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git shared repo: no correct access rights for extra user

I created a git bare repo on my linux CentOS server: /home/git/niels.git. User git and niels are in group git. I changed /etc/passwd so home dir of niels is git. ssh as git to niels.git : push and pull fine. ssh as niels in the same manner gives: fatal: ‘~/niels.git’ does not appear to be […]

Call git pull from emacs hang emacs

Evaluate (shell-command-to-string “git pull -q”) in emacs *scratch* buffer hangs emacs. From htop in bash,I noticed that after the git pull process which is forked from emacs ended,there always leave a ssh process ssh: git@myrepo.org:22 whose parameter is my remote git repository URL. And once there is the ssh process,(shell-command-to-string “git pull -q”) normally exit. […]

git via ssh to Github fails in Virtualbox

I have Archlinux installed in my Virtualbox hosted by Windows 7. I generated my ssh key taking the steps as follows: 1. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “my@gmail.com”; 2. copy and add id_rsa.pub to Github; 3. ssh -T git@github.com What I got: The authenticity of host ‘github.com (’ can’t be established. RSA key fingerprint is ##############. […]

git push with ssh to server , public key error

I have ec2 server with ubuntu 12.04, I have added one more user “git” to server. Generated ssh key and uploaded to both users .ssh directory. So now i can access my server as ssh ubuntu@example.com ssh git@example.com I have created a bare repository to /opt/git/gitpg.git and added this as remote to my local repository […]

Setting up Gitosis : push goes okay, but nothing really pushed on the server

I’m going to work on a project with a teammate, so we decided to set up a Git server. We followed this tutorial : http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-on-the-Server-Gitosis We created a gitrepo/ directory locally on my computer, and did a git init inside it. Then, we created a index.html file, git add index.html and git commit -m “First […]

Git push using Ant

I’m trying to run git push command wihout asking password using clear Ant , but I still had no luck. I manage to run git status, git commit. And its clear why – this commands don’t need any web access.Here is the code that I used for it: <macrodef name=”git”> <attribute name=”command” /> <attribute name=”dir” […]

Should I install “Git and SSH” for heroku toolbelt if I already installed git through Rails Installer?

Rails installer installs git, as well as git bash. Does it install SSH? For heroku deployingn to work, should i mark the checkbox under the options to install git and SSH? My main concern is major deploymet problems depending on whether I check this box or not.

Trying to access gitlab repo returns: Permission denied (publickey)

I have GitLab 7.0.0 installed – and all has been working well – until I wanted to make my server a bit more save (experienced some brute-force attacks).. so I changed in /etc/ssh/sshd_config some things: AllowUsers git #and some other users PasswordAuthentication no SSH connection through PUTTY and SSH keys can be established.. So can […]

git commiting changes on openshift server

I’m running Statamic a flat file system (database-less) CMS on Openshift. The issue i’m having is that when i update the content on the server (i.e. using the CMS) the changes that are made to the flat files (i.e. the content) isn’t committed to the git repo. So, when I push up new changes to […]

Netbeans, git, cant clone repository

I joined a new team at work and they using git to store their project. Via netbeans I have tried to clone repository using ssh and valid user/pass, but I stil get this error: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect Have no idea what is wrong.

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