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svn monitor for linux

is there any svn/git monitor for linux? there is one written in c# http://csharpopensource.com/svnmonitor.aspx I would like to know when someone else have commited something to SVN right after he does it, so I can make decisions based on that. Since I’m not the owner of the repository I can’t use a post commit hook […]

How do I convert my SVN repository to Git while preserving branches?

Some help please. This doesn’t seem to do it for me: git svn clone –stdlayout –authors-file=../authors.txt file:///home/path

What problems might I face keeping a directory under git and svn control?

I’ve been running into problems with git-svn, and in searching for a solution I stumbled across this page, in which the author decided to simply use both git and svn, since they both hold all of their important information in .git and .svn directories. I suspect the main problem with this type of workflow is […]

How do you push the latest head/master into SVN from GIT without all the history?

I’m dealing with two repositories. A remote server running SVN and my local git repo. I’ve got my head/master branch to where I want it after several edits. Now I just want to push the latest copy of what’s in git into an empty SVN directory with a single commit, without the 100 commits and […]

git svn dcommit not work

I’m to migrate a extent git repository to a new svn repository,. I’m follow this steps: http://sandrotosi.blogspot.com/2010/02/migrate-git-repo-to-svn-one.html The problem is, when I run the command git svn dcommit The error message is: digger$ git svn dcommit Committing to http://repository_url_path/trunk … A .gitmodules A vendor/rails 6ce13429cbc1359d85e1dc99c84561840e89d455 doesn’t exist in the repository at /opt/local/libexec/git-core/git-svn line 4277 Failed […]

Is there a way to move a svn repository if you don't have access to the svn server?

I have been seeing information on how to move a repository if you have access to the server the repository is hosted on but what if you only have the login information for the repository? Can you do a full checkout of a repository and all of its revisions and then move it to another […]

Why is git svn show-ignore / show-externals so slow?

I’m in the process of writing a general-purpose svn -> git migration script, which allows for a lot more than the standard git svn clone, and during one stage of my script I’m checking the output of git svn show-externals and git svn show-ignore for every branch in the migrating repository, and taking various steps […]

How to mirror the official Linux kernel tree in a private gitolite server?

We work with embedded ARM Linux systems and have some SBC based products with custom hardware controlled by them. As such, we need to develop custom kernel drivers and sometimes adapt existing ones. Since we started using Subversion, the chosen strategy was to use a “vendor branch” to keep the vanilla kernels to be used […]

Advantages of branching in Git (for an SVN user)

I have a project using Git. My co-worker comes from the SVN world and hesitates when checking out a new branch on his local repository. He would work on his local master and select files to push to remote repository. How should I convince him of the advantages of branching? For example, what kinds of […]

SVN, GIT or Mercurial for local servers

I am looking to install on our local server a version control system. I’ve been looking at the pros/cons of the SVN and GIT, and even Mercurial. We have about 30-35 different websites currently. Would I create 1 repo that contained all of them as folders? Also which would be better to handle all of […]

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