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What is the correct way to configure Qt Creator to use Git?

I’m trying to use Git for Windows together with QT Creator 2.8, and failing miserably. I created a repository on bitbucket, following the bitbucket 101 tutorial and everything runs smoothly when I use Git Bash, or even Git GUI. The PATH variable is set properly, everything works outside Qt. However, when trying to configure Qt […]

Git – remote: fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born

Im trying to setup a hook to push from my desktop to my server. This has worked countless times in the past but now I’m getting an error upon setting up a new site: remote: fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born I’ve done the same series as commands as always, as […]

Gitolite git clone requires ssh password

using Gitolite on a Ubuntu server. Have a project im working on that i need a particular syntax for the git command. Works great: git clone gitolite@servername:testing.git Asks for a password git clone ssh://gitolite@servername/home/gitolite/repositories/testing.git Ran from the same box, one after another. I can put in the password and it works. But I need to […]

How to setup Github SSH key on second computer

I’ve got a Github account setup on one computer. I would like to also access my Github account on a second machine using the same SSH key I used for the first computer. How do I import the SSH private key into the new computers user profile? cp ~/other_comp_github_key ~/.ssh/github The above command did not […]

git clone requires ssh:// protocol when perhaps it shouldn't?

A colleague of mine has a remote git repo that I wanted to clone and he provided a url of git@his.server.com:443/repo.git. ssh is listing on port 443 in this case. I tried to clone by doing git clone git@his.server.com:443/repo.git but the operation times out. I had thought git defaults to ssh as its protocol and […]

PHP Github Pull script error 'permission denied (publickey)'

I’ve set up a PHP script to perform a GitHub pull: This is contained in my Github folder /home/mysite/public_html/github github_pull.php <?php echo `git pull 2>&1`; ?> My server does already have the SSH public key, as if I perform git pull from Terminal: ssh username@host.com cd public_html/github git pull This works successfully (however I do […]

GitHub Error: Key already in use

I have created two GitHub accounts. One for my work user and one for my personal self. I needed to do catch up on some work and as such cloned my work repo onto my personal PC. In order to do simple “git push origin master” commits without entering my username and password the whole […]

How to manage one only key per each git repository?

I use git under two scenarios: I use some Github repositories. I’m currently working with OpenShift, which uses ssh and git for deployment. First, I used ssh-keygen for generating a key which updated at OpenShift site. Such key is stored at ~/.ssh/ and created id_rsa and id_rsa.pub. Then I started cloning a repository from Github, […]

Cloning Git repository locally

I have just create a git repository on my iMac under the user git account and am now want to clone it from my main user account on the same computer. I have created my SSH key and added it to the .ssh/authorized_keys file. However when I log back in with my main account I […]

Creating a SSH key with ssh-keygen does not create the .ssh folder

I am trying to create my public/private rsa key pair with msysgit I run this command: ssh-keygen -C “email@email.com” -t rsa Everything looks fine, I have the message Enter file in which to save the key (/c/Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa) Then I have the confirmation: Your public key has been saved in project.pub But I can’t access the […]

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