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integrating Jenkins with git

while trying to integrate Jenkins to work with git, I configure the repository in the job configuration, and I don’t seem to be able to authenticate the connection. I’m not sure what credentials I should put. I have an ssh key in ~/.ssh and the owner is the user jenkins, and the public key is […]

How to change user identity when git pushing via ssh?

So I am trying to set up some automated git pushing/pulling on an EC2 instance. Doing this super simply via Node: var add = require(‘child_process’).execSync(‘git add {FILENAME}) var commit = require(‘child_process’).execSync(‘git commit -m “{COMMIT_MESSAGE}”‘) I created a new ssh key on my EC2 instance, adding it as a deploy key on the GitHub repo and […]

Share project on GitHub using alternate account

I’m trying to share a project on GitHub and want to use IntelliJ IDEA’s built-in “Share project on GitHub” option. When I click on it, I am asked to log in to GitHub, which I do successfully, and then choose the files I want to commit so that they can be pushed to the repository. […]

Failing to log in via publickey ssh

I’m trying to set up public key login with ssh, something I’ve done before without difficulty. However, this time I’m still being prompted for a password and I don’t know why. I’ve found tons of solutions to this problem, but none of them seem to apply to me. Here is how my localhost is set […]

How can I push a git repo to a remote server through ssh?

I have a remote server which I can access through SSH. How can I push my local git repo there? The server doesn’t have git installed, I want to do everything from my IDE (PhpStorm) So far the only solution for me is to sync the local repo’s directory with the one on the remote […]

Github – permission denied to old account

Problem faced: I cannot git push to my repo, error message: remote: Permission to fishercoder1534/Leetcode.git denied to MY_OLD_GITHUB_ACCOUNT fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/fishercoder1534/Leetcode.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403` Research I have done: looking at this post, I have all these correctly pointing to my new github account: git config –global user.name “NewAccountFirstname NewAccountLastname” git […]

Command line Git doesn't recognize keys generated using GitHub for Windows

I’ve setup GitHub for Windows and used it to create SSH keys which are associated with my account. I can perform git operations in the GitHub for Windows GUI, but when I try to run a command in Command Prompt like git clone git@github.com:whatever.git I get an error like the following: C:\Users\Nat\Documents\GitHub>git clone git@github.com:natdempk/whatever.git Cloning […]

Unable to release Jenkins plugin to jenkins-ci.org

I want to publish my display-console-output-plugin. But I got an error message saying ssh: Could not resolve hostname lyenliang: Name or service not known when executing mvn release:prepare release:perform -Dusername=lyenliang -Dpassword=myPassword, where lyenliang is my github account. You can find more information about the above command here. This error message comes from cmd.exe /X /C […]

Use Git “locally” over SSH

our company wants to switch from svn to git/hg. Our current environment is: Windows-Dev-Machines Remote Linux Server (via 1 Gbit LAN) Samba Share on Server, mapped in Windows We don’t want to work locally, because of backups (serverside) and running VMs on localhost etc (PHP-Webserver). So I can clone from Server via SSH into the […]

why is there a delay when trying to update remote master on github?

There was a delay in communication response time, when trying to push merged updates to remote master(GitHub). It appears on top of terminal to be going from bash, to ssh. I’m talking about this part of the terminal. (huh?) during the time the terminal window(top) depicts ‘ssh’, the entire terminal window itself is inactive, and […]

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