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SSH problem using Netbeans and Git

I have looked at the other posts from the other folks regarding this issue but I still have problems getting ssh to work with netbeans & git on windows 7. I am new to git so I am sure I am missing something somewhere. I have done init git on my Ubuntu server. I have […]

Problems cloning a git repository (Newbie problems)

Trying to set-up a git server on my local dev machine and have been following this website so far but am a little stuck when trying to clone a repository. In git bash, here’s my output: $ git clone ssh://Administrator@ Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Git/project1/.git/ Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive). fatal: The remote end hung up […]

osx – gitolite: login with git user from terminal

I have gitolite running on my OSX Snow Leopard server, with my git user and all is going right. I have a web server here so I need to pull from the server itself and I have no problem doing it from the server. But what I want to do is to be able to […]

Git ssh private key passphrase

I am trying to call git fetch from command prompt in windows, the only problem is that it asks for the passphrase of the private key. I have it, but is it possible to be supplied automatically like giving it in an argument to git fetch? I know ssh agent asks for the password only […]

Git fetch from PHP file with shell_exec using private keys

I have built a php script that performs a git fetch on a specific folder: the exact command is : usr/bin/git –git-dir=/home/bathan/www/sync_test/repo3//.git –work-tree=/home/bathan/www/sync_test/repo3/ fetch Of course, if I run this on the command line it works perfectly. Now, when I run this using shell_exec I get the following error: Permission denied, please try again. Permission […]

How to avoid getting locked out of your GIT repo / SSH?

I created ssh keys using ssh-keygen and then created a repo on a source code repo site, assembla.com as a GIT repository. I had to upload the file with my private key (or was it my public key?) to the repo and now I am able to clone no problem. I had a friend try […]

Issue with cloning from user to user on the same server!

I’m working deploying rails applications. I setup Gitosis on my server. Git user is up and I’m already have ‘deploy’ user on the server! I was ‘git clone’ to my local machine from the deploy user on the server. After setting up Gitosis, I’m also able to ‘git clone’ from the server(git user). What I […]

Git – ssh server – files do not appear on server

After calling the push command files are not on the server. On my local computer i have test.git directory. I type: git init git add . git commit -a -m “First commit” git remote add origin user@server.com:/var/www/test.git On serwer i created new directory test.git inside git init –bare –shared On local git push origin master […]

Setup git over ssh in Rubymine on Windows

I found a lot of threads about how to setup git over ssh with msysgit and putty/plink, but rubymine seems to use its own git and ssh implementation (see error message below). Currently I have putty, msysgit, TortoiseGit and rubymine installed. My repository has two remotes: [remote “origin”] url = ssh://mygituser@ [remote “origin_putty”] url = […]

Latest Git – No SSH option on install

I installed on Windows 7 and didn’t see an option to choose the Git’s ssh or Plink for the secure client. How do I set this? Does the environment variable GIT_SSH still work?

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