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Unable to ssh push in pygit2

I am trying to push using ssh to a github repo using pygit2. Here is the error I keep getting. Can you point out the error? >>> sshcred = repo_.pygit2.credentials.Keypair(‘avckp’,’id_rsa.pub’,’id_rsa’,”) >>> remo2.credentials=sshcred ## remo2 is a remote object for the repo >>> remo2.url u’https://github.com/avckp/sansa-pygit.git’ >>> remo2.push_url = remo2.url >>> remo2.push(‘refs/heads/master’) Traceback (most recent call last): […]

GIT – account with access to one project

I have git master repository, I can visit it and create sub repo in my local computer. I’m using TortoiseGit in client machine but I would like to permit my client only to download one project from my git repository. So for example: server projects: +test1 +test2 +test3 i would like to add permission for […]

Why do git commands executed remotely affect the originating server?

I have a php script that runs on one server, which includes an exec() of an ssh command to another server. That ssh command runs a script which includes git commands. The git commands in the remote file, executed on the remote server, seem to be affecting the server that originated the ssh command, leaving […]

ssh git – logged in as another user

I run the following command on my machine (not locally): ssh -T hg@bitbucket.org and get as output logged in as maxifl This user is old and I use another user. How do I change the user? Moreover, I get an error while I run “git pull” conq: repository access denied. fatal: The remote end hung […]

Error message “uname.exe” has stopped working when I open Git Bash

For some days I have had a strange problem with my Git Bash installation: Whenever I run Git Bash, I immediately receive the error message “uname.exe” has stopped working, and a stackdump is created. I am working with Windows 7 64-bit and have re-installed the latest versions of both cygwin (64-bit) and Git Bash since […]

Github – Why would HTTPS stop working while SSH works fine

With no changes on my system over a weekend, on Monday I was no longer able to pull from an organizations github repos; other github repos worked fine. This was the message I got: $ git pull remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/myorg/repo2.git/’ not found Another befuddling thing is that the same repos in […]

echo custom output when using Git over SSH

I use Gitolite and have set up a POST_CREATE trigger that clones a repository on another server and executes a couple of other commands. Some of these commands could take a while. This is the reason why I would like to echo some output so that the user actually sees what and if something happens […]

Git-server repository to be accessed with Cygwin+SSH

I have a Windows server machine on which I am hosting a repository. I created a bare repository on it which is accessible using file protocol with the following command. git clone //my-server/git/test.git This all works fine for me and the repository clones successfully on my local machine. Now I have to access this repository […]

Git push – does not appear to be a git repository (ssh pointing to wrong directory)

The case: I have installed the project omnibus-gitlab in an ubuntu release 12.04 following this tutorial. Everything seems to be correct. The server is working normally through the lan by the IP and I can access all the features of gitlab (with the browser). There I created a project with the root user (administrator) […]

Unable to push 'heroku master'

When I tried to run ‘git push heroku master’, I got the error ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Connection timed out fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I run the command ‘ssh -vvv git@heroku.com’ to know what is happening, the result is OpenSSH_5.9p1 Debian-5ubuntu1.3, OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 2012 debug1: Reading configuration […]

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