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How can I track multiple svn branches in git

There are so many ways to skin a cat, can anyone improve on this?

SVN to Git conversion with renamed trunk

I have a multi-project SVN repository that I am trying to convert into multiple Git repositories, one per project. That part I can handle with git–svn and I’ve found multiple HOWTO-type documents for that, but where I run into trouble is that one of the current projects was created by renaming and merging parts of […]

Process to make a build in one step using Xcode + SVN / Git

We have several teams running iOS projects and using SVN/Git for version control, now i need to know the process how to make a build in one step (to make the app for release) using Xcode and SVN/Git. Need to know # how others are doing this (one step build to release) What is the […]

Learning Git after Working with Subversion

I have started at a new job where I need to implement a version control system from scratch. At my previous job, I implemented version control using Subversion (specifically, Visual SVN Server with TortoiseSVN, AnkhSVN, and SubClipse clients). I have heard a lot about Git recently, but I have never used it. Most articles I’m […]

Git vs SVN: can I have single change in history for several branches?

We have to keep 2 product versions. Now, some changes in each version have to be backported to another version. In SVN, if I made “change” to version 1, I merge this revision to version 2 and give comment like: “Merged ‘change’ from v1”. This is awkward in many ways. Even worse if I merge […]

'Can't create session Unable to connect to repo' when trying to migrate svn to git

I’m trying to migrate my local svn repo to git. I’ve been following the steps on this post: How to migrate SVN repository with history to a new Git repository? More specifically, this answer (seemed like the simplest). The problem is whenever I try and fetch from my svn repo I keep getting the : […]

Using git-svn with existing svn project

I’m currently working on a project that has a svn repository. I’m used to git and love the way it allows me to have a local repository, so I would like to use git-svn with this project. I would like to know how to use git-svn from a svn project already in my computer. Do […]

Git – Accidentally Overwrote Entire Commit History of Remote Repository

In an attempt to create a bridge between Git and SVN that allows developers on one project to use SVN and those on another project to use Git, I inadvertantly overwrote the entire git commit history in the remote repository. Here’s the basic work flow that caused the error. Cloned the remote Git repository Followed […]

SVN copy equivalent if using Git-SVN bridge

Im using the Git-SVN bridge for a remote Subversion repository. Now, I need something like the svn copy command in Git / Git-SVN, so that it looks like I used svn copy to the remote SVN repository. As far as I know, svn copy file keeps the history for the file for the copied file […]

Am I doing it wrong? Merging SVN changes from trunk into a git branch. Using merge –squash

We use branches to do our work and keep trunk pristine for the most part. Before merging my changes from my branch into trunk, I want to make sure that I’ve got the latest changes from svn/trunk into my local branch. It’s taken me a bit to figure it out but here’s the workflow I’ve […]

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