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Git: How to merge two folder pointing to the same repository

I cloned a repository on a pc, and made some branches and commit. I was not able to push it (because of ssh authentication was not possible on pc). So I sent the file to another Pc (zip file), which could push the changes. Folder1: contains the unziped files. Folder2: contains a cloned version of […]

Can't clone remote Git mirror over HTTP, but can over SSH

I wanted to mirror my git repository, so I did the following over SSH: $ mkdir tvshowtracker.git $ cd tvshowtracker.git $ git init –bare then, locally: $ git remote add rolisoftdotnet ssh://rolisoft@rolisoft.net/repos/tvshowtracker.git $ git push rolisoftdotnet master Now, if I want to clone my repository elsewhere, it works if I do it over SSH: $ […]

Changing the default SSH key path for IntelliJ IDEA

I’m using IntelliJ on a USB drive, so I’m trying to work out a portable install. I’ve got most of everything to work, except for VCS. Whenever I try to push some commits with Git, IntelliJ looks for an SSH key file, but it is looking in my home path (C:\Users\.ssh), and I would rather […]

Specify SSH configuration for Git per-repository

In Mercurial, I can specify the command (and thus the certificate) used for SSH per-repository in .hg/hgrc, for example: [ui] … ssh = “C:\path\to\ssh.exe” -i “C:\Development\Identities\identity1.id_rsa” Most instructions I can find on configuring Git seem to use the bundled ssh.exe to manage the certificates, for example GitHub’s guide for Windows. There is a way of […]

Only fetch commit history?

Is it somehow possible to only fetch the commit history from a remote repository? I’ve tried to pass the –bare option when cloning, but that seams to download the content as well. Would it be possible to use scp over the ssh protocol? I want be able to run git shortlog -se in the end. […]

Git: how can a team pull and push to the repo from the test server

I guess this is a best-practice question: We have a test server, a git repository and several workstations. When we do browser tests we work directly on the test server. So whoever does the browser tests, he/she must be able to commit changes from the test server to the repository. Problem is: the git remote […]

Single login to SSH, share the session to run git-receive-pack and remotely run some other commands

With only one login to SSH (to reduce login time), How do I run some other commands and as well as pushing git repository in the middle? e.g. login to remote via SSH remote: cd abc remote: git init local: git push –> Question: How can I substitute with remote commands directly so I can […]

Understanding Gitosis user repo access

I have set up git and gitosis at my Ubuntu v-server. Creating new repositories on the server, checking out gitosis-admin.git and pushing an altered conf and new keys (otheruser.pub for example) works fine. The authorized_keys file gets updated as well. But now I got stuck. If I try to push an existing (locale machine) repository […]

How to clone GIT repository with private key

I am trying create an application which will clone the GIT repository to the computer. My question is how to clone the secured repository if the SSH keys are not in the default place. I want to let people to upload keys and then with those keys to connect and clone the repository. So to […]

How does gitlab eases the work of authorizing ssh key?

While using git, in order to authorize developers, we ask them provide their public ssh key and then mark them as authorized. With gitlab, developer can save their ssh public key through the Account Interface. How is the authorizing part handled!? Please reply at earliest.

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