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Cannot clone Git repos. ~/.ssh/id_rsa verified in git

So I recently had to reinstall my OS which meant ssh-keygen. After logging into git it shows my new key as authenticated, but I am unable to clone anything. Facts: I am using Elementary OS which is a flavor of Ubuntu. I can successfully git init and create new branches recognized in my git admin/settings […]

SSH protocol has been blocked and I don't have access to remote git repository

I am living in Iran and SSH has been blocked since yesterday; I need to access to my git repository on bitbucket and github! Here comes the result of ssh -v git@github.com OpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 2011 debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config debug1: /etc/ssh_config line 20: Applying options for * debug1: /etc/ssh_config line 102: […]

Configuring SSH for git

I posted about this yesterday, but I’ve made a bit of headway. Turns out my IP address got blacklisted by the server. I’m still having some trouble though. When I run “ssh -vvv git@gitlab.cs.myschool.edu”, I get back this: debug3: authmethod_is_enabled publickey debug1: Next authentication method: publickey debug1: Trying private key: /.ssh/id_rsa debug3: no such identity: […]

Format of ssh config

I followed a tutorial so I could have two seperate git hub users on the same machine, I created a config in the ssh folder: #Default GitHub Host <span class=”skimlinks-unlinked”>github.com</span> HostName <span class=”skimlinks-unlinked”>github.com</span> User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Host github-panthro HostName <span class=”skimlinks-unlinked”>github.com</span> User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_panthro But now when I try and ssh I get […]

Git works fine locally, but when accessing machine remotely Git asks for password

I have two machines, a Macbook Pro and an iMac. When I’m traveling, I use my laptop to dev. When I’m at home I prefer to use the iMac for dev because of the big screen, and use my laptop as a server. The problem arises when I SSH into the laptop and try to […]

Changing value of GIT_SSH for tortoiseGit

I want to use tortoiseGit to check out a SVN repository via SSH. It fails every time because the SSH command can’t be executed. Apparently the reason is, that a custom SSH command gets invoked, which contains a user name and a password. I used tortoiseSVN before to access a repository via SSH and tried […]

ssh-keygen generate keys with sshfp

I want generate public keys for github use ssh-keygen。 but when i run ssh-keygen -r rsa -C “mymail@gmail.com” which gives me the results : rsa IN SSHFP 1 1 09ccd47be801ef68972072edcd9701244xxxxxxx rsa IN SSHFP 2 1 427b9ec46f0d00eb12b7335d54966d857xxxxxxx and I can’t find any files in ~/.ssh . Actually, the directory .ssh don’t exists in /home my vps […]

Gitolite create repository with gitolite user locally

I want to create a new repository on my gitolite server with the local account, without accessing through SSH. Is this possible? Are they some gitolite scripts that i can use? If I try to configure gitolite via the git user on my system by checking out the gitolite-admin repo and configuring it accordingly. But […]

Is there a way to call commands in git shell on windows using Grunt.js

is there a way to call Cygwin or git shell instead of CMD on Windows using Grunt.js? I’m trying to build an auto deploy system, but the ssh command in CMD does not use my RSA key with ssh. currently i’m using the grunt-shell plugin, and it works great on a mac. But because of […]

interactive services for a git user on GITLAB

I installed gitlab and when I try to do the following: ssh git@domain.com I get the following error PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Welcome to GitLab, Jhon! Connection to domain.com closed. I read the following comment in one of the threads: You cannot ssh to the gitlab server as git user, that is […]

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