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git svn – Unrecognized URL scheme error

I’m getting the following error on attempt to clone svn rep with git svn: eugene$ git svn clone https://my.site/svn/ here Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/eugene/Documents/workspace/test/here/.git/ Bad URL passed to RA layer: Unrecognized URL scheme for ‘https://my.site/svn’ at /usr/local/git/lib/perl5/site_perl/Git/SVN.pm line 148. svn checkout https://my.site/svn/ works just fine. I’ve re-run cpan SVN::Core and install finished fine, […]

git “revert” current directory

In svn it’s possible to do svn revert ./* in which the current directory and ONLY the current directory gets reverted. What is the git equivalent to svn revert in which only the current directory gets reverted? I know that there’s git reset –hard, but it reverts everything and not just the current directory. How […]

Expected FS format '2' found format '3 git-svn

I was just checking out git–svn and thought I would give it a try with one of my existing repository. When I ran git-svn I got this error. Couldn’t open a repository: Unable to open an ra_local session to URL: Unable to open repository ‘{MyFilePath}’: Expected FS format ‘2’; found format ‘3’ at C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git-svn […]

Source Control for Everyone?

I’ve got a number of non-technical users that all share a set of project files. It would be ideal to have them using version control, but I think that both subversion and git are too technical for non-technical office staff. Is there any distributed source control software that would work well for normal people?

Best workflow with Git & Github

I’m looking for some advice on how to properly structure the workflow for my team with Git & GitHub. We are recent svn converts and it’s kind of confusing how we should best set up our day-to-day workflow. Here is a little background: I’m comfortable with command line and my team is pretty new to […]

How to wean myself from FTP in favor of Version Control

I have heard that uploading your website with FTP is now for n00bs, but it’s the only way I’ve known how for the 8 or so years I’ve been building websites. Apparently all the buzz now is using a version control system, like SVN or Git, and somehow using SSH to upload only the files […]

Using Git in a Company?

At my workplace we have one large Subversion repository which holds about 100 projects. Some projects use each other through svn:externals. Usually all people have read+write access to everything, but sometimes external people and interns have only restricted read/write access to some custom folders so they don’t get our crown jewels. How would you structure […]

Does SVN have an equivalent to git's commit (without the push)?

Basically I want to stage my changes without pushing them and without switching branches. This allows me to do some work, commit it when I am at a good stopping point, and then continue work in the same branch. If I mess up, I can revert, if I add new changes, I can just commit […]

Getting list of SVN users for Subversion -> Git migration?

I’ve been looking over a few SVN -> Git migrations and they all mention getting a proper users list before migrating, specifically by using the command: svn log -q | grep -e ‘^r’ | awk ‘BEGIN { FS = “|” } ; { print $2 }’ | sort | uniq I have access to the […]

svn to git conversion

I am trying to convert a SourceForge project from Subversion to Git. According to some Googling, it should be possible to use this command: git svn clone http://PROJECT.svn.sourceforge.net/ PROJECT.git Where PROJECT is the project name at SourceForge, to get a SVN project checked out into a local git repository. However this just gives the following […]

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