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using git-svn in place of (Tortoise) Subversion – limitations or surprises?

I have been using git for source control, but now I’m taking over a project where the source control was done with Tortoise Subversion. I haven’t used git-svn before, but it appears that it was written to give users a Git-like interface to Subversion repositories. Are there any limitations or gotchas to be aware of […]

Error on git svn fetch: svn-remote “svn” unknown

I am trying to migrate my svn repositories to git and I am facing a ridiculous error after I execute the following command: git svn fetch the error is : [svn-remote “svn”] unknown I already looked on the Internet for several suggestions but none worked. Anyone had this before?

Clone an Ordner from git, commit the changing in the same ordner into git

I have now a Problem between git and svn. For project intern we use git as repository. But our customer uses svn as repository. We have periodically released for our customer. We must commit 4 Modules (actually 4 Ordner) in Customer svn. The 4 ordner have the same structure in git and svn. My question: […]


Im trying to clone a project from TortiseSVN through GIT Bash. Part way through the cloning process an exception happens and the GIT Bash console stops cloning and shows the line: “0 [main] perl 10436 cygwin_exception::open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to perl.exe.stackdump” This creates a log file with the following content: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at rip=0048360C10C rax=000000060245EBE0 […]

git repo with svn external/submodule

I have been searching for a long time now. And cannot really find a good enough answer for my problem. We now use SVN for our projects. These projects share 3 libraries which are also SVN repos. We include them into our projects via SVN externals. We are looking into GIT now and I am […]

Share parts of git repository to group of users like in SVN

Imagine file system stored in svn: – a – a1 – a2 – a3 – **a3file1** – **a3file2** – b – c – d – .git Under this file system is defined git repository. What I wanna do is to set rights to our two groups and three external programmers like this. first group “admins” […]

Migrating from SVN to Git with large history

I’m trying to migrate a large project from SVN to Git. It’s a +15 years old project and it has a large history. We are using the svn2git Ruby tool, but can’t push to the repo because the history file is +1GB, therefore get an error message. Is it possible to enable LFS support to […]

git svn clone update_ref failed for ref, refusing to update ref with bad name

I’m trying to migrate my SVN repo to a Git repo. During a git svn clone command I get the following error Unrecognized escape \M passed through in regex; marked by <– HERE in m/^([0-9a-fA-F]+) fatal: update_ref failed for ref ‘refs/remotes/origin/8.0-R3\MyProject@26482’: refusing to update ref with bad name refs/remotes/origin/8.0-R3\MyProject@26482 update-ref -m r32123 refs/remotes/origin/8.0-R3\MyProject@26482 a48597b7e7a12f9deed97b07b1685994eae7369b: command […]

How to push git master branch to trunk of a new SVN repository

I have a WordPress plugin in a Git repository: https://github.com/pushpad/pushpad-wordpress I would like to continue to use git for development. However I have to publish a copy to SVN in order to publish the plugin on WordPress.org: https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/pushpad-web-push-notifications/ I’m looking for the easiest solution possibile. The SVN repository is empty. I cannot use git svn […]

Multi-branch pipeline – one project per folder

I am currently trying to migrate my repositories from SVN to GIT and I encountered a problem while trying to setup the configuration for the Jenkins multi branch projects. I have a repository that contains multiple configuration in a single branch. Each configuration in a different sub-directory. The configurations have no relation to each other, […]

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