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Openshift: how to install python modules from private repository?

I would like to be able to install python packages to openshift, but those packages live in my private repositories, on bitbucket. How can I create a SSH key for Openshift, and how do I make Openshift use it when installing packages? (after adding the corresponding public key to bitbucket as a Deploy Key) What […]

How can I set up a git repository on windows, and then push to/pull from it on Mac OSX

I’m trying to set up a Windows-based web server, but do the development work on Mac OSX. I installed freeSSHd and msysGit on the Windows server, and set up a repository where I want it. I also have git on my Mac and set up a repo there too. When I try to clone, pull […]

Maven build step to install Node package from private repository

I have a Maven project that pulls in Node dependencies as part of the build using exec-maven-plugin: <plugin> <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo</groupId> <artifactId>exec-maven-plugin</artifactId> <configuration> <workingDirectory>src/main</workingDirectory> </configuration> <executions> <execution> <id>npm-install</id> <configuration> <executable>npm</executable> <arguments> <argument>install</argument> </arguments> </configuration> <phase>initialize</phase> <goals> <goal>exec</goal> </goals> </execution> One of the Node dependencies is hosted in a private Git repository. I don’t want enter my password […]

SSH Key ask to enter passphrase after start-agent

I have 2 ssh key for 2 different accounts on Bitbucket. The below is my bachrc file: # Note: ~/.ssh/environment should not be used, as it # already has a different purpose in SSH. env=$HOME/.ssh/agent.env # Note: Don’t bother checking SSH_AGENT_PID. It’s not used # by SSH itself, and it might even be incorrect # […]

SSH Key Keeps Asking for Password on Gitlab

I have been debugging the issue for an hour or two now. I am currently using Gitlab and Mac OS X 10.9.2. Today, I was trying to git pull origin master from our master branch so I can get the latest version to develop on. I have always used these configurations, and don’t recall changing […]

Git looking for my SSH key in the wrong location

I’ve been having a bit of a head ache with trying to pull down a repository held in Gitlab. This is all done in Windows 8.1 on a Ubuntu VM by the way if that helps. I’ve added my public key in Gitlab and added my private key to ssh-agent … all seems correct. When […]

Deploying to ec2 instance failing when access GitHub private repo

I set up my GitHub account about a year ago, and generated a new SSH key at the time (to easily push and pull from GitHub from Command Line). A few days ago I spun up a new ec2 instance, and downloaded the .pem file it gave me to SSH into it. I am able […]

How to get netbeans working git?

I want to use a repository i hosted on github but it seems like netbeans uses a wrong fingerprint. So I get an Exception everytime I try to clone the repository. Its like : UnknownHostKey: github.com. RSA key fingerprint is xxxxxxxxxxxx etc. And it aborts. Any idea? Ive tried it with tortisegit and it works […]

Creating a bare repository on a Git server remotely

Is there any way to create bare repositories on a Git server remotely from my local machine? I’m trying to eliminate the annoyance of having to ssh in to my Git server and create the bare repo manually. It’s probably not possible, but ideally I’d like to create local git repositories, and push them straight […]

Limit SSH User to a shell command

My question is how can I allow an user to ssh to my server with limitation to a shell command and a directory? My situation I’m using git to deploy code to my Server. I have 2 servers, 1st one is product server, 2nd one is a git server. My team use git server to […]

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