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Permission Denied(public key) Github

I have seen a lot of threads with same issue and I followed most of them but none of them resolved my issue. I am using git version 2.3.8 (Apple Git-58) on my mac(OSX 10.10.5). I have a script which clones my repo and deploys it on an EC2 instance. This set-up(script) is well tested […]

can find where git default username is set

I have been using git command line successfully for a very long time. Today I tried installing the git desktop, along the way, there was a step where it says current git needs to be uninstalled. after which, I seemed to be stuck with my personal git username. When I git clone from my own […]

vagrant ssh can't find the ssh executable

I have the usual vagrant ssh problem with usual suggestion: Try installing Cygwin, MinGW or Git, all of which contain an SSH client I have do this but I still have this problem. The only working solution that I’ve found is: install Git client open Git shell (sh.exe under Program Files/Git/bin) and then vagrant ssh […]

Is there a way to use sourcetree or other git GUI tools through FTP/SFTP?

For most text editor, like Notepad++, Sublime and Atom, there is a plugin to direct edit remote file through FTP/SFTP. This feature is very useful when I am not physically at the office and working remote through SSH. (especially when I am not that familiar with vim) Is there similar plugin for Sourcetree or other […]

git ls-remote fails when logged out

I’m facing a strange problem with the “git ls-remote command”. I get the following error message when I am logged out : Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. It appears when I try to use buildbot and I […]

git ssh connections are being refused by the server whilst http connection work fine

So I lately made my return to gitlab to start hosting my own repositories again, but I ran into a rather unusual problem. On my last usage of the program v6.4-stable everything worked fine, however now I’ve upgraded to v.8.1-stable and the http connection works fine when I try to push my stuff to the […]

GIT Commits doesn't show login

When I commit my changes to GitHub repository I facing with the problem that my login doesn’t show in commits history, only my name and other commit information. this is how it looks like It should be like this: this is how it should be Maybe it’s somehow related but every time when I push […]

OpenShift Origin clone from own git repo error

In our company, we’re using own Git repository with self-signed certificate. If I try to build a new App in OpenShift from out git repository it doesn’t accept our certificate (look at log below). Just using git clone results in no error, so the cause is probably in OpenShift’s own git client. Here are the […]

TeamCity SSH to GitLab: Auth cancel

I’m running TeamCity on Windows, running the service using a local user account TeamCity. I’m trying to set up a Git VCS root to begin configuring a build. So far, I’ve created a passwordless RSA key pair using ssh-keygen from within a git bash shell, saved to C:\Users\TeamCity.ssh\rsa_id and rsa_id.pub. Next I uploaded the public […]

Giving VersionPress write permissions via ssh on bitnami WP ami running on EC2 instance

Thanks in advance for your patience and support helping me with this issue. I can normally work around most problems by reading online, but when it comes to linux and ssh I cant – it’s too complex. No two explanations seem the same. The problem is this: I launched an EC2 instance using the bitnami […]

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