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GitLab: I can't push or clone repo, asking for Git password

I have installed latest GitLab with Bitnami. But I can’t push my updates to central repo. It always asks for Git password. I installed it in a local server and given the domain name as a local IP. The public keys are updated in /hom/git/.ssh/authorised_keys list. Iut it asks for Git user password. Please, help […]

Git clone hangs in Ansible

What I’ve tried: 1) Copy private key from local machine to server and clone with it: – name: clone repo sudo: yes git: repo={{ app_repo }} dest={{ app_repo_dir }} accept_hostkey=true key_file={{ssh_key}} version=master force=yes But it hangs. As I understand this issue occurs ’cause key has passphrase. 2) Use ForwardAgent in ansible.cfg: [ssh_connection] ssh_args = -o […]

Specifying ssh key for jgit

I’m wondering how I can use jgit to connect to github using a specified ssh key file (i.e. one not in ~/.ssh/). Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to use JschConfigSessionFactory properly. I’ve tried creating a setup just like the one in this article: Using Keys with JGit to Access a Git Repository Securely I call […]

EC2: How to Clone Git Repository

I am trying to checkout a private repo from github.com onto my dev instance on EC2. $ git clone git@github.com:Org/Product.git Initialized empty Git repository in /home/ec2-user/Product/.git/ Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly How do I do this? I tried SSH forwarding as well, but that didn’t work.

Git pull over SSH – Repository not found. HTTPS works

Git pull over ssh does not work for one of private repositories of my organization. ➜ player2-js git:(master) git remote set-url origin git@github.com:MyOrganization/player2-js ➜ player2-js git:(master) GIT_TRACE=1 git pull 11:24:39.494710 git.c:371 trace: built-in: git ‘pull’ 11:24:39.495491 run-command.c:350 trace: run_command: ‘fetch’ ‘–update-head-ok’ 11:24:39.495882 exec_cmd.c:116 trace: exec: ‘git’ ‘fetch’ ‘–update-head-ok’ 11:24:39.498051 git.c:371 trace: built-in: git ‘fetch’ ‘–update-head-ok’ […]

Eclipse: How to clone git over ssh with keyfile?

Hey, I am using Eclipse (while running Ubuntu 10.10) and would like to connect to a remote git. Normally I would use the egit plugin, but now I need to connect over ssh with keyfile. Unfortunately egit has no “with keyfile” option, is there a way to connect to my repository with my keyfile? Is […]

Setting git private repository project on jenkins server

I am trying to set git private repo on jenkins server. I have installed git plugin and also github. when I set repo url in jenkins project ui the error is Failed to connect to repository : Command “git -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h git@github.com:repo/project.git HEAD” returned status code 128: stdout: stderr: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

Setting Git/SmartGit SSH Client's home folder

I’m wondering if anyone can shed some insight into why SmartGit isn’t behaving when I’m connecting to our source control server through SSH. GitBash behaves fine. Background: I’ve got a source control server set up on the network, running MSYSGit with WinSSH as the SSH server. It hooks into AD to resolve usernames etc, and […]

bad configuration option in git

Yesterday our team member changed two lines in the ssh_config file because it was impossible to get up to go to the bathroom without the ssh tunnel breaking. Now, git can’t pull anything to the machine from our repo. Here is the error we’re getting (git was working fine the day before yesterday): Fetching origin […]

Two-step git import over ssh

Bitbucket has an importer tool for importing repositories from remote locations, but it only supports the git:// protocol. Our existing repositories are on a company controlled machine behind a firewall that I can’t change, and git:// is not available. I need to move the repositories from our company machine to bitbucket, keeping all history and […]

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