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Hudson/Jenkins — how to access a private git repository on BitBucket.com

This question is long and multifaceted, so I’ll start with a brief overview, and then show in detail everything I’ve tried and my questions as to why they don’t work and what I’m doing wrong. Overview I’m trying to setup a Build Job on Hudson for source code on a private repository on BitBucket. There […]

Hudson won't fetch from Git

I have been hitting this one for over a day now, it’s driving me mad! I have Git installed on a Win7 PC, and selected the PuttyGen option on install. I have generated ssh keys using PuttyGen; I have added the ssh key to my Git account, and linked the private key in Pageant. I […]

Set SSH Identities In Bashrc

I have a .bashrc file to start my ssh agent (taken from here). Whenever I start my machine I keep having to add my identities to it (using ssh-add ~/.ssh my_private key). Not knowing bash scripting much, what (and where) do I adjust this script to add in my identities? SSH_ENV=”$HOME/.ssh/environment” # start the ssh-agent […]

How to include ssh private rsa key when accessing git repo via ssh (gitosis)?

At this moment I’ve got one git repo added through gitosis. The manual i used is http://scie.nti.st/2007/11/14/hosting-git-repositories-the-easy-and-secure-way I can clone it and push in it via ssh auth with private and public keys (on gentoo), but windows users which are using Git Extensions can not. SSH keys placed in $HOME/.ssh, and ssh asks for a […]

Git push over SSH is not activating remote hooks

I have the following problems that git push over SSH is not activating remote hooks. The server where Git repo is Linux ubuntu. Git version My path to repo hooks /path/test.git/hooks/update; with Update executable (chmod +x) In update file I put just simple check to be sure it works. #!/bin/sh echo “Hello World” echo […]

Clone git repository over ssh with username and password by Java

I am trying to clone a git project with Java over ssh. I have username and password of a git-shell user as credentials. I can clone the project in terminal using the following command with no problem. (Of course, it asks for the password first) git clone user@HOST:/path/Example.git However when I try the following code […]

How can I access one Git repo from two machines?

I have a repo for work, normally accessed from my work machine. On that machine, I have created an SSH key-pair using ssh-keygen in Git Bash. The key-pair on both machines is id_rsa and id_rsa.pub. If I log in as my work user, and try to add my home key to the work user account, […]

How can I indicate the Git username and password in Capistrano's deploy.rb?

I’m using github to store the repository, and I’m reading Deploy with Capistrano: Remote caching will keep a local git repo on the server you’re deploying to and simply run a fetch from that rather than an entire clone”. Since the server where I’m deploying is “my” shared host, I must have git installed there. […]

Gitlab can't clone repository even though ssh works

As the title states, I can’t clone a repository from a Gitlab 6 server even though the ssh seems to work. When trying to clone, it looks like this: git clone ssh://git@domain.de:1337/project/repository.git Cloning into ‘repository’… Access denied. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the […]

Github – can't connect via ssh from time to time

Situation I’m using linux (mint mate 17.2), when push to github via ssh, from time to time connection fails, usually it resume after reboot computer & network. After several days, it might become bad again, quite confusing. Push via http never has such issue, but it requires password which is not convenient. Debug info When […]

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