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Running ssh-agent through puppet

I am using Puppet and I want to pull Git repos through cronjobs with a specific user. I have a private key located in my ~/.ssh directory, which I add to my ssh-agent with this exec: exec { ‘add-ssh-key’: cwd => ‘/home/user/.ssh’, command => “bash -c ‘eval $(ssh-agent) ssh-add rsa_key'”, path => ‘/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin’, provider => […]

Git can't connect to Gitlab, SSH verification error

I’ve been trying to pull down a repository from Gitlab using SSH keys. All done in command line on Windows 8 via a Ubuntu VM. I’ve added my public key to my Gitlab account and then added my private key to the ssh-agent and didn’t seem to have any errors in doing so but when […]

'USERAUTH fail' while conneting to github using JSch

I have two GitHub accounts, and both have different SSH keys for them. if i use terminal to check the connection i can connect using both and the response message has corresponding user name. Key1: ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub git@github.com PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Hi m-aamir-ashfaq! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not […]

warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (C.UTF-8) while using Cloud9 and Openshift

I am using Openshift to host my website/application, and using Cloud 9 as an online IDE to code the website in. Everytime I pushed code to the openshift git repo, or if I SSH’ed into openshift from Cloud9, I kept getting the following error: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (C.UTF-8) The error would be […]

SSH push to git from remote server

I am having a hard time with the following situation: We have a remote virtual server where we store our website files, I access this server through ssh connection in ubuntu terminal. On my current desktop ubuntu I have 2 ssh keys as it should be – one public and one private. In Git I […]

Capistrano unable to pull a Stash repository using SSH

I followed the following procedure: Created an SSH key; Enabled SSH in Atlassian Stash; Added SSH key for the Stash account called Capistrano (already used by Capistrano to successfully connect using username and password to Stash) Tested the SSH connection using the command git clone ssh://git@stash.domain.com:7999/project/repository.git and the repository is successfully cloned; Changed the following […]

Should I use my personal email in my ssh public keys?

Reading Github’s Generating SSH keys tutorial, I saw this on the Step 2: Generate a new SSH key: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “your_email@example.com” What bothers me is the “your_email@example.com”. I know that is just a comment and it is even optional. But I was wondering, is it safe to put your email address […]

ssh-agent suddenly “lost” my key

I’m using Git on Windows, and a week ago I set up my SSH keys. I cloned my repos and it worked fine. Then, today I tried to make a pull and this happens: $ git pull Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access […]

Configure Git to use a .pem key from a specific location

Whenever I try to do a ‘git pull origin master’ I get (It is NOT Github): Permission denied (publickey). I am able to SSH into my AWS EC2 Linux sever, which has the bare repository, which I’m trying to pull from when I get the aforementioned permission error. I have indeed copied the public key […]

how to set up ssh key in windows 7 machine

I am learning git. My friend set up a git repo in his server and he give me the link for clone it. He also provide me a .ssh folder. and i see there is two file id_rsa.pub and id_rsa. I already install git so I goto to my user folder and see there is […]

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