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.bashrc not executed when starting GitBash

I’m following this guide, I’ve gotten to the part where I need to create the .bashrc file and it doesn’t seem to execute when I restart GitBash. I’ve tried a few things including the answers on this SO question. I’ve also tried just having an echo in it for testing, which works when I execute […]

git push origin master gives error permission denied (github)

ERROR: Permission to durrantm/linker.git denied to kevinzen. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I’ve tried a lot of things to change/set my identity and get rid of that ‘kevinzen’ Update – final resolution was that I had added my public key… but… I had missed a few characters so it was invalid. Pasting in […]

Configuring known_hosts in jgit

Using jgit with gitolite for source control, I have an application that generates certain code on command and which we want to be committed to source control. The goal is to pull with a fast forward, commit the new code, and then push it. I have the following method: private void commitToGitRepository(String updateComment, Config config) […]

Jenkins, fetch git submodule over ssh with multiple users?

don’t know if the title describes anything about what I’m trying to say but here it is: I would like to know what would be the “best practice” when setting up Jenkins with git submodules. Both the main and submodule repo are accessed over ssh, and since we have several users all of these have […]

Set up Gitosis, but can't clone

I’ve set up Gitosis on a remote Ubuntu box which I will refer to as linuxserver as my host in the following commands. I’m also connecting from a Windows box using Cygwin. I followed the instructions according to: http://scie.nti.st/2007/11/14/hosting-git-repositories-the-easy-and-secure-way I had no problems up until I needed to clone the gitosis-admin repository to my local […]

Avoid pass-phrase prompt on git push to remote

When I created my SSH key while setting up git, I chose to use a pass-phrase for the key. Now, whenever I push to my remote repository (unfuddle), I get prompted for this pass-phrase. Is there some way to automate this?

Set up updating source code on server by Using GitHub’s Service Hooks

I followed this article I tried using this command ssh -T git@github.com and I received the feedback: Hi Tran! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. which shows that it’s OK with my ssh key and GitHub account. This’s my repository’s Webhook image: I think the problem is the github.php file with […]

Git pull from Bitbucket server

I have a problem with running git pull from a php script on a remote server. I have looked at a lot of different sources to make it work but none works for me. So what have I done so far: Created the pub and private key for Apache: mkdir /var/www/.ssh sudo chown -R apache:nobody […]

Why git under cygwin asks for password?

I correctly pointed to key file in ssh config: $ cat ~/.ssh/config Host <host> IdentityFile /cygdrive/v/poma.pem $ ssh git@<host> PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Welcome to GitLab, Roman! Connection to <host> closed. and using cygwin‘s git $ which git /usr/bin/git $ git –version git version 2.1.4 $ /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Git/bin/git.exe –version git version […]

Using su/sudo when accessing remote Git repositories over SSH

Suppose that there is a remote Git repository R on a Linux server. R is owned by a user U for which a remote login via SSH is not allowed at all (e.g. root). Neither password-based nor key-based authentication is available for that user. What is allowed, however, is logging on as a different user […]

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