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git insufficient permission for adding an object to local git server repository

I have an www-data running with php which is controlling a git server. The www-data user creates Unix users (having given it sudo adduser), and those users are supposed to control their own private git directory, where each user can house his/hers repositories. I’ve followed this guide at least ten times, in addition to which, […]

Jenkins Git Plugin Could Not create .ssh folder

I’m getting this error in my Jenkins server Failed to connect to repository : Command “git -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h git@mygitrepository.com:my_username/myrepository.git HEAD” returned status code 128: stdout: stderr: Could not create directory ‘/home/my_username/.ssh’. Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/home/my_username/.ssh/known_hosts). Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. […]

Using Docker through proxy ssh error

I have several problem when i use docker on linux machine(Ubuntu 14.04). There is a proxy on my network which did not allow ssh. So i configured my machine to use ssh through http with netcat-openbsd. I configured my host gitlab on my machine like this: Host gitlab User name.lastname Hostname my_gitlab.com IdentityFile ~/.ssh/my_ssh_key ProxyCommand […]

Sha1 & Out Of Memory Git Push

I have setup a bare repo and have am actively using it via ssh. I’ve noticed my latest set of commits cannot push to this repo (file size?) but a smaller commit can push to another repo on the same machine. I have increased some pack parameters to 1024m and ensured there is enough memory […]

git + bitbucket – ssh script issues

Bitbucket guide on using ssh provides a script, which I have added to the bashrc, but when it runs it just automatically says connected instead of requesting the passphrase. When I run ssh-add -l I get the message “The agent has no identities.” I am on windows, I have my .ssh directory set up, it […]

git clone can not reach host inside docker container

I met this problem long time ago and can not solve it at all. Can anyone give me some help? I created a docker container, and then inside docker, I want to clone an internal git repository: git clone git@git.xxx.net:ngcsc/ngcsc.git And I got this error: ssh: connect to host git.xxx.net port 22: No route to […]

SSH/HTTP/Anonymous HTTP Clone URL not visible in Gerrit 2.12.2

I just installed the Gerrit code review system release 2.12.2. I’m managing the authentication to the web interface via LDAP. Once I logged in as the Administrator, I created a project called “testProject”. I’m unable to see the SSH/Anonymous HTTP/HTTP clone URLs on the project page in the GUI (see below). The documentation says that […]

Git asking for password even after Public key is supplied

I’ve been trying to push my project to git but it keeps asking me for password even after I’ve supplied public key to SSH keys under profile section of git UI.I’ve followed the steps supplied by git to create and add SSH key to the NEW KEY option in the UI.I’ve been trying this for […]

Which user Git will use for SSH authentication

When having a Git repository with a git@bitbucket.org/project remote and the ~/.ssh/config file has (among others) following entry: Host bitbucket.org User tom IdentityFile ~/.ssh/bitbucket.rsa Which user has precedence over the other (e.g. when invoking a fetch)?

Capistrano SSH Connection

I am trying to use capistrano to deploy my php application to a server. For versionising the code, I am using GIT in combination with Bitbucket. For CI process, I am using jenkins on a virtual machine with ip When I develop on another virtual machine, I push changes to this machine and the […]

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