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fatal: remote server hung up unexpectedly

I’ve looked at the other threads with similar questions, but I’m new to git, so most of it didn’t make sense 🙁 Here’s the problem: I can’t push a simple readme onto my repository on github. $ ssh -T git@github.com seems to be working fine. But whenever I push the README using the following: $ […]

Xcode 4 git: 'moving' local git project to our remote server

First off, apologies as I’m new to git, ssh and Xcode. Also, I’m a rather command line phobic. We have a server running where clients connect with ssh authentication pull/push code from/to. It works beautifully from Xcode 4 for existing projects which I had setup using git command line. It’s really simple to clone projects […]

git clone from remote server with ssh chaining

we have a git repository on remove server A. I normally access that via ssh from my work machine, e.g. git clone user@A:/path/to/repo However, A is not accessible directly from outside work. There is another server, B, which I ssh into, which can then ssh into A. What I want to do now is to […]

Sublime Git pushing host key verification failed

So basically I pushed my project to gitlab by sublimegit. Now I made a format to my windows7 and installed windows10, I placed the project folder in the same path as I used to have on old OS. I have the privatekey from which I can generate id_rsa – I checked it and it also […]

Custom SSH Config Not Working

I have been trying to get ssh to connect to Github using port 443 and I have decided to use a custom ssh config file at ~/.ssh/config. After creating the file and setting the proper file permissions I attempt to connect again, the connection is still timing out on port 22. I know this because […]

Gitolite – How to create users?

I tried to install git + gitolite following this manual – using root instalation from server. I just do not understand if new gitolite users have to have their user accounts?. When I add tester.pub key into keydir folder and configure access to some repository, git always ask for a password and do not allow […]

Git total reset. Remove all files. Remove history

I have an existing repository (at ssh://xxx@yyy.rhcloud.com/~/git/dev.git/) which isn’t cloned to my computer. It’s too big and messy and I don’t want to download it, I don’t need it anymore. I want to start fresh and totally replace its content. How do I do that? I have used SmartGit before to commit. I can also […]

git clone from machine behind firewall TO remote machine

I can ssh from my work machine to my home machine This works Work$> ssh -x -Y myname@homemachine.dydns.org Now if I want to clone a git repo on my work machine to my home machine . I issue the command Work$> git clone ~/my_new_work_git_repo myname@homemachine.dydns.org:/home/myname But this ends up creating a directory named “myname@homemachine.dydns.org” with […]

Netbeans 7.3: Error connecting to Git repository with SSH

I am trying to connect to a git repository on a remote server so I can edit the source code in Netbeans 7.3, but when I try to connect to the repository with my ssh private key to clone a repository, I get this error: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 779 Log: INFO [org.netbeans.modules.git]: (address removed): java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 779 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 779 […]

Atlassian Stash – Permission Denied (publickey)

I’m actually in the process of setting Atlassian Stash for my Workplace. I’ve ran into this issue which I’m not able to fix. Note, this is running on a Windows 7 64bits installation. When setting the SSH Keys, I followed the Stash Guide on how to create them and set them into my account. Still, […]

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