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Git clone using ssh has a timeout

Hi guys I would just like to share some of my problem on git. I have been cloning on different unit and all of them were successful. But now I have encounter on a unit that would not let me clone or even pull. here is there error: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection […]

Do I have to run ssh-agent everytime I push/pull to/from BitBucket from my server to store the passphrase?

At the moment, everytime I log into my cPanel server via SSH I have to start ssh-agent and store the passphrase for use only for that session, is there a way for me to store it indefinitely like I can in my Keychain on OSX? I’ve looked around on a few forums and it almost […]

SmartGit authentication to bare repository fails, while push from commandline works

I’ve added a remote bare repository using commandline: git add remote production ssh://username@domain.com/path/to/repo.git I’m able to push to the repository using: git push production master Now I’d like to push from SmartGit: I right click my local master-branch and choose Push To …. In the window I select the production repository and click Push. A […]

Can not push commits to GitHub

I have tried many time to push my commit to GitHub, but it always failed. The error message is: fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/MyAccountName/MyRepositoryName.git/’: Server aborted the SSL handshake (128) I have replaced the real account name and repository name with MyAccountName and MyRepositoryName for privacy reason. By googling the problem, I found someone else […]

Installed Gitblit and git clone error with ssh

I have succeeded in running Gitblit in QNAP TS-221(CPU marvell(ARM)). And then, I created git repository, admin account,id_rsa.pub,etc. Finaly, I execute “git clone ssh://admin@” command , there is an exception occurrence Received disconnect from port 29418:9: sendKexInit() no resolved signatures available Disconnected from port 29418 fatal: Could not read from remote repository. and […]

Configure magit to use cygwin ssh with passphrase to push/pull from remote git repository

I followed the steps in https://github.com/magit/magit/wiki/Pushing-with-Magit-from-Windows#git-gui–askpass I installed ssh-agency and configure my .emacs with (setenv “SSH_ASKPASS” “git-gui–askpass”) But without success, there is no prompt show up to ask for passphase. I checked the configure of ssh-agency, it seems all right. > Ssh Agency Gui Askpass Executable: > D:/cygwin64/usr/libexec/git-core/git-gui–askpass Error message when I use magit to […]

Why I can not use ssh to clone while https works?

All: I am pretty new to networking. I am behind office firewall, when I use git, I can only use https to clone the repository but not ssh, I wonder if anyone could give me some detail why? Thanks

Git – Push with custom ssh key occasionally

We have a deployed site where we use deploy key (read-only) to pull changes. But in maintenance mode the site modify itself, so we want to push back those changes. Is there any way to push back changes through ssh without storing the key itself on the server? I am looking for something like git […]

How to clone a private gitlab repository without SSH using a token with the new build permissions?

As of 8.12, cloning using HTTPS + token is not supported anymore, as mentioned here: In 8.12 we improved build permissions. Being able to clone project using runners token it is no supported from now on (it was actually working by coincidence and was never a fully fledged feature, so we changed that in 8.12). […]

Can't get git remote add origin to add repo

I haven’t used my bitbucket account for some time. I have local project on branch master, everything committed, which I want to move there When I enter git remote add origin git@bb:my_user/my_repo.git to move my repo to bitbucket. I get nothing. No errors, no messages and my repo doesn’t appear on bitbucket under my repositories. […]

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