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git push failing in gitlab

I have installed Gitlab in /home/myuser/gitlab. I created a rep test Following instructions, I added a remote git@localhost:root/testing.git I found that there was a problem with my ssh connect. Here’s my /home/myhome/.ssh/config file Host mylocalhost Hostname localhost User git IdentityFile /home/myuser/.ssh/id_rsa When I run git push -u origin master I am asked to enter my […]

Git clone using ssh – can't find repository

I’m trying to setup a Git server on Windows 7, using CopSsh, PuTTY and msysgit. I’m having problems cloning a repository using ssh. If I use a regular directory path, it works: $ git clone ~/vc/git/depot/test.git/ /c/dev/es/app Initialized empty Git repository in c:/dev/es/app/.git/ warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository. Ssh, doesn’t work. […]

Using Keys with JGit to Access a Git Repository Securely

I’m using JGit to access a remote Git repo, and I need to use SSH for it. JGit uses JSch to provide secure access. However, I’m not sure how to set the key file and the knows hosts file for JGit. What I have tried is as follows. Created a custom configuration of the SshSessionFactory, […]

Why can't git resolve the hostname when I push to a valid SSH address?

I am deploying an app on Heroku so I created a Heroku app from a repo and then did git push heroku master. When I do this it keeps giving me the error: ! Your key with fingerprint xxx is not authorized to access heroku-app. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure […]

Git Bash & Pageant not using keys

I’ve got Git for Windows (configured for MinTTY and PuTTY\plink.exe) and PuTTY installed, and am trying to get it to work with a BitBucket repository. I’ve got my SSH key loaded, in Pageant and on the website, and yet whenever I attempt to do anything that requires pulling/pushing: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read […]

Using Composer and Private Repository on GitHub using VCS on Build Server

My compsoser.json uses 2 private repositories from our Organisation Github Account and is as follows. { “name”: “API”, “repositories”: [ { “type”: “vcs”, “url”: “git@github.com/company/private.git” }, { “type”: “vcs”, “url”: “git@github.com/company/private2.git” } ], “require”: { “php”: “>=5.3.3”, “zendframework/zendframework”: “>2.1.3”, “doctrine/mongodb-odm”: “dev-master”, “doctrine/doctrine-mongo-odm-module”: “dev-master”, “company/private”: “dev-master”, “company/private2”: “dev-master” } } We’ve setup SSH keys and added […]

How to manage multiple ssh keys in the ~/.ssh directory

I’m sure we all get this error from time to time: $ git push origin master Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. The typical remedy is to simply create a public/private key pair and share it with your […]

How to set up two SSH keys for two GitLab accounts and push/pull by using TortoiseGit?

Currently Im using GitLab as my remote GIT server. I have no problem using single Gitlab account with SSH key assigned to it. But now I applied another Gitlab account and I’m trying to use the same SSH key for it, but I cant add the key to this new account. The error is as […]

git clone hangs forever on github

When I follow point 5 (Test everything out) in the github guide, the ssh command also hangs forever. According to the guide, I should be presented with a message that “Github does not provide shell access”. Below is my output from ssh -vT git@github.com debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey). Authenticated to github.com ([]:22). debug1: channel 0: […]

TortoiseGit change default port 22

It’s probably an easy question. I’m running on windows 8, and I want to connect to my company’s repository. My company changed the default port from 22 to 1234 for some administrative reason. My git repository looks like git@office.comp.com:proj.git . First of all I don’t understand the colon-notation in ‘:proj.git’, I’m used to the slash-notation. […]

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