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Migration from SVN to GIT

I migrate from SVN to GIT this way git svn init https://svn… git svn fetch Can I change the commit for migration, instead of “Commit to SVN” in GIT was “Revision number in SVN – Commit to SVN” For example 541 – Init module ABC

commit to svn unstages last commit?

Today i have encountered a weird problem when “dcommitting” my master HEAD to google code svn repository. Below an extract of what I did. I’d almost say that I do have uuid clash but i consider that to be unlikely. I’m getting more and more experienced with git but sometimes i’m still puzzled… Some changes […]

View version control progress graphically

Is there a software for mac that lets me view the progress of the branches in either git or svn like in this image (from here)

managing git and svn at the same time?

I have a group working on some commercial code in a private git repository. The people I’m working for are using subversion/beanstalk. What i need to do is take a copy of the latest release from git, merge in any changes from subversion, scrub (squash?) all the commits we’ve made in git and then commit […]

SVN on Windows

Sorry in advance if this not ‘SO’-ish enough— I have a tech writing friend who is looking into version control for her word and visio documents. I advised her to check out TortioseSVN or whatever M$-flavor of Git is out there for local version control. However, she is concerned about what will happen if a […]

Git workflow to fork a local repository?

What’s the git equivalent of the following svn workflow: export foo import bar Is it the following? checkout master tag foo branch bar

Setting up a development environment for the web

I would like to be able to setup a development environment to add new features to a website, test and once considered stable, push these new files to the live site. Versioning systems such as SVN and GIT seem too complex. The main selling point of these systems being able to collaborate code with many […]

How to make git svn clone on an SVN tag fetch the complete history?

In SVN tags are just another URL. So when I clone a URL which points to a tag using git svn clone <url_of_tag>, I expected it to fetch the complete history of the tag but it does not. A git log after the clone shows, <some_hash> git-svn-id: <tag_url>@12256 eaa63c25-6722-0410-8f96-99d88de8df57 git svn clone <url_of_trunk> works fine. […]

how to seamlessly integrate subversion and git?

I’m looking for tips on how to seamlessly integrate subversion and git, for deploying web sites by a small team of web developers. We each have our own development versions of our sites on our local machines. We also have dev, staging, and live servers. As our team has grown, we haven’t updated our revision […]

Working with repos

When working with repos (I have github in mind), should we also commit third party libraries? For example, boost and poco compile to 5G with samples. Should we upload all that to github? If not, then how do we keep the libraries in sync with other people? Sorry about lack of capitalization and grammar. I […]

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