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How do I verify that a specific public key file is used with git?

I sent a 3rd party my public SSH key, which they used to add access for me to a particular repository. However, when I try to git clone, I get errors (in fact, I’m asked for a password). I’ve run into issues before when what I thought was my public key, wasn’t in fact the […]

Is it possible to mirror a private repository on gitlab.com using the SSH protocol?

Gitlab.com has an option to mirror other repository’s on their own site. (Project–> Project setting–> Mirror Repository) But when I tried to do that using the ssh protocol, the authorization failed because the repository I wanted to clone didn’t recognize the public key of Gitlab.com. The page stated: If your SSH repository is not publicly […]

Using HTTPS or SSH with GitHub

I’d like to know what is the best way to connect to a GitHub repository between HTTPS and SSH. Apparently GitHub seems to recommend HTTPS over SSH: If you have decided not to use the recommended HTTPS method, we can use SSH keys to establish a secure connection between your computer and GitHub. The steps […]

Can't open ssh/authorized_keys of user

I know this may be trivial for some of you. I’m not a linux expert, and I’m trying to play around with git. To do so I wanted to try to add my public SSH key to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys of my user git. the problem though is that when I login with putty into my […]

Git over SSH Server in Windows, cannot find shared libraries

I was to setup an SSH Server to Host my Git Repository to my local area network. I followed this tutorial by TimDavis hoping that I would be able to make a secured Git Repository. I tested my connection using Putty and it was successful. My only problem was I cannot run “git” command in […]

git push with ssh remote fails unless verbose

I have a git (version 2.1.2) repository with an ssh remote: $ git remote -v origin ssh://dettorer@dettorer.net:/home/dettorer/my_project (fetch) origin ssh://dettorer@dettorer.net:/home/dettorer/my_project (push) Which fails to push: $ git push Bad port ” fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. Unless… I use the […]

Issue cloning GitHub private repo onto remote server

Note that this is the original article I’ve been following along with: http://www.markdotto.com/2011/11/02/how-to-deploy-sites-via-github/ To give you a bit of background: We have a private repo set-up under an organisation account. We have three developers (myself included) who have our own accounts with GitHub and have administrator rights to the private repo. While working on the […]

Make IntelliJ IDEA use public key authentication on Windows

I’m an Eclipse user who’s evaluating a switch to IntelliJ IDEA. I’m currently trying out IDEA 10.0.2. My operating system is Windows. When working with Git over SSH, IDEA always asks me for password. I can’t find any option in the settings to make it use public key authentication. As per this post, my key […]

Key is already in use when trying to add SSH Key to Github

One of my developers has sent his SSH keys so I can add to Github. I receive “Key is already in use” message. How Can I fix that?

Git is failing to push in puttycyg because of SSH error

I’ve been using puttycyg as a Cygwin terminal for my rails development. I’ve set up a git repository on a project management website and now I want to push my code to it with the following command: git push origin master I’m getting the following error: error: cannot run ssh: No such file or directory […]

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