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Set up updating source code on server by Using GitHub’s Service Hooks

I followed this article I tried using this command ssh -T git@github.com and I received the feedback: Hi Tran! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. which shows that it’s OK with my ssh key and GitHub account. This’s my repository’s Webhook image: I think the problem is the github.php file with […]

Git pull from Bitbucket server

I have a problem with running git pull from a php script on a remote server. I have looked at a lot of different sources to make it work but none works for me. So what have I done so far: Created the pub and private key for Apache: mkdir /var/www/.ssh sudo chown -R apache:nobody […]

Why git under cygwin asks for password?

I correctly pointed to key file in ssh config: $ cat ~/.ssh/config Host <host> IdentityFile /cygdrive/v/poma.pem $ ssh git@<host> PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Welcome to GitLab, Roman! Connection to <host> closed. and using cygwin‘s git $ which git /usr/bin/git $ git –version git version 2.1.4 $ /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Git/bin/git.exe –version git version […]

Using su/sudo when accessing remote Git repositories over SSH

Suppose that there is a remote Git repository R on a Linux server. R is owned by a user U for which a remote login via SSH is not allowed at all (e.g. root). Neither password-based nor key-based authentication is available for that user. What is allowed, however, is logging on as a different user […]

SSH – ksh: git: not found

I have GIT running on a Solaris server. From a windows machine I installed cygwin to try to clone a repository hosted on the server. I do the following: $ git clone username@server:project.git ksh: git-upload-pack: not found So I try $ ssh username@server echo \$PATH /usr/bin It seems like git is not in /usr/bin/ but […]

How do I enable cloning over SSH for a Gitlab runner?

I am having some trouble cloning large repositories over HTTP on my Windows Gitlab runner. I’ve tried several methods to do shallow clones or disable clone compression. Still no luck. Cloning the same repository over SSH works great as a temporary solution and I would like to get this working on our Gitlab CI process. […]

SSHing git@github.com shows wrong/old SSH key

k, so I was setting up Git and followed this tutorial to set up an SSH key. The fingerprint was 16:27:…:a6:48. I installed the GitHub client for Windows which set up a new SSH key automatically called github_rsa in the %user%/.ssh/ folder. I deleted the “old” SSH key (don’t ask me why) and set up […]

Securing git server

I setup a git server over ssh as http://blog.commonthread.com/post/1034988660/setting-up-a-git-server However, I am still able to access the server by ssh and see all the folders on the server. How do you usually secure the server so that the git user cannot get out of the home directory and possibly do damage? I read some things […]

How can I install git on my webserver with a curl.h no such file error

I have been trying to install Git on my web server. When i try “make install” i get the following errors which I cant seem to get past. [root@site git-core-0.99.6]# make install gcc -o http-pull.o -c -g -O2 -Wall ‘-DSHA1_HEADER=<openssl/sha.h>’ http-pull.c http-pull.c:6:23: error: curl/curl.h: No such file or directory http-pull.c:7:23: error: curl/easy.h: No such file […]

Where does the ssh client in git bash store it's known_hosts file on windows?

I’m running a git bash on windows 7, and would like to remove a few hosts from the known_hosts file. I can’t seem to find a .ssh directory anywhere. Where does the ssh client included with git bash store it’s known hosts, on Windows 7?

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