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SSH Online Code Editor Terminal Security Issue

I am currently going through a tutorial with Ruby On Rails through a third party code editor. It’s currently walking me through through the process of getting my stuff onto a git repository and I have set up an SSH key from within the terminal of the online code editor itself. (not my computers code […]

How to create Git repository accessible via ssh on Windows?

I am using Git 1.9.4 and latest Cygwin on Window 7 (x86). Now I am trying to create a remote repository that i can access over SSH. I created a bare repository http://i.stack.imgur.com/DKl2G.png than i tried to do a push but without success http://i.stack.imgur.com/bKg28.png What I am doing wrong ?

git not connecting over my work proxy

I want git to connect using proxy Here is the output of http.proxy and https.proxy $ git config –get http.proxy $ git config –get https.proxy I have set up this proxy for my system and it is working with chrome, Firefox, Gradle, Android Studio. So I am sure this is correct. But […]

rsa key in different folder than .ssh

I am trying to clone a git repo on a university server but I have only r-x access to the .ssh folder. Hence, I can’t generate rsa keys in the .ssh folder, which I need for accessing the server where the git repo is. I now generated the keys in a git_keys directory in my […]

gitolite authentication failure

I’ve created a gitolite git on an Ubuntu server. I configured my Linux user as the administrator of the gitolite-admin project. From 3 different machines I was able to clone the repository with no problem using my private key. On my own machine I keep on getting “authentication via SSH keys failed”. I am using […]

git – browse remote repos

Is it possible to browse all the remote repos available on a given server? I’ve seen this: Git – Browse remote repository which is about browsing branches in a remote repo. However, I’m assuming this is more of an ssh scripting solution as you need to be able to ssh to the machine and list […]

GIT Setup and access via IIS on remote server on local network

thank you for reading the question. Case: development machine Win7 / Server win2012 – BOTH on the same network and same login and credentials (have admin access to the server) Installed GIT & GITHUB on the server and created bare directory in a shared directory and gave ALL Permissions to all required parties including myself […]

Git repo on server

I want to achieve a private repo where multiple users can work on online as well as offline. I have managed to install a repository on my webserver using ssh with putty. Now i tried to clone the repo locally to the local working environment. I used gitbash in the directory I wanted to work […]

Why can't I clone files into a Bitbucket repository?

I set up a SSH key pair to connect Bitbucket with Jenkins. But after that, I can’t clone repositories from Bitbucket. The error I’m getting is as follows. conq: repository access denied. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I have all […]

How to push a local repo to bitbucket?

I have my repo online at bitbucket, I have created the ssh key using: ssh-keygen And I’ve used the resulted key as a deployment key for the online repo. Then, at source-tree I have added the generated key, but when I push the repo, I get this error: Pushing to git@bitbucket.org:xxxxx/xxxxxx.git Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

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