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GIT remote cannot fetch via SSH

I’ve just initialized a GIT repo in an existing website root. I have a local development copy of this site, which is already a GIT repo. I can’t just clone one from the other, as the local/live versions have fallen out of sync over the years. I’m trying to get them lined back up with […]

git clone on windows

I have installed an SSH server on Windows Server 2008, and initialized a git repo. I’d like to clone this on my dev environment, so that I can commit and push changes. Having trouble figuring out the path; here’s what I see in every example: home$ git clone ssh://myuser@server/path/to/repository That’s great and all, but I […]

Setting up sparkleshare but keeping old ssh credentials

I wanted to try out sparkleshare and looked at the tuorials etc. I understood everything so far, my problem is that I dont know what is going to happen with my current ssh access if i add the new key. I am running the git repo on my own mac mini server. since i need […]

Unable to use key file Eclipse

I setup public key access to my server via ssh. I have a .ssh folder on my local windows computer. I configured ssh to add the private key using the ssh-add <directory> command. I am able to successfully connect to my server using windowspowershell. The chmod and Chown of the .ssh directory and authorized file […]

How to determine SSH fingerprint of client for usage in Git hook

I’ve got a Git update hook which checks if the branch being updated is master and if so, sends an error message to the client. I now would like to make it so only pushes to master which I myself make will pass. Currently I have two SSH keys added to the authorized_keys of a […]

Commands handled by git-shell on prompt don't do anything (just hangs)

I’m trying to set up a git repository on my remote linux server such that I can connect via ssh and share the single login with a few friends in a fairly secure way. I’m running into issues because my sshd calls duo security via FORCE_COMMAND set in the ssh config (points to ‘/usr/sbin/login_duo’). I […]

How to set up custom subdomain mapping to aws codecommit?

Say, I own mydomain.com and I also host this domain in Route 53. I want to set up a subdomain, say, git.mydomain.com pointing to codecommit host. For example, git.mydomain.com => git-codecommit.us-west-2.amazonaws.com I created a CNAME record in Route 53 to do that. I think DNS did pick up the change. Trying “git.mydomain.com” ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: […]

How to get git to use an ssh (rsh) transport other than “ssh”

Is it possible to get git to use something other than “ssh” as the ssh program? Rsync has a -e option for this purpose, and other interfaces where rsh or ssh can be used as the transport. The particular use case I have is chaining the ssh connection via a bastion host, as direct ssh […]

Stack trace:\sshd.exe: *** fatal error – could not load u, Win32 error 1114,COPSSH GIT TORTOISEGIT

I have this very strange situation using git and copssh with key authentication. When I do git push or clone using tortoisegit or git extension with key authentication it always failed with Stack trace:\sshd.exe: * fatal error – could not load u, Win32 error 1114 But when I load the same key using putty it […]

Uncomon Git server error: “Refused pubkey” (but the key is tested valid)

I have here a particular problem that may be a client issue. However, I am getting a server error. So please read through, maybe you will agree with me that this is a really weird problem and hopefully you will help me resolve it!:) Here is my situation: I got a setup at home with […]

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