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git, remote access – ssh

I have two computers with windows xp. I want to use the first one as git server and second one as working station. On local computer works git very well, but for comunication between 2 computers I need ssh. (I suppose) I’ve found program sshwindows, but I cant install him, some error during instalation. Another […]

Git Change User

Possible Duplicate: How to work with 2 ssh keys I searched how to use Git+Github on one machine and 2 users. I’m running Win7 and a portable version of Git. Let’s say that I (kursion) want to “push” my project to my repository called kursion, and my second user (kursion2) wants to “push” his project […]

Can I use shell_exec or backticks in PHP without having ssh access?

I want to use the “Post-Receive URLs” Service Hook on github but I don’t have ssh access to my web host. The example I saw on how to do this. So I am wondering if I am still able to run shell_exec or backticks in PHP without having ssh access.

Public git repository

Is it possible to have a git repository on a ssh server public? I have an account on a ssh server and want to use it to store a git repository for a project. We work with 2 people on the project but I can’t give the other member my password to the account… How […]

SSH problem using Netbeans and Git

I have looked at the other posts from the other folks regarding this issue but I still have problems getting ssh to work with netbeans & git on windows 7. I am new to git so I am sure I am missing something somewhere. I have done init git on my Ubuntu server. I have […]

Problems cloning a git repository (Newbie problems)

Trying to set-up a git server on my local dev machine and have been following this website so far but am a little stuck when trying to clone a repository. In git bash, here’s my output: $ git clone ssh://Administrator@ Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Git/project1/.git/ Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive). fatal: The remote end hung up […]

osx – gitolite: login with git user from terminal

I have gitolite running on my OSX Snow Leopard server, with my git user and all is going right. I have a web server here so I need to pull from the server itself and I have no problem doing it from the server. But what I want to do is to be able to […]

Git ssh private key passphrase

I am trying to call git fetch from command prompt in windows, the only problem is that it asks for the passphrase of the private key. I have it, but is it possible to be supplied automatically like giving it in an argument to git fetch? I know ssh agent asks for the password only […]

Git fetch from PHP file with shell_exec using private keys

I have built a php script that performs a git fetch on a specific folder: the exact command is : usr/bin/git –git-dir=/home/bathan/www/sync_test/repo3//.git –work-tree=/home/bathan/www/sync_test/repo3/ fetch Of course, if I run this on the command line it works perfectly. Now, when I run this using shell_exec I get the following error: Permission denied, please try again. Permission […]

How to avoid getting locked out of your GIT repo / SSH?

I created ssh keys using ssh-keygen and then created a repo on a source code repo site, assembla.com as a GIT repository. I had to upload the file with my private key (or was it my public key?) to the repo and now I am able to clone no problem. I had a friend try […]

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