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Git – ssh server – files do not appear on server

After calling the push command files are not on the server. On my local computer i have test.git directory. I type: git init git add . git commit -a -m “First commit” git remote add origin user@server.com:/var/www/test.git On serwer i created new directory test.git inside git init –bare –shared On local git push origin master […]

Setup git over ssh in Rubymine on Windows

I found a lot of threads about how to setup git over ssh with msysgit and putty/plink, but rubymine seems to use its own git and ssh implementation (see error message below). Currently I have putty, msysgit, TortoiseGit and rubymine installed. My repository has two remotes: [remote “origin”] url = ssh://mygituser@ [remote “origin_putty”] url = […]

Latest Git – No SSH option on install

I installed on Windows 7 and didn’t see an option to choose the Git’s ssh or Plink for the secure client. How do I set this? Does the environment variable GIT_SSH still work?

Create remote repository from local files that are already on a local repo

I am aware of the clone function that could do this, but the thing it would clone what is in the repo, being everything that was pushed. What we need is to modify some files in our repository template and create a new repo with these modified files, without having to commit these files (that […]

Hudson(Jenkins) and remote git repository get permission denied

I have setup hudson to check out from my remote git repository but i get **Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,keyboard-interactive).** my git repository uses gitosis and works when i clone via the command line. Hudson is running as the same user here is a larger part of the log with hostnames and directories edited Checkout:workspace / /Users/me/.hudson/jobs/HudsonJob/workspace […]

Can't push to ssh based git repository

I’m attempting to push to a repository over SSH instead of the normal https or whatever the default is. This process requires a username and password instead of an ssh key. However this always fails when I try to do this: Owner@DESKTOP /w/programming/wreckcreations-site/dev (dev) $ git push -vvv –all ssh://*name*@*site*/~/html/dev2 Pushing to ssh://*name*@*site*/~/html/dev2 fatal: The […]

Github prompting for credentials after ssh

I established ssh with github as instructed here: https://help.github.com/articles/connecting-to-github-with-ssh/ I tested the ssh connection, but still no luck iron@debian:~/Documents/websites/basic_setup_edited_20-08-2017@21-15$ ssh -T git@github.com Hi alex3wielki! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. But after doing git push I get this: iron@debian:~/Documents/websites/basic_setup_edited_20-08-2017@21-15$ git push Username for ‘https://github.com’: alex3wielki Password for ‘https://alex3wielki@github.com’: I tried switching […]

Sad story – git+ssh+ruby

Problem: i need to verify git repo properties (ssh key,repo url) in ruby solutions: 1) write ssh key into ~/.ssh/id_rsa file and execute git clone command with repo url property – easiest way cause race conditions when multiple users trying to check theirs repos. 2) write key into any file and link server and key […]

Generating SSH keys (Win/msysgit) – Ruby on Rails Tutorial

I’m following along with Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial and I’ve run into a roadblock trying to generate an SSH key for git. When I type: ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “ben@rockhopperdigital.com” I get this: bash: ssh-keygen: command not found I’m sure it’s something stupid, but I’m new to git and Rails in general. Any […]

Installing git repository on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 — SSH problems

I have been banging my head against a wall for a while now, and none of the people in my immediate vicinity know more than I do at this point. My office has a lab box that they want to use for a central git repository — mainly for testing various things. They also, of […]

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