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Local git ssh into server using Tower

I’m new to git, i’ve always used FTP but someone told me that this is the best way to go and i’m keen to give it a try so i’m trying to set it up but having an issue. Rather than use github etc, i’ve decided to have a local git and then push that […]

Git is silently failing after push/pull

I’m a one-person IT department managing our company’s website and recently recommended they have me set up version control. I’ve read all the tutorials and have heard everyone else’s version of the best workflow, however, I’m starting with a humble setup until I can get this simple workflow operational. Problem: After setting this up, The […]

GIT, Private Submodules, and PHPFog

I am trying PHPFog as a host, and I really like how it works. I’m having an issue, however, with a recent project I pushed. The project contains a submodule, which PHPFog says it supports, however the submodule is a private repository on another server — requiring an SSH user and password. PHPFog obviously doesn’t […]

Configuring PATH globally for SSH remote commands

I have a problem with the PATH variable on Debian Linux when executing commands via SSH. This happens for example when I use GIT or Mercurial and I have them installed in /opt instead of /usr/local. But I can also reproduce this easily like this: When I login to the server via SSH in a […]

How to use on windows ssh key for git created on linux?

I’m using ubuntu linux 11.10. Generated private key following these steps. Now I want to use same key on windows which has msysgit installed. Tried copying “~/.ssh/id_rsa” to “C:/Users/user_name/.ssh/id_rsa”, but that didn’t help. Where to go next?

Git hook and ssh Agent Forwarding

I’ve got a remote development server with a git repository. When I push from my local machine to this dev server it runs the git hook after-receive to push the develop branch on a heroku staging server. My identity is forwarded to the development server, here is my ~/.ssh/config Host * User myuser ConnectTimeout 15 […]

git push heroku master. Error behid a Proxy

Possible Duplicate: How to push to heroku behind a proxy? I have on my Win7 behind a Proxy the Oracle VM with Ubuntu. I use git. I try to deploy in Heroku, but become Error: $ git push heroku master ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Connection timed out fatal: The remote end hung […]

Cannot access git (atlassian stash) repository from reviewboard

I am setting up a reviewboard instance for my git (stash) repository, but I am having problems. I set up my path (using the clone url) and my repository type is git, but I am getting this error: [Errno -5] No address associated with hostname. Now I though I was having a dns problem, but […]

Heroku – Uploading SSH public key failed

I just got a new computer and I tried to download the code from heroku. It said I had no keys, so I did heroku keys:clear to add new ones. Then : heroku keys You have no keys. c:\Node\app>heroku keys:add Found existing public key: C:/Users/Zela/.ssh/id_rsa.pub Uploading SSH public key C:/Users/Zela/.ssh/id_rsa.pub… failed ! Application error I […]

Git clone SSH – fatal protocol error

I’m trying to clone a git repo from a remote server through SSH. I can connect normally to the server ssh myName@ If I run this I get the prompt to fill in my password and get a response from the server C:\Respositories> and I can run command on the server. But when I try […]

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