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Make a git commit unpushable to Subversion?

I use git locally, and git-svn to work with a shared Subversion repository. I have a local branch with some parameter changes that are relevant to my test environment, but that I would never want to share with everyone else. Right now the way I’m doing that is by having a local branch with that […]

What does git svn clone with no params for layout do?

I have a grouped multi-project repo with the following structure: http://my.subversion.host/svn/repos/PRJGRP/projectN/{trunk,branches,tags} Let’s say I’m cloning project 1; the following commands have the same effect: git svn clone -s http://my.subversion.host/svn/repos/grp1/project1 project1.git git svn clone -T trunk -b brances -t tags http://my.subversion.host/svn/repos/grp1/project1 project1.git My question is, what happens when you clone with none of the parameters? git […]

Checkout different SVN folder using Source Tree to push to WordPress plugin assets folder

I am using SourceTree to push to my SVN WP Plugin directory. I have set that part up successfully. The problem is with pushing to the assets directory as explained in the wp plugin FAQ. SourceTree only shows the trunk as an available remote: The WordPress FAQ states to: Start by creating an assets/ directory […]

Ignoring versioned files: Can I “assume-unchanged” a file in SVN?

I have a versioned file I want to change for local development, but I also want to make sure that I do not accidentally commit those changes to the SVN-Repository. I think in Git there is an option to mark a file with “assume unchanged”. Does there exist a similar option in SVN? How do […]

ZF2 applications: best practice workflow for modules

I am writing a ZF2 Application. I started with ZendSkeletonApplication, and I will be adding some modules to it. I may end up with tens of major modules in the application: modules/ Module1/ Module2/ … ModuleN/ Question: Do I keep a separate repository (and project) for each of the modules, or do I roll all […]

Git svn clone pulls bad repository

When converting a JavaScript/Web project from Subversion to Git, I’m seeing a problem, even when I start over from scratch (the first Git repository is always bad). The git svn clone works fine. From here on, pulling a bare repository looks good, but pulling a repository with working directory either from the original cloned repo […]

In there any way to mark code to prevent it from being committed to SVN or Git?

I find myself adding Debugging code that I am worried it will be mistakenly committed to the repository. I usually mark this with a “Don’t commit this” warning. but then I have to comment/delete this code before committing and then add it again to the project. Is there any way to mark a piece of […]

Pushing revisions of a single file via git-svn

I am developing a small project in git: it is actually a single XML file plus a couple of scripts for testing purposes. I need to submit that XML file to a third party who keeps a several such XML files (no scripts) in an SVN repo. Is it possible (and how) to setup git-svn […]

How to use Source control with Domino Designer

I can extract NSFs and get DXL files. These files contain the code and properties but the date and sequence are not necessary for a source control. Example of contained : `<noteinfo noteid=’312′ unid=’BE60461232D902ECC1256FA5004F1250′ sequence=’20’> <created><datetime>20050211T152340,32+01</datetime></created> <modified><datetime>20131224T120328,38+01</datetime></modified> <revised><datetime>20131224T120328,37+01</datetime></revised> <lastaccessed><datetime>20131224T120328,37+01</datetime></lastaccessed>` How can i configure SVN or GIT for exclude these informations when the source controle compares […]

Can an SVN external pull down a Git repository's submodules?

Since Github allows you to pull Git repositories down as SVN, I’ve included a Github repository as an external. trunk (svn:external https://github.com/Automattic/vip-quickstart base) … that works great. BUT that repository has its own submodules (see https://github.com/Automattic/vip-quickstart/tree/master/puppet/modules) and they aren’t being downloaded on svn update. Can an SVN external pull down submodules? If so, how?

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