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SSH: SourceTree push fails

While pushing code to master branch in a repo I found this message from sourceTree though I have added public key in my github and generated private key and added in my pageant key list.The message is : The server’s host key is not cached in the registry. You have no guarantee that the server […]

Changing remote of git does not work on digital ocean

I’m deploying a rails app on digital ocean, following this link. When I followed the exact steps, it worked perfectly. But then I realized the github repository is public. I should have it as private. I create a private repository and changed the remote origin in my local. I put the ssh keys in the […]

Git clone to use ssh proxy

I am having trouble getting to use sock proxy when cloning using ssh url. I am behind a firewall. I have made the below change to the config file: Host git@bitbucket.org HostName git@bitbucket.org ProxyCommand connect -S proxyhostname:proxyPortNumber %h %p” However when I clone I can see this error message: could not read from remote repository […]

Connection refused on my git's depot

I installed Capistrano for Website deployment and SSH Key for connect to my webserver. I can connect on my server with SSH Key with ” git@myip -p 9325 “. But, when I went to deploy, I have this error “Connection refused” (ip, user, port and depot git is true) : 01 git ls-remote –heads ssh://git@myip:9325/var/www/depotsGit/project.git/ […]

Cannot clone from GitLab in Android Studio via SSH

I set up a fresh workstation and having trouble with Android Studio getting access to any GitLab repo via SSH; HTTPS works. I’ve tested the public gitlab.com and a local installed one – both working fine with HTTPS but not with SSH. This happens only in Android Studio. Connecting via command line, TortoiseGit etc. works […]

GitHub collaborators cannot download private repo via NPM package

I have a private repository as a dependency in an NPM package.json. package.json “dependencies”: { “private-repo”: “git+ssh://git@github.com/shennan/private-repo.git” } I have an SSH key linked with my GitHub account, and all works well when I npm install on the command line. The problem is that I can’t get any of the other collaborators’ npm install working. […]

Bitbucket webhooks automating releases

I am wanting to automate my releases to staging and live enviroments, when I push to my staging branch, I want my staging to server to pull and and update it’s codebase. My repositories live on bitbucket and I am trying to use there webhooks triggering on a repository push. I have added my public […]

local git config during remote ssh session

To be clear, what I’m not asking is how to bring my ssh keys with me along an ssh session. I’m aware that ssh -A will do what I want. However, what I notice is that all global config on the remote machine are being applied to my git commands, so even though my ssh […]

How to fix Permission denied (publickey) in Windows Command Prompt

When I try to push to a repo on Github from Windows Command Prompt I get the error Permission denied (public key). Troubleshooting via the instructions from ssh-issues reveals that ssh cannot find any of the files it needs in my .ssh: >ssh -vT git@github.com OpenSSH_4.6p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007 debug1: Connecting to github.com […]

How to use SSH id file from an ANT target called by Jenkins which uses Composer to clone library from GitLab?

We’re developing a few sites with common modules, and using GitLab to host the repositories. GitLab uses deploy keys to allow services like Jenkins to clone/checkout/pull the repository for automated builds and testing. We’ve got the public/private keys configured on the server running Jenkins, and the project successfully clones from GitLab. Where we’re coming unstuck […]

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