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Git repository working with SSH

I’ve a fresh installation of GitLab on my CentOS 6.4 server. Before that, I was just using Github (in HTTP mode), so I’m very new to all of this. I’ve created a key for my user, added it in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and in GitLab. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “arthur@domain.tld” cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys But when I […]

git push failing on a local gitlab repo

I have installed Gitlab in /home/myuser/gitlab. I created a rep testing Following instructions, I added a remote git@localhost:root/testing.git Here’s my /home/myhome/.ssh/config file Host mylocalhost Hostname localhost User git IdentityFile /home/myuser/.ssh/id_rsa When I run ssh mylocalhost, I have the right message Welcome to GitLab, Administrator!. But then, I get the following input debug2: channel 0: rcvd […]

Binding a subdomain to a directory without apache (available through ssh)

I know how to bind a domain/subdomain to a directory using apache, through virtualhost. I would like to do the same operation without using apache and http. Something that can work using ssh or git protocol. I can’t find any data on the internet. Especially, on github, to clone a repository, you can use “git@github.com:symfony/symfony.git”, […]

Keys not lining up for Heroku?

So I had the problem where you try to push to Heroku and it says Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. So I found this question (which describes it in greater detail) and went through the whole answer and managed to kind of solve my problem. I recommend other people reading […]

Capistrano deploy configuration

Help please to configure capistrano for deployment. I have ssh: user: User host: pass: 123 Then i have bitbucket repository git@bitbucket.org:somerepo/code.git user: Repouser@gmail.com pass: repopass I am just need to deploy code from default branch to User@ . On local machine i have ssh key, that allows me to connect without password. But capistrano […]

ansible git clone Permission denied issue

I am trying to setup a dev environment using ansible and vagrant. Now i am stuck at cloning a git repo from bitbucket. Below are Vagrantfile and ansible settings and things i have tried. In my Vagrantfile i have config.ssh.forward_agent = true In my deploy.yml i have – name: ensure bitbucket is a known host […]

Git pull/push/clone doesn't work but SSH and git status/diff do work

A few days ago, without intentionally changing anything, my git stopped working. I can run git status and git diff which work fine, and I can ssh into our git server, but if I run any of git pull|push|fetch|clone, it just hangs and does nothing. My internet connection is fine and I’ve left it to […]

SSH push to Bitbucket using generated keys on Windows 7

I follow documentation on Bitbucket site and would like to push existing project to remote repository by ssh. I perfomed next steps in CMD: I generated public and private key using puttygen Added private key using pageant Added ssh config file inside ~/.ssh Added public key to bitbucket When I try to execute: git push […]

Create a Git Repo through SSH and Cloning it Locally

I have a website on a shared host which support git. Working with FTP is getting too difficult so I am planning to use git in my workflow. I just know basic push, pull, commit commands. I would like to set-up git but not being able to work it out. Here is what I tried […]

How can I get git to show colored output during hook output?

I’m currently using git to deploy a project, and I was wondering how I could get the output of tools like npm and gulp to be in color in the same that they are when using those tools locally? For example vs

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