull from each other if they will want to). But I still want to push all […]

Multiple Similar Sites with GIT? Or some other version control?

I just took over a web development position for a company that manages a lot of different sites. There are a couple different site “designs” and for each design, there’s a couple cookie-cutter type versions of the same thing. They’re different sites, but the framework is so close to the same, that since only the […]

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