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Team City + Git SSH agent-side checkout. : Need SSH_KEY error

I set up git VCS using SSH authentication. Default private key Keys are both on server and on agent (different machines, both run Mac OS) I am doing Agent-side checkout “Test connection” returns successful result Locally on agent machine I can easily clone repository. So keys a registered and work well. I am using Unfuddle […]

Capifony Error reading response length from authentication socket – linux

I have created a configuration on one machine (ubuntu) that works and checks out code from repo, now I try to duplicate the same configuration on another machine. I have configured ssh to the point when I can issue: ssh -Tv git@gihub.com And I get correct response: Hi <myrepo>! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does […]

Why i am asking password on git clone?

When i run this on mac, everything is ok : git clone git@test.test-project.com:my_project When i run it at home and copied my home id_rsa.pub key to ssh project in authorized_keys , ssh connection is ok, but cloning git repo requires password, why? Full steps to reproduce: git config –global user.name ‘User Surname’ git config –global […]

Run batch file which run another cmd file

I have script in batch file: cd C:\TESTS\front-tests call git pull cd C:\TEST\front-tests\AutoApp\bin\debug start AutoApp.exe And I want to call git pull but it fails. Permission denied. But after I write from hand command to run “start-ssh-agent.cmd” and after that i call git pull it works. My question is how to modify the batch file […]

Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic) in OpenShift

While trying to ssh into OpenShift (DIY instance), I am getting this message: Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic) I did the following: I pasted the public key through the online interface in OpenShift. I was able to clone and push changes to the git repo they provided. The permissions for my private key is 400 (Even changed […]

How to update FQDN for gitlab after installation

I’ve installed gitlab eight months ago, so far everything works very fine. Recently I have changed the domaine name of our agency website (from agency.com to newagancy.com), so I would like to change also gitlab domaine name. (from gitlab.agency.com to gitlab.newagency.com) I have made some changes in two config files: /home/git/gitlab-shell/config.yml /home/git/gitlab/config/gitlab.yml But I still […]

GitHub “permission denied” message, even though key has been added?

On my local machine, I can push to a git repo with no problems, without being asked for a passphrase. On the remote machine, whenever I try to push, I get the dreaded: -bash-4.1$ git pull origin master Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct […]

Connecting to BitBucket from Fasthosts

I don’t know enough about SSH to figure out where I might be going wrong. I’m trying to set up my project on a server but can’t connect via ssh. SO, I’ve; generated an ssh key on the server (a shared hosting package) .bash_profile is starting ssh-agent and loading my key. ssh-add -l spits out […]

git push via ssh and who knows the private key?

This is a conceptional question. When setting up a ssh connection to gitbucket/github, I am creating a private ssh key which is then used for creating the public ssh key. Then I add the public key to gitbucket. Hence as my computer hold the private key, it can decrypt the encrypted messages coming from gitbucket. […]

Automated git clone on remote server via ssh, with agent forwarding

I have a script which uses the ssh agent to login to a remote server. It than tries to clone a private git repository. However, I can’t get github to accept the login. <?php $ssh_agent = new \phpseclib\System\SSH\Agent(); $connection = new \phpseclib\Net\SSH2(‘www.example.com’); $connection->login(‘example-username’, $ssh_agent); // the clone fails $commands = array( ‘cd ~/example-path/’, ‘ls -la’, […]

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