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How can I get git and copSSH to look in the correct directory for keys?

I just installed copSSH for Windows. When I boot it up I get a directory C:\copSSH\home\Nick\.ssh which has my pub and private key it. When I access this directory via a Cygwin bash window using ssh user@host I get happily logged in. However, when I open a git bash window with git clone ssh://user@host it […]

Selective access to Git repository based on SSH

I have a server with six Git repositories, to which I have read+write access through a single SSH account, all in /opt/git/, all owned by the SSH account. I’d like to give somebody else read+write access the a few of the repositories, but not to all. How do I create a new SSH user that […]

force Git to create the ssh-key in the directory directory

I want to push an project to the github homepage. Therefor, I am trying to create ssh-key for the github to manage it but I am facing problem that git creates the ssh-key in the wrong directory /c/Users/user82/.ssh/id_rsa) and not in the project directory /desktop/dogs. How can I tell Git to create ssh-key in the […]

ssh clone not cloning repo in git

I want to clone a repo of another person using ssh. For this I did following things: Generated an ssh key in local machine. Added the key to the user’s account from which the repo has to be cloned. Tested whether the key was added by running ssh -T git@github.com which outputs : Hi username! […]

Git: How do I set up SSH keys to access my remote repository from a second computer?

I have a git repository on Unfuddle, and a Windows machine I’m using with msysgit. I set up an SSH key on that machine using ssh-keygen, which gave me some key files. I copied the contents of the public key file into my personal settings in my Unfuddle account, and that works fine. So what […]

Configuring GitBash on Windows 7: ssh failing, I'm trying everything, going nuts

I’m going nuts just trying to ssh to github. I’m on windows 7. Honest to Murgatroyd I’ve been scanning google and forums all day about this without breaking through. In my latest attempt I’ve put a config file in C:\Users\myname.ssh. The results are a bit closer to happiness but still not there. my config simply […]

Openshift plone quickstart permission denied

I’m trying to set up plone on openshift using this guide, on windows. I’ve got git and rhc following the openshift quickstart guide. However, when I get to git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master in the plone guide, I get a permission denied error: The authenticity of host ‘github.com (’ can’t be established. […]

Git permission denied (publickey) with newest git version

Created key for authorization: ssh-keygen -C “your@email.com” -t dsa. Public key sent to git administrator. Setup passphrase caching by configuring ssh-agent for Windows. The process is described at http://help.github.com/ssh-key-passphrases/ Created .bash_profile. Now if I work in console with old git 1.9.5 (openSSH 6.6.1) it asks only once for passphrase and I can clone/pull/fetch/push, authentication is […]

Is it possible to compile bitbucket dependency via SSH (Gradle)?

Ok, I’m trying to compile dependency on remote maven url (bitbucket). The problem is that i can’t pass bitbucket authentication on that stage. I’ve tried this: repositories{ maven{ url “https:” + “${username}” + “:” + “${password}” + …etc} } And it doesn’t work for me. So i’ve enabled and connected via SSH. The question is: […]

Multiple SSH Keys on the same device

I am facing an issue with my github repository. I registered a personal ssh key months ago and everything worked fine. Now i’m working for a company. They created their own github account and i have started a new repository. I know i have to add another SSH key, which i did. Here is my […]

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