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Formatting commit messages

I recently migrated a repository to git from svn. When I look at the log, all the commits from SVN are not properly formatted in the 50/72 format. Is there a way that I can go through every commit message and edit it so that it conforms to git format?

What are pros and cons of using git-svn?

I’m tired of subversion, it keeps corrupting its own repository. As I was for a long time curios of git and always wanted to try it out, I’ve decided to give it a go and use git-svn. But reading through documentation I realized that you can’t use much of git awesomeness with it. You can’t […]

Is it good practice to store binary dependencies in source control?

Over the years, I’ve always stored binary dependencies in the \lib folder and checked that into source-control with the rest of the project. I find I do this less so now that we have NuGet and NuGet Package Restore. I’ve heard that some companies enforce a rule that no binaries can be checked into source […]

'rm' + 'svn update' equivalent in Git?

In a svn working directory, I can make some changes in files in the working directory remove all the changes I made by ‘rm all the source files in that directory, but keep my .svn directory) retrieve what the trunk supposed to by using ‘svn update’ and svn will download all the source back to […]

What makes Git better than Subversion for merging?

Possible Duplicate: Merging: hg/git vs. svn I’ve heard/read that Git and DVCS’s in general are better than Subversion and centralized version control systems. And one of the reasons I’ve heard for this is that merging is so much better in DVCS’s than in centralized system. What is the difference between the two when it comes […]

Git downloading trunk using subversion bridge

I am using the git to subversion bridge to check out a subversion repository. Initially I was using this command, get svn clone -s svn://repositoryName/etc But our subversion repository is massive, many years of development, many branches, etc. The consequence is that the process dies often, when it is compressing the repository the memory usage […]

Is it possible to have local Git branches working with remote SVN repositories?

We have a SVN repository with our source code. We really want to use local Git branches to develop new features and take advantage of Git capabilities like the merging algorithms. Is that possible? If yes, could someone provide some information about how to perform that?

How to structure a repository that consists of several libraries and applications

I’ve won the task of restructuring/recreating an existing code repository, either using Git or Subversion. The repository history is not necessarily important in this special case. After analyzing the situation I’ve found some problems determining a good layout. I’ve read through a lot of blogs and threads, but I’m still unsure as to what is […]

Anyone use both Tortoise Git and Subversion on the same machine?

Anyone install both? Using each for separate projects obviously. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’m guessing, but hoping to fish out any gotchas. Furthermore, anyone use Tortoise Git, Subversion and Mercurial on the same machine? Edit: Forgot to mention, this is for Windows 7.

How Git or SVN handle large binary files

Our team decided that is time to finally leave Serena PVCS behind ( yay!! ) and now we have to decide between git or SVN. But even after reading some outdated docs and posts regarding how git handle bin files i couldn’t find a direct answer about this topic. So, since one of our repo’s […]

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