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GIT-SVN every attempted commit results in <file-name> needs update

I am attempting to commit changes made locally to a remote repository using git-bash git svn dcommit results in <filename>: needs update update-index –refresh: command returned error: 1 I have tortoiseGIT installed on my machine, and if I do the commit by rightclicking my local repository and Git Commit -> Master… then the commit works […]

Which version control allows access permission on file level?

I have used SVN before and because I have a larger project which I have frequently changing developers working on I want to define file access on a package or file level. For example giving full access to basic classes, but only allow the reading and committing for special users in some cases. Is there […]

svn diff offline

dueto historical reason, I do have a very old vm with eclipse 3.2 running and a lot of uncommited code. The source code management was svn, but this server doesn’t exist any more. Now everything is located in a git repository. My question is, is there any way to run the svn diff or something […]

Is there a way in a VCS to have a child branch that only syncs a few specific folders/files from the parent?

Lets say I have repository for a project that has a bunch of folders and files lets call it master. /3rdPartyJars /compass /js /deploy /js /python build.xml When I deploy to the production server I just want to push the latest deploy and python folders to the server. Previously I was using svn1.7 and I […]

Compare only changes in a commit with current working dir

I have a very large repo which needs some clean up. The repo came from SVN and was messy to begin with. There are many branches, some of them were merged into trunk, while others were not. Unfortunately, SVN did not track this so merged/unmerged branches from SVN look the same. (as Branches just hanging […]

Why is my new Git branch empty?

I’m new to git, using svn for many years. I created my master and then from inside the “master” directory created a branch: git branch Dev git checkout Dev But the branch doesnt have any files associated with it. I think its my misunderstanding of git branches. Anybody want to explain? When I create a […]

Managing sources across sites

We have several sites and are using one centralized subversion repository. The repository is large and network bandwidth means it takes several hours to get sources between sites. What you would advise? One option is to start using Git but it could be very expensive. What about still having one central SVN repository at the […]

Repair links between moved files in Mercurial

Over the course of having this repo (originally SVN) I’ve not been to good with keeping file links together. I’ve changed IDE’s twice, split the project into Netbeans modules, and mavenized the project over its time. Most of the file history is lost, mainly because during mavenizing I deleted the entire trunk, committed, copied over […]

Is it true in Mercurial (hg), the same as Git, that a revision you committed may only have code not modified by you? (a merge)

Seems like in SVN, when you do a merge, there won’t be a revision checked in by you. All your “commits” should only have code that is changed by you. But in Mercurial, that’s not the case. Your “merge” commits are committed by you, but they usually contain changes that are made by other people. […]

Team Git Workflow Setup

I am working on a project with a group of around 10 people. I am trying to make it so each person has a remote repository they can push to in which everyone can fetch from. There will also be a blessed repository in which everyone (except manager) can fetch from. Note – Developers will […]

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