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composer install does not use ssh key on private repo (permission denied publick key)

I have a laravel project with some dependencies to private packages, secured trough ssh, working on windows 10 with laragon. On composer install I get a permission denied (public key), however if I clone the repo directly I get my regular prompt to type the ssh-key password for authentication and the clone works with no […]

Gitextensions with ssh and password

I just installed gitextensions on win10. At the first fetch of a repos, it showed a terminal window to set password or so. I did something wrong, but cannot get back these windows. Now i get this error whenever accessing the remote repos: fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: git@ I deleted the gitextensions […]

GIT: Push to remote from remote server

I’m connected to (university’s) remote server via ssh command. I want to push upstream data to remote git repository from that server. I’m trying to do it only via https (ssh keys aren’t set). I’m trying to do it by command: git push -u https://gitlab.com/username/reponame.git master but GitLab doesn’t even ask me about my credentials […]

Git keeps asking for my password after doing ssh-add

Hi Git keeps asking for my password even after I followed https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12195/how-to-avoid-being-asked-passphrase-each-time-i-push-to-bitbucket and ran ssh-add I added the following to my .bashrc # http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10032461/git-keeps-asking-me-for-my-ssh-key-pas$ SSH_ENV=$HOME/.ssh/environment # start the ssh-agent function start_agent { echo “Initializing new SSH agent…” # spawn ssh-agent /usr/bin/ssh-agent | sed ‘s/^echo/#echo/’ > ${SSH_ENV} echo succeeded chmod 600 ${SSH_ENV} . ${SSH_ENV} > /dev/null […]

Git error: fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: git@

I’m having an issue setting up git in my Windows computer. I’ve spun up a VM of CentOS 7 to use as a host-your-own GIT server. Whenever I try and connect to it from by Windows box I have issues, I’m running msysgit as the client on Windows. If I SSH into the CentOS server, […]

Git error Permission denied (publickey), couldn't paste publickey

Upon git pull on Mac terminal to GitHub, it returns an error showing permission denied (public key) I’ve looked through this earlier stack overflow thread but upon cat id_rsa.pub | bcopy it shows no such file or directory. what should i do?

SSH Advice, git cloning from multiple Jumps

this is a bit of a strange one and I am not sure how to tackle it. At the moment, we have a jump box which we use to connect to customers: Host jump.server.com Hostname jump.server.com ForwardAgent yes ForwardX11 yes User first.last Port 22 DynamicForward 9999 I then connect to my customer: Host jump.customer.com User […]

SSH Failure using Git For Windows

I’m using Git For Windows (not msys or GitHub) in my build server scripts. We have a self-hosted BitBucket repository with an SSH access key configured. I’m trying to do an initial clone in my build scripts via the command line and it is failing with an SSH error/ Here is my environment: Windows Server […]

Git bash can't access home directory on fresh machine

I have just got my new laptop (Windows 7) and wanted to clone first repository. I’m using ssh connection and private key. To my surprise, git bash can’t see my home directory to work with .ssh default directory: $ git clone git@bitbucket.org:<blablabla> Cloning into ‘XXX’… Could not create directory ‘/u//.ssh’. The authenticity of host ‘bitbucket.org […]

Credentials issue on Windows slave node fetching from Git repo

I have a RedHat master node and a Windows slave node. Jenkins (v2.46) is installed on the same RedHat box. I get the exception below running jobs on the windows slave node. Jobs executing on the master node executes with no problems. It’s worth saying that this has only started after upgrading (among others) these […]

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