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Why can I not clone repository from Github using Cygwin SSH on Windows 7?

I want to clone my own repository from Github using Git+Cygwin+Ssh. How to do it – I create key, I publish public key on github.com, I do ssh-add? What I am doing wrong? $git clone git@github.com:ChameleonRed/test.git Cloning into ‘test’… Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address ‘’ to the list of known […]

Setup Git without SSH

We already had a secured VPN using OpenVPN, so we don’t want to use Git with SSH to avoid double encryption. I successfully set up Bonobo Git Server on IIS 7 on Windows 2008 RC2 and created an repository. But when I tried to clone that repository from my laptop using Git GUI, it kept […]

How can I set read only access to ssh git server?

I have a git repo on my server that I can push/pull through SSH just fine like: git clone ssh://user@domain.com/repositories/myrepo.git It prompts me with my public key passcode and I’m able to fetch or push changes to it, but I was wondering if there was a way where I could set it up so people […]

Export ssh key from Github servers

I set up two ssh keys on my Github server, also I have an account on git kde servers, on my current machine there is one used by github, which works just fine and the other was synced by kde servers, which I deleted from my machine and I am searching for a way to […]

Access and deploy problems with Heroku

I’ve been using Heroku normally in the past few months. In the beginning, I created a ssh key, I added it to my Heroku account and I could deploy my apps without any problem. Until today. I’m working on a new project and I needed to create a new Heroku account under a different e-mail […]

Git push to live server through limited ssh

I’m using GitHub to keep track of my source code. Although I work alone, it comes really handy to test new features and rollback if it doesn’t work. So, I installed in Git Bash in my windows machine, and commit & push to github when the code is ready. Now, I want to take this […]

Git setting up ssh key

I installed git on a machine using Windows Xp and I am trying to clone from a remote repository hosted on heroku. The problem is that when I first login on heroku the generate ssh key option does not appear. Using ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “your_email@example.com” I created a ssh key (or so does git […]

ssh login issues at github and authentcation issues while doing a git push

I have been getting the following issue when I do a ssh git@github.com PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 After this usually we receive a confirmation message saying you are authenticated which I did not receive I have tried restarting issues Now I have replaced my ssh key ( which is not a solution […]

Setting up SSH keys for Bitbucket on Windows

First, I am an absolute noob with git, repos and command line. I have repo on Bitbucket and I basically want to be able to push to the repository via gitbash without entering a password each time. What I have: A repository on Bitbucket with the code already set up. A local directory where the […]

What's the magic in “Github for Windows” that make it work in emacs?

I’ve been trying all day to make git work inside emacs shells (version 24) on Windows 7 x86. (*) The culprit is actually ssh, which won’t work. For instance, typing: ssh -T git@github.com will hang forever, whatever the type of shell used inside emacs (the emacs shell (aka eshell) or msys bash). Outside of emacs, […]

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