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Git clone “fatal: I don't handle protocol 'ssh'”

I’ve created a repository in my local machine and asked a colleague to clone it, but it’s saying it can’t handle the SSH protocol. In my computer the repository is at /devel/scripts.git, and there’s an user called devel with access to that folder. Another guy could clone it normally, using git clone ssh://devel@ We are […]

How to set up SSH authenticated git commands in a TeamCity build step

I need to execute git commands in a TeamCity build step. These git commands need to use a SSH-based url for the git repo in order to authenticate as a priviliged user to the git server (because these git commands will actually modify the git repo, not just read it). I am aware of this […]

Git error: Unable to negotiate with XX.XX.XXX.XXX : no matching host key type found . their offer: ssh-dss

This question already has an answer here: Unable to negotiate with XX.XXX.XX.XX: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss 5 answers

Can one single SSH key be used to push to different Git remotes?

Usually,I generate different SSH keys for pushing to multiple Git servers. Today,my colleague showed me that he uses the same id_rsa.pub file for pushing to both GitHub and our LAN GitLab server. Can one single SSH key be used to push to different Git remotes? What is the reason that we have to generate multiple […]

Git clone with username password authentication in one go

My current command is git clone ssh://username@onboard.com/srv/git/repo after that password … fine, works good. Now I would like do this in one line. Something like that: git clone ssh://username:password@onboard.com/srv/git/repo but it`s not working and gives me the message: Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. How can I clone […]

Is it possible to access a Github Wiki via SSH?

I just created a Wiki for a Github repo, and cloned it to my desktop. There is only the option to clone using https, which means every time I try to push git asks me for my username and password. Is there some way to use SSH in a Github Wiki as I do with […]

Someone added an SSH key to my Github account

I just received an email saying “A new public key was added to your account”. I checked my GitHub account and saw two keys – one was added by me several weeks ago from my Ubuntu machine, and one was added today from a Windows machine. This is a machine that I once worked on […]

Creating Remote GIT server on OSX Client ( Snow Leopard ) to sync with XCode 4 local GIT Repo

For those who want to create their own git repository on a remote OSX Snow Leopard client box, then sync with it over SSH from XCode 4.1 – read on. I’ve managed to get this to work, but I think it might be helpful to others who are now pulling their hair out in the […]

Hudson git error ssh

If there is anyone that can help me understand why this git repo isn’t cloning that would be amazing. I runt the same command from the terminal it works. I hoping to find out where I can put the password so the server can authenticate the connection. Please and thank you. ERROR: Error cloning remote […]

push to heroku through port 443

I am unable to use the default port 22 and so have run into difficulties setting up git and heroku according to the hartl rails tutorial. I was able to push to git by including the following in the ~/.ssh/config file: Host github.com User git Hostname ssh.github.com PreferredAuthentications publickey IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Port 443 However, a […]

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