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Make IntelliJ IDEA use public key authentication on Windows

I’m an Eclipse user who’s evaluating a switch to IntelliJ IDEA. I’m currently trying out IDEA 10.0.2. My operating system is Windows. When working with Git over SSH, IDEA always asks me for password. I can’t find any option in the settings to make it use public key authentication. As per this post, my key […]

Key is already in use when trying to add SSH Key to Github

One of my developers has sent his SSH keys so I can add to Github. I receive “Key is already in use” message. How Can I fix that?

Git is failing to push in puttycyg because of SSH error

I’ve been using puttycyg as a Cygwin terminal for my rails development. I’ve set up a git repository on a project management website and now I want to push my code to it with the following command: git push origin master I’m getting the following error: error: cannot run ssh: No such file or directory […]

Git clone private repo, permission denied

I am trying to clone a private repository owned by another developer. I do not have direct communication with this developer. They sent me a theirusername-id_rsa.pub file and a theirusername-priv.key.ppk file. I understand the ppk file is specific to to Putty ssh client. Can someone provide me with steps on how to clone their repo? […]

Keep being prompted to enter passphrase for .ssh/id_rsa

I followed the tutorial here to set up ssh for github in cygwin on Window 7. However, every time I do git push origin master, I keep being prompted the following: Enter passphrase for /cygdrive/c/Users/mynameis/.ssh/id_rsa: This is so annoying because it beats the purpose of setting up ssh in the first place. I don’t understand […]

Git clone from bash script

I am trying to automate my interactions with Git building a script and I am having the following problem. This works from the command line: git clone git@github.xxxx.com:blablabla/reponame.git /Users/myname/dev/myfolder And now I would like to do the same, but from my script. I have the following: #/bin/bash repository=”git@github.xxxx.com:blablabla/reponame.git” localFolder=”/Users/myname/dev/myfolder” git clone $repository” “$localFolder that gives […]

ssh issue on windows 7 (gitbash vs. windows cmd)

I am able to use ssh (i.e., for ‘git‘ with heroku or github etc.) through GitBash, but I cannot do the same from Windows cmd prompt on the same machine. What can be the problem? If I recall correctly, it used to work from cmd prompt. The error I’m getting is: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

Right way to share a git repo over ssh

I’m using a box as a shared repo, and my team connects to it via ssh. What I do is: Create an empty git repository on the central machine git init Then from each workstation do something like git clone ssh://user@central-box/Users/user/Projects/my-project/.git/ This works nice, but git keeps yelling at me every time I make a […]

gitlab-shell -> git push -u origin master -> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I’m using gitlab-shell to manage git connections and here is my problem : $ git push -v -u origin master Pushing to git@git.my-srv.fr:monProjet.git fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly # tail -f /var/log/auth.log Mar 15 15:53:12 my-srv sshd[3133]: Accepted publickey for git from my-ip port 50790 ssh2 Mar 15 15:53:12 my-srv sshd[3133]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session […]

Cannot 'git push' to Heroku

I cannot git push to Heroku in the normal way from my home. I’ve tried using two different accounts (home and work), on different apps, with different ssh keys. It’s not a corrupted repo because it works from my work computer. (In fact, I normally work around this by ssh-ing to work and deploying from […]

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