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Gitlab prompts for git password when cloning a git repository

I have installed GitLab 7.9.1 using Omnibus. Everything works. When I do a gitlab-rake gitlab:check, I get no errors. However, when I want to clone a repository in /var/www, the console prompts me for a git password. I have added the SSH key in the Gitlab interface. However, it still asks me for a git […]

TortoiseGIT + Gitolite 3

I’ve just set up a git + Gitolite server on debian, generated a key pair on my workstation (Windows) with puttygen and register the first pub key using on the server gitosis setup -pk firstuser.pub Then I use TortoiseGit to clone the gitolite-admin repo, using url : git@git.myserv.com:gitolite-admin and tel Tortoise to use firstuser.ppk as […]

public key denied, but ssh key accepted

I’m having trouble with pushing to git (or rather, git is having trouble with me) as when I git push I get an error: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I’ve looked at git’s help page for this, but all of the ‘tests’ that they suggest are passing, including checking to […]

Download and modify file from Git Repository using Ruby Grit over SSH

How can I download a file (or clone the repo) from a secure Git Repo (e.g. SSH on GitHub), then commit changes back to the repo using Ruby Grit? Thanks!

Pull from gitolite in cron job

I want to setup a cron job that makes a production site pull from a gitolite repository. The following command works in a non-cron-context: # m h dom mon dow command * * * * * cd /home/www/test/autopulling-site/ && /usr/bin/git fetch && /usr/bin/git pull I am suspecting that the git operation doesn’t work due to […]

ssh work on command prompt but not on git-bash

I am new to git. I am facing some issues in cloning a project through https, so after some research I decided to go through ssh and I am following these instructions. I am working on Windows 7 64bit, and I have installed Git-2.7.1-64-bit.exe and ssh. After installing I checked the ssh version in the […]

Using Git over non-standard SSH ports

blocks the SSH port so I can’t use git, how can I bypass the filtering so that I can use this port?

Batch script pass variable to stdin with git and ssh keys

I’m attempting to write a batch script to clone a bunch of repositories. My problem is that the user has a password protected ssh key. So each time I run call git clone blah@blah/blah.git in my batch file I have to input the users password. I know I can get the password from them as […]

Git on Windows – How to authenticate with remote repo on Linux

Due to some serious problems with a Git repo on Windows over HTTP, we’re moving our Git ‘server’ to Linux. Assuming I have already the msysgit for Windows installed and Putty, how will I authenticate the SSH connection when I clone, pull and push?

How to set up ssh key when pulling git repo?

I have things set up on my windows box and now am trying to clone a repo onto my mac machine. If the location of a repo is ssh://git@someplace/someproject.git when cloning as git clone ssh://git@someplace/someproject.git folder-name Where (and how) do i use the SSH PPK? The issue here is that i am not an admin […]

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