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LibGit2 clone repo using ssh: Invalid version 0 on git_clone_options

I apologize in advance because I’m extremely new to libgit2/git. I was trying to clone a git repository using ssh, and I’m getting an error below: Error code: -1 Invalid version 0 on git_clone_options I replaced some paths with arbitrary variables for privacy. I just believe I’m doing the steps improperly. cred_acquire_cb(git_cred** cred, const char* […]

git server side hooks

I am running into a problem when running the follow python script on the server looking for commit information for the push making sure it follows a particular syntax, I am unable to get input from the user which is why the username and password are hard coded. I am now also unable to get […]

Adding SSH Keys to remote servers

I would like to know what people would suggest as a good way to add a deployment key to a remote server, so that it may checkout a private git repo. I’ve been trying to deploy an application with Capistrano but keep getting failures with the SSH keys I believe when attempting to checkout the […]

GIT SSH public key error

I am trying to clone git repo using ssh I have git SSH fiel copied from another system where it is working , but on this system it is giving error – Cloning into ‘repo’… Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and […]

GitHub: Setup SSH

I already setup SSH for GitHub which tutorial provided from GitHub, but there still somtething error with my Public Key Permission Denied, where is i miss the config? can somebody help me? here is the copy debug text from ssh -v git@github.com $ ssh -v git@github.com OpenSSH_4.6p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007 debug1: Reading configuration […]

“Could not open a connection to your authentication agent” ,ssh-add error even after ssh-agent started

I need to add multiple ssh keys , so i need to execute ssh-add But I get error of Could not open a connection to your authentication agent I read multiply posts like Could not open a connection to your authentication agent and https://superuser.com/questions/901568/ssh-agent-could-not-open-connection I had started the ssh-agent by eval ($ssh-agent -s) and the […]

Cannot clone git repo

I am trying to collaborate on a project hosted on heroku. I have been invited via meldium.com and I have successfully registered my email adress to the project. I received an email from heroku saying that I could clone the repo with the following command line: $ git clone git@heroku.com:test-repo.git -o heroku But everytime I […]

I can't use git to push my source code, It said “Permission denied (publickey).”

I had created a repository. and I run these command in local computer: $ git init $ touch README $ git add README $ git commit -m “first commit” $ git remote add origin git@github.com/xxxxx/DataStore.git All things are working in what it should be. But, when I try to push my source, It caused some […]

git clone stuck during a Capistrano deploy

I am currently struggling with Capistrano and Git. Here is my setup first: Production server under Windows Server 2003, msysgit installed. Development machine under Windows 7, using Aptana for development Yes, I know, Windows everywhere. But I have to deal with that for the moment. So, my problem is : during a Capistrano deploy attempt, […]

Jenkins – Get code from BitBucket with SSH

I Created a private key and added the public key to my keys on bitbucket just like explained in this tutorial I’m trying to add the private key to Jenkins under Credentials menu but it just keep saying: Failed to connect to repository : Command “C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h git@bitbucket.org:bla/blabla.git HEAD” returned status […]

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