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Git clone repo in Dockerfile

I’m trying to clone a repository when building an image from a Dockerfile. I’m using the sequenceiq/docker-spark Dockerfile and extending it as follows (before the ENTRYPOINT line): RUN yum install -y git RUN git clone git@github.com:myorg/myrepo.git I get the following error after a few minutes: Initialized empty Git repository in /myrepo/.git/ fatal: The remote end […]

Can't get SSH public key authentication

I have a notebook and a remote PC based on Windows 7 which have a static IP (for example I want create a ssh-tunnel for my work. So I installed cygwin and share port 2222 for ssh-connection. Now, when I enter on my local PC in sh.exe ssh -v Test@ -p 2222 I see […]

git push -u origin master not working

I am at the very beginning of a Ruby on Rails course, and am simply trying to push my app to github. It hasn’t worked, and I’ve been troubleshooting for 2 full days now. I can’t get any support from the folks I bought the course from, which is frustrating to say the least. These […]

Accessing GitLab server login hosted on AWS EC2 using an SSH tunnel

For a GitLab server that is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance. I would like to view the GitLab server login page via a SSH tunnel similar to that which is done here for R-studio, where in the blog it says that by typing http://localhost:8787 on the local machine web-browser you are able to access […]

Powershell ISE / SSH – won´t ask passphrase

MySystem: Windows 7 – 64bit – Powershell vers. 4 I started working Git. Installed Git, msysgit and for powershell I am using posh-git. No issues with Git itself – but I need to run “console-apps” (C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin) like SSH. Via ISE SSH (without parameter): default usage message – which is ok SSH -T git@gitserver […]

Why does git clone hang when calling from a shell script which SSH's to a remote server?

I am writing a small app for those in the company who don’t like command line and to help with productivity. The app runs a shell script which gets input from the user, uses it to SSH to a remote staging server and git clone the repo to that remote server. SSH keys are all […]

Git hangs on initial push

I’ve just started a new private project and wanted to push it to Bitbucket. However, git just hangs after entering my ssh passphrase: psirus|example» git push -u origin master Enter passphrase for key ‘/home/psirus/.ssh/id_rsa’: Unfortunately, nothing more useful can be found by using -v: psirus|example» git push -v -u origin master Pushing to git@bitbucket.org:psirus/example.git Enter […]

I really need to create each time I have new machine (virtual or not, vagrant, …) an SSH key for GitHub

On my GitHub configuration there are some SSH keys. One from my personal computer. One from job computer. One from my parents computer and so on. Now, … that I am starting again a new configuration “session”, I am in front of a Vagrant machine. I can create ssh keys and paste it to GitHub. […]

ssh agent forwarding not working on ec2

I’m trying to use ssh agent forwarding on my local machine so that I dont have to use my private key on remote server for git clone git@bitbucket.org:username/bucketname.git I have following setup on my machine: $cat ~/.ssh/config Host bitbucket.org IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Host ForwardAgent yes and have added my public key to bitbucket site when […]

Can't Git Push onto AWS EC2

I’ve followed this blog post to set up a remote git repo on our AWS EC2 instance. Eventhough I followed the blog post and set up my rsa public & private keys on my local machine and then added my public key to the remote aws ec2 server .ssh/authorised_keys I could not ssh with my […]

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